How do I start tensorflow docker jupyter notebook

This is probably a docker noob question, but I’d appreciate some help. I’ve installed the tensorflow docker container on an ubuntu machine. The tensorflow docker setup instructions specify: docker run -it This puts me into the docker container terminal, and I can run python and execute the Hello World example. I can also manually […]

Starting and populating a Postgres container in Docker

I have a Docker container that contains my Postgres database. It’s using the official Postgres image which has a CMD entry that starts the server on the main thread. I want to populate the database by running RUN psql –U postgres postgres < /dump/dump.sql before it starts listening to queries. I don’t understand how this […]

Running docker on Android

With Android 4.4 KitKat, Google is upgrading linux kernel to version 3.8 which is the required kernel version for Docker. I don’t know the AUFS part but will there be a way to run docker containers on android with this update?

How can I let the gitlab-ci-runner DinD image cache intermediate images?

I have a Dockerfile that starts with installing the texlive-full package, which is huge and takes a long time. If I docker build it locally, the intermedate image created after installation is cached, and subsequent builds are fast. However, if I push to my own GitLab install and the GitLab-CI build runner starts, this always […]

Docker: change directory command

In docker I want to do this: git clone XYZ cd XYZ make XYZ However because there is no cd command, I have to pass in the full path everytime (make XYZ /fullpath). Any good solutions for this?

Get environment variable value in Dockerfile

I’m building a container for a ruby app. My app’s configuration is contained within environment variables (loaded inside the app with dotenv). One of those configuration variables is the public ip of the app, which is used internally to make links. I need to add a dnsmasq entry pointing this ip to inside the […]

Dockerfile build – possible to ignore error?

I’ve got a Dockerfile. When building the image, the build fails on this error: automake: error: no ‘’ found for any configure output Error build: The command [/bin/sh -c aclocal && autoconf && automake -a] returned a non-zero code: 1 which in reality is harmless. The library builds fine, but Docker stops the build once […]

Can't install pip packages inside a docker container with Ubuntu

I’m following the fig guide to using docker with a python application, but when docker gets up to the command RUN pip install -r requirements.txt I get the following error message: Step 3 : RUN pip install -r requirements.txt —> Running in fe0b84217ad1 Collecting blinker==1.3 (from -r requirements.txt (line 1)) Retrying (Retry(total=4, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None)) […]

Docker build “Could not resolve ''” apt-get fails to install anything

I’ve been trying to run Docker build on various files which previously worked before, which are now no longer working. As soon as the Docker file included any line that was to install software it would fail with a message saying that the package was not found. RUN apt-get -y install supervisor nodejs npm The […]

What's the right way to setup a development environment on OS X with Docker?

Intro I can’t figure out a good way to setup a development environment on OS X using Docker and Boot2Docker. The problem I’m hitting is how to manage the source code so that: I can modify the code on OS X using the tools (text editor, IDE, git, etc) I already have installed. Those modifications […]

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