How do I set resources allocated to a container using docker?

As the title of this question suggests I’m wanting to set max disk/memory and cpu usage for a container using docker ( Is there a way to do this using just docker?

Kubernetes equivalent of env-file in Docker

Background: Currently we’re using Docker and Docker Compose for our services. We have externalized the configuration for different environments into files that define environment variables read by the application. For example a prod.env file: ENV_VAR_ONE=Something Prod ENV_VAR_TWO=Something else Prod and a test.env file: ENV_VAR_ONE=Something Test ENV_VAR_TWO=Something else Test Thus we can simply use the prod.env […]

How to run a cron job inside a docker container?

I am trying to run a cronjob inside a docker container that invokes a shell script. Yesterday I have been searching all over the web and stack overflow, but I could not really find a solution that works. How can I do this? EDIT: I’ve created a (commented) github repository with a working docker cron […]

Docker on Ubuntu can't saturate CPU

I have a simple Ruby app, basically it gets some data via HTTP endpoint, processes it a little, groups it and sends it in batches to some remote HTTP endpoint. When I run this on bare-metal – I saturate 4 CPUs to 100% and get about 3000reqs/s (according to ab; the app is a bit […]

How to change nginx config in amazon elastic beanstalk running a docker instance

After i login and the cookie is set I get error 502. When i read the log i get the error: 014/05/17 01:54:43 [error] 11013#0: *8 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: “GET /administration HTTP/1.1”, upstream: After some fast googling i found: and I […]

How to force docker for clean build of an image?

I have build docker image from docker file using below command. $ docker build -t u12_core -f u12_core . when I am trying to rebuild it with same command, it’s using build cache like Step 1 : FROM ubuntu:12.04 —> eb965dfb09d2 Step 2 : MAINTAINER Pavan Gupta <> —> Using cache —> 4354ccf9dcd8 Step 3 […]

Exploring Docker container's file system

I’ve noticed with docker that I need to understand what’s happening inside a container or what files exist in there. One example is downloading images from the docker index – you don’t have a clue what the image contains so it’s impossible to start the application. What would be ideal is to be able to […]

Docker expose all ports or range of ports from 7000 to 8000

Can I specify a port range in a Dockerfile EXPOSE 7000-8000 and when running the container bind all these exposed ports to the same ports on the host machine? docker run -p 7000-8000:7000-8000

Where are docker images stored by boot2docker?

I’m playing around with Docker on OS X (with boot2docker) and can’t figure out where these images are being stored. I’m just curious. This question answers it for Linux which is apparently in /var/lib/docker/graph/<id>/layer I installed via Homebrew and poked around in /usr/local/Cellar/docker but it doesn’t look like it’s there. There’s a boot2docker-vm.vmdk in ~/.boot2docker. […]

Stopping docker containers by image name – Ubuntu

On Ubuntu 14.04 I’m looking for a way to stop a running container and the only information I have is the image name that was used in the docker run command. Is there a command to find all the matching running containers that match that image name and stop them?

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