How to change the docker image installation directory?

From what I can tell, docker images are installed to /var/lib/docker as they are pulled. Is there a way to change this location, such as to a mounted volume like /mnt?

Run a service automatically in a docker container

I’m setting up a simple image: one that holds Riak (a NoSQL database). The image starts the Riak service with riak start as a CMD. Now, if I run it as a daemon with docker run -d quintenk/riak-dev, it does start the Riak process (I can see that in the logs). However, it closes automatically […]

Docker – Error response from daemon: client is newer than server

After creating a new machine with Docker Machine, I’m getting the following error: $ docker ps Error response from daemon: client is newer than server(client API version 1.21, server API version: 1.19) How can I fix this?

Python app does not print anything when running detached in docker

I have a Python (2.7) app which is started in my dockerfile: CMD [“python”,””] prints some strings when it is started and goes into a loop afterwards: print “App started” while True: time.sleep(1) As long as I start the container with the -it flag, everything works as expected: $ docker run –name=myapp -it myappimage […]

Docker : How To Dockerize And Deploy multiple instances of a LAMP Application

I need to deploy many instances of the same LAMP (or LEMP) application : each instance will be accessible from a subdomain, with front loadbalancer/ proxy each instance must have its own db data and files data. each instance might be monitored memory limit / cpu might be set per app instance easy to automate […]

How to pull a single image from any docker repository?

The docker repositories contains multiple images. Is it possible to just pull the specific image from Repository. When I use: docker pull ubuntu It pulls down around 8-10 different versions of ubuntu.

How do I pass environment variables to Docker containers?

I’m new to Docker, and it’s unclear how to access an external database from a container. Is the best way to hard-code in the connection string? # Dockerfile ENV DATABASE_URL amazon:rds/connection?string

See full command of running/stopped container in Docker

How can I see the full command of a running container/process in docker? $ docker ps –all CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 5b6291859b61 nginx:1.7.8 “nginx -g ‘daemon of 4 minutes ago Exited (0) 4 minutes ago thirsty_brattain I can only see “nginx -g ‘daemon of”.. here, not the full command.

How do I seed a mongo database using docker-compose?

I am trying to distribute a set of connected applications running in several linked containers that includes a mongo database that is required to: be distributed containing some seed data; allow users to add additional data. Ideally the data will also be persisted in a linked data volume container. I can get the data into […]

Docker for GUI-based environments?

Problem I have a set of client machines that are a part of an enterprise web application. Each machine runs identical software, which is a PyQT-based web client that connects to a server. This client software is updated regularly and I would like to have some configuration/provisioning tool that allows to have the same environment […]

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