Running a Docker file stored locally

I have a docker file that includes a python script. So far I pushed it to my github and from there to my docker hub. Afterwards I used the command docker pull name/repo I would like to store the docker file I created with a text editor in a folder together with the python scrip […]

Setting up docker nodejs application with local npm dependencies

We want to start containerizing our applications, but we have stumbled upon some issues with local dependencies. We have a single git repository, in which we have numerous node packages, under “shared” folder, and applications that require these packages. So let’s say our folder structure is as follows: src/ ├── apps │   └── my_app └── […]

Multiple applications and plugins for docker build?

So I am relatively new to Docker and I was wondering if there is a way with either docker-compose or cloud-cli to create a Java environment with different plugins and other software needed for an application? For example, I would like to start with configuring Eclipse, Java, Tomcat, and Maven together as one environment natively. […]

Can't create container on bluemix

I try to push my project in to bluemix container using cf push. —–> Running: go install -tags cloudfoundry -buildmode pie . Exit status 0 Staging complete Uploading droplet, build artifacts cache… Uploading build artifacts cache… Uploading droplet… Uploaded build artifacts cache (196B) Uploaded droplet (5.1M) Uploading complete Destroying container Successfully destroyed container 0 of […]

php significant slower on docker then kvm

why php is so slow on docker , insteadly, Java and C application runing on docker is slightly faster then it on kvm comparing performance of php7.1 and php5.5 in docker 1.12 and kvm with yii2,yii1,predis, guzzle. use Nginx + php7.1-fpm/php5.5-fpm Both host servers are 32 core/3.1GHz Cpu and 128GB Mem. And both docker and […]

Free Docker volume drivers? [closed]

There are around 25 volume drivers listed here. Which drivers are free?

docker pull push not working post successful login

I am currently trying to configuring nexus3 as private registry for docker images with nginx serving as a reverse proxy . Created 3 repos within nexus namely NexusDockerProxy(docker proxy), NexusDockerHosted(docker hosted,http port:4444) & NexusDockerGroup(docker group,http port:5555) with both the hosted and proxy added. The nexus is configured with nginx where we are using a self […]

Intermittent slow response from Dockerized NodeJS app

I have a simple NodeJS app on top of ElasticSearch (which runs on a separate machine). When I start the app using pm2 and sequentially do some random requests, performance is fine. However, when I Dockerize the app, about one in ten responses is very slow (about 5 seconds instead of 50 ms). This is […]

Trying to use webpack-dev-server in container, getting errors that are not there otherwise

I am new to both react, webpack and docker. Trying to start a webpack-dev-server in a container. It’s starting all right when I am doing it from the terminal, but trying to start it from docker is giving me this error. ERROR in ./~/react-select/dist/react-select.css Module parse failed: /usr/src/app/node_modules/react-select/dist/react-select.css Unexpected token (8:0) You may need an […]

Namenode runs on InternalIP:8020 in cloudera docker and causes applications to fail

I am trying to create a docker image for CDH 5.11.X on centos6, which is not yet available from cloudera. I am using ( The installation succeeds with following glitches – 1. It creates mount points as (/etc/hosts, /etc/hostname, /etc/resolve.conf), which I overcome manually using umount and restoring these files manually. 2. I also need […]

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