Intergration of Docker with OpenStack via Docker Heat Plugin

I’m trying to integrate Docker with OpenStack (icehouse) via the Docker-Heat Pluigin and I’m facing a problem. OpenStack is configured according to the tutorial by OpenStack for Ubuntu. I’m using a controller node and a compute node (just the 2 nodes) with the legacy nova-networking. Things to keep in mind: Controller Node: 1 network interface […]

openssh-server doesn't start in Docker container

I am having a weird problem. I am not able to ssh to docker container having ip address I am getting following error: $ ssh ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused My Dockerfile does contain openssh-server installation step: RUN apt-get -y install curl runit openssh-server And also step to start […]

Docker ADD then RUN

I’m building a docker image for our specific implementation of an ElasticSearch server. It requires config files. In my Dockerfile, I have the following commands: RUN mkdir /elasticsearch/plugins ADD plugins/es_plugins.tar /elasticsearch/plugins RUN \ cd /elasticsearch/plugins && \ tar -xvf es_plugins.tar && \ rm -f es_plugins.tar Docker build succeeds on the mkdir, and the ADD. But […]

container exit with code 0 while using docker compose file

I have a dockerfile to install httpd. When i run this dockerfile using the command docker run -dit /bin/bash, the container is started and it is running in the background. when i perform docker ps i could see the container running. I have created a docker-compose.yml file as below, version: ‘2’ services: web: build: context: […]

ECS Showing Error After Running Task Definition “STOPPED (Essential container in task exited)”

i Created one default cluster using “ami-562cf236” in Oregon Region, and i created one task Definition and service but when i’m running this service its throwing error and Stopped : “STOPPED (Essential container in task exited)” i’m pulling image from ECS repository only. We Are Using Simple Dockerfile, we able to push image form EC2 […]

Boot2docker : image don't save

I’m starting to play with docker on my PC (windows 7) so I’m using Boot2Docker, but when I stop the VM all my work are remove. My questions are: Why ? How to solve this problems ?

ECS Service other than HTTP keeps restarting

I installed Nginx ECS Docker container service through AWS ECS, which is running without any issue. However, every other container services such as centos, ubuntu, mongodb or postgres installed through AWS ECS keeps restarting (de-registering, re-registering or in pending state) in a loop. Is there a way to install these container services using AWS ECS […]

ps command cannot connect to the docker daemon even after adding user to docker group [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Docker can't connect to docker daemon 29 answers

How to activate docker 1.12 in terminal without Moby the whale app on Mac

I should run Moby the whale app first to be able to use the latest version of Docker (1.12.0) in my terminal. Otherwise, I get an error: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host? But how can I activate Docker in my terminal without launch Moby the whale […]

how can I set the working directory in old version of docker in the run command?

I am a bit new to docker and I have been trying to run deploy a meteor container with my meteor application. I have been using the dockerfile and instructions from However, I cant run docker run -p 3000:3000 -t -i -v /path/to/meteor/app:/opt/application -w /opt/application meteor-dev because my docker (version 0.5.3) does not recognize […]

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