File permission error when installing Meteor in Docker

I am new to Docker (2 weeks) but I’m making good progress writing a Dockerfile for a Meteor installation. Now I am seeing file permission errors with the last line. Honestly I think the wider problem is that I don’t fully understand the Linux file-system and permissions; so I would be grateful for any pointers. […]

Getting “ECONNREFUSED” error after booting my computer. I'm using an express server and I'm trying to see that i can make requests

I’m working on a project and I have seeded some data. But when I try to do any request to my localhost I get this error: // 20170624132844 // http://localhost:4310/campuses { “code”: “ECONNREFUSED”, “errno”: “ECONNREFUSED”, “syscall”: “connect”, “address”: “”, “port”: 5432 }

Docker swarm – add new worker – re scale the service

I have created a docker manager. Created a service and scaled to 5 instances in the same server. I added two workers. Now, How do I redistribute 5 instances of the applications across 3 nodes? Is there any option to do without doing everything from the beginning? docker service scale id=5 does it. Is it […]

Docker Swarm – Tasks Running On Manager Unreachable

I’m following the docker swarm mode tutorial found in the Docker Documentation There are two nodes, one manager and one worker. My problem is that when I create an nginx service, replicated twice (one copy of nginx runs on the manager and one on the worker) I can visit the Nginx instance on the worker […]

Travis CI — Docker run shell to extra Values

I am currently using Travis-CI, I am trying to do something like the following but I get just an empty value for the variable. ANSIBLE_VERSION=$(docker run -d <ID/TAG> /bin/bash -c “ansible –version”|head -1 |awk ‘{print $2}’) I have tested the command on my local machine and it works correctly, so I am not sure what […]

Configuring application in docker container to access other containers

How can you configure an app deployed as a docker container to reference components running in other containers? I have a node app that requires postgresql. I have a node config file that contains all the connection information for postgres. In a non-docker deployment, you simply set the required config values (e.g. IP address of […]

Setup local WordPress development environment with Docker error 500

I need help with setting up my docker, I know there is much already configured environments but I need the one that fits my needs. Bellow you can find my setup. docker-compose.yml version: ‘3’ services: nginx: image: nginx:latest ports: – “80:80” volumes: – ./wordpress:/var/www/html – ./config/nginx:/etc/nginx/conf.d – ./logs/nginx:/var/log/nginx depends_on: – phpfpm restart: always mariadb: image: […]

How to access tomcat server of windows to building Docker image from Docker file without downloading new tomcat?

I am new to Docker. I have created docker file for .war file. When I am building Docker image from Docker file. It start downloading tomcat8 But, I want to use Tomcat that i already have in my windows for creating docker image from docker file rather than downloading from internet. Docker File FROM tomcat:8.5.11-jre8 […]

Kubernetes ACS engine: containers (pods) do not have internet access

I’m using a Kubernetes cluster, deployed on Azure using the ACS-engine. My cluster is composed of 5 nodes. 1 master (unix VM) (v1.6.2) 2 unix agent (v1.6.2) 2 windows agent (v1.6.0-alpha.1.2959+451473d43a2072) I have created a unix pod defined by the following YAML: Name: ping-with-unix Node: k8s-linuxpool1-25103419-0/ Start Time: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 14:27:28 +0200 Status: […]

Can I Log my docker containers to Fluentd and **stdout** at the same time?

I’ve been using the EFK stack (Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana) to centralize my dockerized apps logs in elasticsearch ( But at the same time I want to display the logs in stdout… At the moment, when I run the docker containers with logging driver of fluentd I cant see the logs in stdout. Anyoune knows how […]

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