Running Chromium inside Docker – Gtk: cannot open display: :0

When I try to run chromium inside a docker container I see the following error: Gtk: cannot open display: :0 Dockerfile: (based on FROM debian:jessie # Install Chromium RUN sed -i.bak ‘s/jessie main/jessie main contrib non-free/g’ /etc/apt/sources.list && \ apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ chromium \ chromium-l10n \ libcanberra-gtk-module \ libexif-dev \ […]

How to extend an existing docker image?

I’m using the official elasticsearch Docker image instead of setting up my own elastic search instance. And that works great, up to the point when I wanted to extend it. I wanted to install marvel into that ElasticSearch instance to get more information. Now dockerfile/elasticsearch automatically runs ElasticSearch and setting the command to /bin/bash doesn’t […]

How to idiomatically access sensitive data when building a Docker image?

Sometimes there is a need to use sensitive data when building a Docker image. For example, an API token or SSH key to download a remote file or to install dependencies from a private repository. It may be desirable to distribute the resulting image and leave out the sensitive credentials that were used to build […]

How to assign static public IP to docker container

Is there any way to assign the static public IP to the container. So the container has the public IP. Client can access to container with the IP.

How to filter docker process based on image

I have been trying to get the container id of docker instance using docker process command, but when i’m trying with filter by name it works fine for me. sudo -S docker ps -q –filter=”name=romantic_rosalind” Results container id : 3c7e865f1dfb But when i filter using image i’m getting all the instance container ids : sudo […]

How can I set a static IP address in a Docker container?

I’m perfectly happy with the IP range that docker is giving me by default (176.17.x.x), so I don’t need to create a new bridge, I just want to give my containers a static address within that range so I can point client browsers to it directly. I tried using RUN echo “auto eth0” >> /etc/network/interfaces […]

Why install docker on ubuntu should be `sudo apt-get install`?

I think this is better: sudo apt-get install docker But why didn’t choose a clearly name?

Dockerfile or Registry? Which is the preferred strategy for distribution?

If you are making a service with a Dockerfile is it preferred for you to build an image with the Dockerfile and push it to the registry — rather than distribute the Dockerfile (and repo) for people to build their images? What use cases favour Dockerfile+repo distribution, and what use case favour Registry distribution?

How to remove docker installed using wget? [closed]

I’ve installed docker following installation tutorial on, using wget | sh command. Now i need to remove it entirely. apt-get remove docker, apt-get –auto-remove docker, apt-get remove, apt-get –auto-remove or any other combination doesn’t work, since I didn’t install it using apt-get. Is there any way to remove docker faster than […]

Using GPU from a docker container?

I’m searching for a way to use the GPU from inside a docker container. The container will execute arbitrary code so i don’t want to use the privileged mode. Any tips? From previous research i understood that run -v and/or LXC cgroup was the way to go but i’m not sure how to pull that […]

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