What is the (best) way to manage permissions for docker shared volumes

I’ve been playing around with docker for a while, and keep on finding the same issue when dealing with persistent data. I create my Dockerfile and expose a volume or use –volumes-from to mount a host folder inside my container My question is, what permissions should I apply to the shared volume on the host? […]

Using the RUN instruction in a Dockerfile with 'source' does not work

I have a Dockerfile that I am putting together to install a vanilla python environment (into which I will be installing an app, but at a later date). FROM ubuntu:12.04 # required to build certain python libraries RUN apt-get install python-dev -y # install pip – canonical installation instructions from pip-installer.org # http://www.pip-installer.org/en/latest/installing.html ADD https://bitbucket.org/pypa/setuptools/raw/bootstrap/ez_setup.py […]

docker-machine boot2docker root password

Haven’t found an answer anywhere… I created a VM (boot2docker) using docker-machine. I need to edit some files using root. What is the root password in boot2docker?

How to check if a Docker image with a specific tag exist locally?

I’d like to find out if a Docker image with a specific tag exists locally. I’m fine by using a bash script if the Docker client cannot do this natively. Just to provide some hints for a potential bash script the result of running the docker images command returns the following: REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID […]

Limit memory on a docker container doesn't work

Running last version of docker on top of ubuntu 13.04 root@docker:~# docker version Client version: 0.6.6 Go version (client): go1.2rc3 Git commit (client): 6d42040 Server version: 0.6.6 Git commit (server): 6d42040 Go version (server): go1.2rc3 Last stable version: 0.6.6 But when I start the container root@docker:~# docker run -m=1524288 -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash root@7b09f638871a:/# free […]

Change boot2docker memory assignment

I’ve been playing around with docker on a mac so I need to install boot2docker to make it work. I have a pretty powerful machine and a very resource hungry app so I want to up the available memory from the default which is 1GB to something like 8GB. This is what I’ve tried Booting […]

How to check if a process is running inside docker container

[Updated1] I have a shell which will change TCP kernel parameters in some functions, but now I need to make this shell run in Docker container, that means, the shell need to know it is running inside a container and stop configuring the kernel. Now I’m not sure how to achieve that, here is the […]

How to mount host volumes into docker containers in Dockerfile during build

Original question: How to use the VOLUME instruction in Dockerfile? Revised: update from the answer below, so the actual question I want to solve is — how to mount host volumes into docker containers in Dockerfile during build, i.e., having the docker run -v /export:/export capability during docker build. Latest Update: There is a solution […]

Is it possible to have Centralised Logging for ElasticBeanstalk Docker apps?

We have custom Docker web app running in Elastic Beanstalk Docker container environment. Would like to have application logs be available for viewing outside. Without downloading through instances or AWS console. So far neither of solutions been acceptable. Maybe someone achieved centralised logging for Elastic Benastalk Dockerized apps? Solution 1: AWS Console log download not […]

How do you run `apt-get` in a dockerfile behind a proxy?

I am running a virtual machine (Ubuntu 13.10) with docker (version 0.8.1, build a1598d1). I am trying to build an image with a dockerfile. First, I want to update the packages (using the code below – the proxy is obfuscated) but apt-get times out with the error: Could not resolve ‘archive.ubuntu.com’. FROM ubuntu:13.10 ENV HTTP_PROXY […]

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