Docker on bare metal (with some form of hypervisor) vs. on full fledged Linux distribution

Is there any functionality difference in Docker when it runs on bare metal (with some form of hypervisor) as against when it runs on full fledged Linux distribution?

docker daemon error running devicecreate createpool

my v-server has a vm running serveral docker containers that are in use as a drive. when we try to reach our server apache sends a failure saying that services are currently unavailable. so i logged in to the server and tried running the in the owncloud folder. when the script trys to run […]

Golang revel framework hot-reload in docker environment

I’m trying to set up golang environment as described in this great post. I’m using Docker on OS X 10.10 with boot2docker (v1.3.0) and (1.0.1). Everything runs fine, but revel‘s hot-reload not working at all. Anyone experienced same problem or know any workaround to make hot-reload work? Revel framework version 0.11.1

Remove docker container at the end of each test

I’m using docker to scale the test infrastructure / browsers based on the number of requests received in Jenkins. Created a python script to identify the total number of spec files and browser type, and spin-up those many docker containers. Python code has the logic to determine how many nodes are currently in use, stale […]

Command line shortcut to connect to a docker container [closed]

I would like know if there any shortcut command to connect on docker container without run docker exec -it ‘container_id’ bash every time.

Running Supervisord on Ubuntu in Docker

I’m trying to use supervisor to start nginx and postgresql on boot of a docker container. Using the following Dockerfile and supervisord.conf files, the aforementioned applications start but moments later stop. Does anyone know what could be wrong? There are no error messages to stderr or system log files. Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:14.04 RUN mkdir -p […]

Docker tomcat 7 – welcome page access forbidden

I’ve tried almost everything. When I go to a docker container by ssh and curl localhost:8080 there, I get normal welcome page, but If I do curl host_machine_hostname:8082 from my hostmachine by ssh or from everything else using hostname of my hostmachine, I get error, access forbidden. I have read alot of suggestions but nothing […] web api on docker stops

I have a basic web api (owin self host) app and it runs well in my local docker toolbox (windows). But when i started it with docker cloud it starts but after 5 or 6 seconds it stops. i dont know what to do. I’m using mono:latest image and my cloud hosting env. is digitalocean. […]

Docker host information and cluster

I am setting up a simple cluster using docker on several hosts. Before using docker the processes were simply started with a argument giving the address to a config server. The first thing each process does is to connect to the config server, get the addresses (host and port) of all the other services as […]

FATA[0000] Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is 'docker -d' running on this host?

docker version Client version: 1.4.1 Client API version: 1.16 Go version (client): go1.3.3 Git commit (client): 5bc2ff8/1.4.1 OS/Arch (client): linux/amd64 FATA[0000] Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is ‘docker -d’ running on this host? please lte me know y it is giving this error .i m using rhel 6.4

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