Docker volumes qustion

I have a docker image where I use embedded derby persistence like this : COPY BatchDB /opt/ibm/wlp/usr/shared/resources/BatchDB COPY derby /opt/ibm/wlp/usr/shared/resources/derby The folder BatchDB has some runtime files that are also copied at image build time. I want to use docker volumes to persist the /opt/ibm/wlp/usr/shared/resources/BatchDB directory, but when running the container if I attach a […]

docker-machine create error … VBoxManage: error: Unknown option: –synthcpu

I am trying to create docker-machine using virtualbox as the driver. ➜ ~ docker-machine create –driver virtualbox default However, I am getting following error INFO[0000] Creating SSH key… INFO[0000] Creating VirtualBox VM… ERRO[0005] Error creating machine: exit status 1 WARN[0005] You will want to check the provider to make sure the machine and associated resources […]

Consul for Docker container discovery: how to get latest container in Consul-Template?

I’m building out a Docker host where I’d like to do a no-downtime upgrade of a running container. For now, assume I’m only running one container. I build a new image and launch a container from it with docker run -P …, so that it is assigned random host ports. Then I can use something […]

How to run docker images File in window 8?

I’m using docker version 1.9.1 running on Window 8 64-bit. I’m import images(.tar) file from local machine to docker.I running the following command for to run import images file. $docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE containerName Latest 9298fcd17da9 22minutes ago $docker run -i -t containerName Error response from daemon: No command specified […]

Crossbar 0.12.1 : No module named django – wsgi error

I get an error while i launch crossbar 0.12.1 that I did not have with the version 0.11 [Controller 210] crossbar.error.invalid_configuration: WSGI app module ‘myproject.wsgi’ import failed: No module named django – Python search path was [u’/myproject’, ‘/opt/crossbar/site-packages/crossbar/worker’, ‘/opt/crossbar/bin’, ‘/opt/crossbar/lib_pypy/extensions’, ‘/opt/crossbar/lib_pypy’, ‘/opt/crossbar/lib-python/2.7’, ‘/opt/crossbar/lib-python/2.7/lib-tk’, ‘/opt/crossbar/lib-python/2.7/plat-linux2’, ‘/opt/crossbar/site-packages’] I have not changed anything else that the crossbar update. […]

Docker volumes-from blank, from network share

I have two container one is setup as a data volume, I can go inside the data container and explore the files that are mounted from a network share with out any issues. how ever on the second docker instance when I go to the folder with mounted volumes the folder exists but all the […]

Setting multiple DOCKER_OPTS arguments

If you want to pass an option to the Docker Engine at startup on Ubuntu, you can edit the /etc/defaults/docker file. Here I’m setting the storage driver to AUFS: DOCKER_OPTS=”–storage-driver=aufs” However, if I pass more than one argument, Docker doesn’t start. For example: DOCKER_OPTS=”–insecure-registry= –storage-driver=aufs” Now Docker fails to start: # service docker stop && […]

Why google drive change permission of the file and how to solve it?

I am sharing a project with a non technical team and I share it using google drive. I have a nginx docker that mount the html folder in google drive. But every time I run the docker I always get 403 Access Denied. And google drive also add ^M character at the end of each […]

copying files using cp in dockfile fails

I want to copy one file from one directory to another in an ubuntu image in a dockfile. I tried RUN cp make/ ./ RUN make -j4 But it failed. Anyone can help me fix the problem? Thanks

creating a docker image of an app inside a running container

I have a Ruby on Rails app inside a docker container. I am unable to create a docker image. When I run docker build, I get: bash: docker: command not found I installed docker inside the docker container, then, still I get the same error. Kindly help.

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