AWS Gogs deployment using Docker image

I am trying to deploy this Docker Gogs image to AWS. It worked fine on my local Docker instance, but I get the following error on AWS: Failed to build Docker image aws_beanstalk/staging-app: /goroot/pkg/tool/linux_amd64/6l: running gcc failed: Cannot allocate memory [0m2015/02/15 15:09:04 The command [/bin/sh -c go get -v -tags sqlite] returned a non-zero […]

Unable to preserve install state in docker container

I have a few scripts in docker for which I should install and run rabbitmq-server run a python script to setup exchanges and queues python install and run a few scripts of my own I am trying to use docker now to automate the deployment. My dockerfile FROM phusion/baseimage:0.9.15 MAINTAINER […]

setting system variables in MySQL running as docker container

I have used docker to setup mysql server taken from , I know that we can set up environment variables using several options while running an image as”-e , -env or –env-file” which works absolutely fine as I want. But now I want to edit my system variables for MySQL say “max_connections=300”. Is there […]

Unable to use sudo commands within Docker, “bash: sudo: command not found” is displayed

I have installed TensorFlow using the following command “docker run -it” and I need to set up TensorFlow Serving on a windows machine. I followed the instructions given at “” and while running the below-mentioned sudo command while installing TensorFlow Serving dependencies: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y \ build-essential \ curl […]

Docker build MySQL dockerfile occur none:none

i just download the MySQL dockerfile. And run this command docker build -t helloworld:1.0.0 . and then run docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE <none> <none> 491aa62016dd 21 hours ago 384.5 MB centos 7 970633036444 7 days ago 196.7 MB debian jessie 1b01529cc499 8 days ago 125.1 MB i found that a image […]

Running Disco in a Docker container

I need to run a run a Python script in a Docker container (I currently have execution of “” as my ENTRYPOINT command) that will utilize Disco (which of course needs to be running in that container). The problem is I cannot seem to get Disco running either with CMD or RUN in the Dockerfile, […]

Is there a way to set the Docker container's mac address in docker-compose.yml file?

Currently I’m using the following command to start a container with a predefined mac address: docker run -d –lxc-conf=”″ –name=my_container my_image I’d like to know if there was a way to define the mac address of a container declared in a docker-compose.yml file. Thanks

Why is bin/sh not found on my alpine based docker-compose build?

I am building a docker stack based on alpine. Given my: php7-dockerfile: FROM php:7-fpm-alpine RUN apk update && \\ apk upgrade && \\ apk add –update autoconf gcc and docker-compose.yml: version: “2” services: php: build: context: . dockerfile: php7-dockerfile container_name: test_php volumes_from: – data On running docker-compose build I am getting: Building data Step 1 […]

Jenkins Docker plugin is not showing the Tag-on-completion checkbox

I am using the Jenkins Docker Plugin. I am supposed to see the Tag-on-completion checkbox with so that the images will be retained in docker. Reference: However in my Jenkins, do not see the Tag-on-completion checkbox.

Creating docker image out of a production environment possible?

I know it’s very common to create Docker containers/images locally upfront of a project and deploy them to a certain environment (DEV/QA/PROD) once you have made changes. But what if you have a project already in production and you want to make local development possible/easier? General design question Is there any (clever) way to clone […]

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