my daemon docker container doesnt stay running

having newbie simpleton issues. I have installed docker toolbox on my windows 10 64bit machine, i previously updated my virtual box 5.0.12 current trying some simple docker examples from james turnbull book – but running a deamon ubuntu image just stops running immediately and i don’t know why i run the docker cli and type […]

Vagrant docker chef_solo provision fail on CentOS and SuSe linux

i have Vagrant configuration with docker provider and chef-solo provision and after vagrant up –provider=docker command, Vagrant fail at chef_solo provision step: CentOS fail ==> node1: Machine booted and ready! ==> node1: Running provisioner: chef_solo… ==> node1: Detected Chef (latest) is already installed The chef binary (either `chef-solo` or `chef-client`) was not found on the […]

Docker+Mesos+Marathon on windows 7/8/10

I have windows 7/10 machine and i have docker terminal running on the same which is using boot2docker as VM , i have fetched mesos(master/slave) , marathon images from the docker hub and i am able to open marathon and mesos GUI’s , now my ultimate goal is to deploy a docker image or mysql […]

Dockerized multi-node Cassandra cluster with CDH

I have installed a CDH environment with Cloudera Manager. I have a dockerized multi node Cassandra cluster, which I would like to connect to it, but haven’t found any tutorials or case studies about this. What should be main concept to get it working? I would like to get only guidelines.

Is it possible to overwrite the ENTRYPOINT of a docker image while running it from the docker CLI?

Is it possible to overwrite the ENTRYPOINT of a docker image while running it from the docker CLI? For example, I am attempting to set some environment variables prior to the ENTRYPOINT running for the WordPress image. The environment variables I am trying to assign are WORDPRESS_DB_HOST, WORDPRESS_DB_USER, WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD, etc. The catch is that these […]

Eclipse che cannot deploy web application archive

I’m trying to run eclipse che and i’m stuck. Everything runs fine until the 3rd step of workspace creation “injecting and starting workspace agent”. After deploying web application archive it just shows an error that the workspace agent is not responding and it will be stopped. There isn’t any other error during the initialization and […]

Docker compose error: compose.cli.main.main: Container command could not be invoked

I am trying to run haproxy in a docker container. To build and run the haproxy from the image, docker-compose reads my .yaml file below. proxy: build: ./ env_file: .env ports: – “8000:80” – “9000:9000” After executing a docker-compose build, the image is created but while trying to spawn a container using the following, I […]

docker build stopped at 67c44324f4e3: Downloading 8.633 MB

I was trying to docker build docker-sinopia. then it stopped at 67c44324f4e3: Downloading 8.633 MB. What should I do now

Can I have one Docker Swarm Manager and different clusters?

I’ve just re-looked at Docker Swarm and I was wondering if it is possible to have one central Swarm manager and have it manage n Swarm agent clusters. Use Case: Consider a service (call it DockerServ) that allows people to build their own docker clusters. DockerServ will have a single Swarm Manager that can spin […]

Using docker-selenium to test internal host behind VPN

I am looking at setting up acceptance tests encompassing docker–selenium (standalone). I have my tests running fine locally, however I am having issues if I run the tests using firefox, or chrome standalone on our staging hosts. I am assuming this is because VPN is required to access these urls. Is there any way that […]

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