set docker-machine variables using a bash script

I have a script like so: #!/usr/bin/env bash eval $(docker-machine env default) The goal is to automate the setting of variables like export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY export DOCKER_HOST export DOCKER_CERT_PATH export DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME But when I check afterwards, the variables are not set. This is not the case if I run each export command manually. What am I […]

INFO hdfs.HDFSEventSink: Writer callback called

I googled this error. I don’t get any solutions. I am having pseudo distributed hadoop–flume. It’s dockerized application. I am trying to write in the console from flume. It works. I am trying to write in hdfs. it says writer callback failed. flume.conf a2.sources = r1 a2.sinks = k1 a2.channels = c1 a2.sources.r1.type = netcat […]

my docker build just keeps closing

i’m on OS X 10.9 and am using docker v0.7. i’m using the following docker file: i’ve vagrant up; vagrant ssh; sudo docker build . the Dockerfile. when i’m building, everything is fine until almost the end. then i get this error: anyone know what’s going on or how i can debug this? EDIT: […]

Why pulling private image in Pod is not working in Kubernetes Registry addon?

I am very new to Kubernetes and I setup Kubernetes Registry addons just copy and pasting the yaml from Kubernetes Registry Addon just a small change in ReplicationController with emptyDir apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: kube-registry-v0 namespace: kube-system labels: k8s-app: kube-registry-upstream version: v0 “true” spec: replicas: 1 selector: k8s-app: kube-registry-upstream version: v0 template: […]

Logs of a docker container

Where does docker store it logs in the host machine as well as in the docker container. I know you can use docker logs . I want to know what is the physical location. Here is any example to illustrate more. I have got a java application which is generating standard output logs. I am […]

dockerizing an application on Mac OS X

I installed boot2docker as explained on the docker website. Here are some command runs to show that I have things installed correctly: $$:~ kv$ boot2docker start Waiting for VM and Docker daemon to start… ……………….ooo Started. Writing /Users/kvantum/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/ca.pem Writing /Users/kvantum/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/cert.pem Writing /Users/kvantum/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/key.pem Your environment variables are already set correctly. $$:~ kv$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG […]

How should I launch ipython notebook from Docker once a session has been launched?

I have to run ipython notebook using a docker image. I am on Windows 10. I have installed Docker Toolbox and pulled a docker image – all went fine. I have set up a bashrc file according to the instructions found there. Here is the bashrc function for convenience: kjupyter() { (sleep 3 && open […]

Mesos slave container with Oracle Linux 7 base image fails to start

I created a mesos slave docker image with Oracle Linux 7.2 as the base image. The dockerfile builds correctly but when I try to run the image, it gives the following error: I0414 17:57:30.659329 1 logging.cpp:188] INFO level logging started! I0414 17:57:30.666347 1 main.cpp:223] Build: 2016-03-17 17:47:25 by root I0414 17:57:30.666445 1 main.cpp:225] Version: 0.28.0 […]

Can docker application use dependent images?

We have an application that use jvm and python runtime and some other libraries. As our view, jvm and python runtime and these libraries are our application dependent components. We use docker as our development environment, but current docker release(1.5) seem to only supports streamline-base image building style, that we must specify all our dependent […]

Docker in Docker: Port Mapping

I have found a similar thread, but failed to get it to work. So, the use case is I start a container on my Linux host docker run -i -t –privileged -p 8080:2375 mattgruter/doubledocker When in that container, I want to start another one with GAE SDK devserver running. At that, I need to access […]

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