running docker commands from a bash script has different results

I use the socketplane/openvswitch docker image. When I follow their instructions to build and execute OVS commands in a running container, everything works fine. However, when I try to build a bash script for running and executing OVS commands the container returns with db.sock: Database connection failed (Connection refused) Actually the problem is running the […]

Suse Linux docker file

I have a suse linux 12 ec2 instance. I have activated a image sles11sp3-docker-image using sledocker. In the Dockerfile when I try to install ibm java 1.6 using RUN zypper in java-1_6_0-ibm, I get following error . Refreshing service ‘container-suseconnect’. Problem retrieving the repository index file for service ‘container-suseconnect’: [|] Skipping service ‘container-suseconnect’ because of […]

Restart ghost blog running inside Docker

I’m using the Official Ghost Docker Image, and have ghost running without a problem. I am developing a theme locally on the host, which is mounted as a volume inside the container. As with any running ghost instance, in order to see the theme changes, I need to stop and restart ghost. Normally this would […]

Docker running out of memory when loading large sql dump

I am trying to load a large sql dump to a docker postgres container and it is running out of memory. I have set log driver to none and still running out of memory the file is 3gb large docker run -it –volume=/backend/dumps:/dumps –log-driver=none –link=postgis:postgres –rm postgres sh -c ‘exec cat /dumps/databases/PostgreSQL.sql | psql -h […]

Why isn't Kubernetes service DNS working on Docker Multinode?

My problem is exactly as described in the thread Why isn’t Kubernetes service DNS working but my question relates to Kubernetes on Docker, how do I fix the issues with DNS when using Kubernetes Docker Multinode.

Update docker version where containers are running

Can’t seem to find recommended way to do this. I have a vm host using unintuitive running a number of containers. It is using an older version of docker and I want to update. What are the steps to do this? Stop containers. Do update of docker version Restart containers. Trying to minimise downtime and […]

CHEF provisioning: SystemStackError: stack level too deep

I’m making a node provisioner with CHEF, I want to create and configure Docker containers inside it. Currently I get a CHEF node with Chefdk and chef-provisioner-docker, but when I trigger the recipe to create containers (machine) I get a Stack level too deep withc I dont understand why. Stacktrace: [2016-02-16T11:12:21-05:00] INFO: Forking chef instance […]

Docker push to Artifactory fails – unable to ping resgistry endpoint

I am using Artifactory backed up by nginx as the proxy server. The nginx load balancer is configured with SSL certs from a trusted authority. I created a local docker repo and need to push images but get the following error: unable to ping registry endpoint v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get […]

what method docker use to give container an ip address?

how a container get its eth0 IP address. I didn’t find in the docker documentation sudo rgrep / return nothing Is it by dhcp ? thanks

docker 1.9.0 network support in mesos

Is mesos provide support for docker 1.9.0 custom network creation facility? Using docker 1.9.0 I can create my own network which binds with a custom linux bridge instead of legacy docker0 bridge, once container is launched in customed network. sudo docker network create –subnet= bridge1 Create a bridged network bridge1. but previous docker version has […]

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