Docker build causes vagrant image to lose connection

I have a vagrant image in which i’m performing some docker builds on an npm module. Almost every few builds my vagrant image dies with the error [vagrant@vagrant vagrant]$ docker build –tag=”test-builder” . Connection to closed by remote host. Connection to closed. when i ssh into the image and look back in /vagrant […]

slow pg_restore on docker container startup

I have dockerized my PostgreSQL DB (about 4GB of data). It is working fine on my notebook (linux, 2core CPU, SSD, 8GB RAM). I am trying to move it using docker hub to free AWS EC2 t2.micro. On startup of container, there are executed some scripts, that set up structure of schema and tables and […]

Freegeoip with Docker Cloud

I am using for geo location on my website. To reach higher reliability, I would like to create a local copy of the service on a separate server. I have set up Docker cloud with Amazon AWS and installed this repository: If I enter e.g. “curl localhost:8080/json/” in the Docker terminal, it correctly […]

How to insert dockerised cron process in a docker-compose built LEMP stack?

I have a LEMP stack which is built by this docker-compose file: cadvisor: image: google/cadvisor:latest container_name: lemp_cadvisor ports: – “8080:8080” volumes: – “/:/rootfs:ro” – “/var/run:/var/run:rw” – “/sys:/sys:ro” – “/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:ro” base: build: ./base container_name: lemp_base volumes: – /home/core/server-lemp/www/:/var/www/:rw phpmyadmin: build: ./phpmyadmin container_name: lemp_phpmyadmin links: – base volumes: – /var/www/phpmyadmin – ./phpmyadmin/var/www/phpmyadmin/ mariadb: build: ./mariadb container_name: lemp_mariadb […]

Can i create log file during/after building a container

Normally it is possible to create log file of running container but i want create a log file of a build container is it possible.If yes, then how to create log file?

Unable to run shell command with docker?

I have installed docker on Ubuntu 14.04. Now when i am trying to create one test job in docker, i am getting the below error: $ sample_job=$(docker run -d busybox /bin/sh -c “while true; do echo Docker; sleep 1; done”) –bash: command substitution: line 228: syntax error near unexpected token `do’ -bash: command substitution: line […]

running docker commands from a bash script has different results

I use the socketplane/openvswitch docker image. When I follow their instructions to build and execute OVS commands in a running container, everything works fine. However, when I try to build a bash script for running and executing OVS commands the container returns with db.sock: Database connection failed (Connection refused) Actually the problem is running the […]

Suse Linux docker file

I have a suse linux 12 ec2 instance. I have activated a image sles11sp3-docker-image using sledocker. In the Dockerfile when I try to install ibm java 1.6 using RUN zypper in java-1_6_0-ibm, I get following error . Refreshing service ‘container-suseconnect’. Problem retrieving the repository index file for service ‘container-suseconnect’: [|] Skipping service ‘container-suseconnect’ because of […]

Restart ghost blog running inside Docker

I’m using the Official Ghost Docker Image, and have ghost running without a problem. I am developing a theme locally on the host, which is mounted as a volume inside the container. As with any running ghost instance, in order to see the theme changes, I need to stop and restart ghost. Normally this would […]

Docker running out of memory when loading large sql dump

I am trying to load a large sql dump to a docker postgres container and it is running out of memory. I have set log driver to none and still running out of memory the file is 3gb large docker run -it –volume=/backend/dumps:/dumps –log-driver=none –link=postgis:postgres –rm postgres sh -c ‘exec cat /dumps/databases/PostgreSQL.sql | psql -h […]

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