Dockerize Logstash, Redis setup

Have a Logstash process using file as input sending events to Redis and from there to second Logstash process and over to custom http process. So, Logstash –> Redis –> Logstash –> Http In order to dockerize the setup I was thinking of keeping Logstash –> Redis on one container and linking that with Redis […]

Smart Stack + Docker

I am working on a proof of concept project using Smart Stack (from airbnb) and Docker to build distributed service cloud. I have 3 services: one for building the frontend the application one for user login one for the domain operations The frontend application obviously uses the other two services. I am planning to deploy […]

Running PostgreSql inside Docker

I have the following config lines: RUN sudo apt-get -y install postgresql USER postgres RUN /etc/init.d/postgresql start &&\ psql –command “CREATE USER test WITH SUPERUSER PASSWORD ‘test’;” &&\ createdb -O test test EXPOSE 5432 CMD [“mono”, “src/Rest.Api/bin/Debug/Rest.Api.exe”] However, running the final command to spin up my API yields this: setting listen on Failed to establish […]

Cannot delete files on docker host

I’m using the following shell script to extract my databases in the entrypoint and startup the container. #!/bin/bash if [ ! -d “/var/lib/mysql/assetmanager” ]; then tar -zxvf mysql.tar.gz fi exec /usr/bin/mysqld_safe On startup I mount a local directory to the /var/lib/mysql directory with the -v parameter and extract then the files with the above script. […]

“tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified ” error on docker [on hold]

I’ve tried to open a bash shell in my container. docker exec -ti 81cd2e49e… /bin/bash it’s successful. But after I ran every command,I got error. Example; [root@hadoop:~]# ls notebooks supervisord.log zookeeper.out tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified tput: No value for $TERM […]

Odoo development on Docker

I’m trying to use docker for odoo module developement. I have the following docker-compose.yml file db: image: postgres environment: POSTGRES_USER: odoo POSTGRES_PASSWORD: odoo volumes: – data:/var/lib/postgresql/data/ odoo: image: odoo links: – db:db ports: – “” volumes: – extra-addons:/mnt/extra-addons command: — –update=tutorial The module contains only an file but odoo doesn’t show the changes I […]

Multi command with docker in a script

With docker I would like to offer a vm to each client to compile and execute a C program in only one file. For that, I share a folder with the docker and the host thanks to a dockerfile and the command “ADD”. My folder is like that: folder/id_user/ folder/id_user/code.c In gcc ./compil/code.c -o […]

Is it possible to set a different host port than the container's exposed port in docker?

Is it possible to set a different host port than the container’s exposed port in docker? For example docker run -name some_container -p 80:8080 -i -t some_img If so, is it -p host:container or -p container:host? I’ve looked through the docs and haven’t found any examples of this nor details on the publish option for […]

Certificate issue when using artifactory as docker registry

I have an artifactory instance configured as a docker registry and docker swarm configured to use this docker registry. The artifactory instance has hostname art1.mydomain but there is also a cname artifactory.mydomain in DNS resolving to the same IP address. The artifactory instance is configured to use a certificate with Subject artifactory.mydomain, but art1.mydomain is […]

get docker log stream in correct order

I’ve tried a couple of log collection services now, like logspout/papertrail and fluentd/elasticsearch, but the results don’t always show up in the correct order, which can make debugging difficult. An example is with a Node.js application, a console.log command which results in multiple lines, or an error with its stack trace. The lines all show […]

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