Connect to Docker MySQL container from localhost?

I have a docker mysql image running, following is what the docker-compose.yml file looks like: db: image: mysql environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: “” MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD: yes ports: – “3306:3306” This works fine. My question is: How can I connect to the MySQL instance running on that container from the command line mysql client on my the host (my […]

Change Docker machine location – Windows

I am using docker toolbox on Windows 7 to run docker. (docker version 1.9.1) As it turns out the docker machine creates its VM at C:\Users\username\.docker\machine\machines\default. And as I commit the images the size of VM at this location bloats up. Since its Windows, cant afford the luxury of space on the C drive. Is […]

Will docker container auto sync time with the host machine?

Giving I already changed the timezone of docker container correctly. Do I need to install a NTP server inside the docker container to periodically sync the time or the container will sync the time from its host machine?

How can I add a volume to an existing Docker container?

I have a Docker container that I’ve created simply by installing Docker on Ubuntu and doing: sudo docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash I immediately started installing Java and some other tools, spend some time with it and stopped the container by exit Then I wanted to add a volume and realised that this is […]

How to correctly link php-fpm and Nginx Docker containers?

I am trying to link 2 separate containers: nginx:latest php:fpm The problem is that php scripts do not work. Perhaps the php-fpm configuration is incorrect. Here is the source code, which is in my repository. Here is the file docker-compose.yml: nginx: build: . ports: – “80:80” – “443:443” volumes: – ./:/var/www/test/ links: – fpm fpm: […]

Docker – Enter Running Container with new TTY

I have a container that is running the Apache service in the foreground. I would like to be able to access the container from another shell in order to “poke around” inside it and examine the files. At the moment, if I attach to the container, I am left looking at the Apache daemon and […]

Network timed out while trying to connect to

I installed Docker-Toolbox just now while following their webpage I started with Docker QuickStart Terminal and see following ## . ## ## ## == ## ## ## ## ## === /”””””””””””””””””\___/ === ~~~ {~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~ / ===- ~~~ \______ o __/ \ \ __/ \____\_______/ docker is configured to use the […]

AWS ECS Error when running task: No Container Instances were found in your cluster

Im trying to deploy a docker container image to AWS using ECS, but the EC2 instance is not being created. I have scoured the internet looking for an explanation as to why I’m receiving the following error: “A client error (InvalidParameterException) occurred when calling the RunTask operation: No Container Instances were found in your cluster.” […]

How to setup linkage between docker containers so that restarting won't break it?

I have few dockers containers running like Nginx Web app 1 Web app 2 PostgreSQL Since Nginx need to connects web application server inside web app 1 and 2, and web apps need to talk to postgresql, so I have linkages like this Nginx — link —> Web app 1 Nginx — link —> Web […]

Mounting multiple volumes on a docker container?

I know I can mount a directory in my host on my container using something like docker run -t -i -v ‘/on/my/host:/on/the/container’ ubuntu /bin/bash Is there a way to create more than one host-container pair? e.g. a comma-separated list, or pass in an array?

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