How to share images between multiple docker hosts?

I have two hosts and docker is installed in each. As we know, each docker stores the images in local /var/lib/docker directory. So If I want to use some image, such as ubuntu, I must execute the docker pull to download from internet in each host. I think it’s slow. Can I store the images […]

How to persist MongoDB data between container restarts?

It is quite easy to run MongoDB containerised using docker. Though each time you start a new mongodb container, you will get new empty database. What should I do in order to keep the database content between container restarts? I tried to bind external directory to container using -v option but without any success.

Docker composer copy files

I have a Dockerfile where i copy an existing directory(with content) to the container which works fine: Dockerfile FROM php:7.0-apache COPY Frontend/ /var/www/html/aw3somevideo/ COPY Frontend/ /var/www/html/ RUN ls -al /var/www/html RUN chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html RUN chmod -R 755 /var/www/html But when i use a docker-compose.yml file there is only the directory àw3somevideoand inside àw3somevideo […]

Docker communication between two container with Java

I don’t find my answer on any post. I use a container with a project under PHP on a container which works fine. I want to link Java which is launch on another container. I use the “java:8″ image configure like this : engine: build: ./docker/engine/ volumes: – “.:/home/docker:rw” – “./docker/engine/php.ini:/usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/custom.ini:ro” links: – “db:db” – […]

Correct pulling edxops/forums way

I’m making my own devstack for works with OpenEdx. I pulled the official devstack repository from edx and i’m modifying it. I’m trying add forums to my stack but i can’t run in since docker compose. I added this to composer file: forums: command: bash -c ‘source /edx/app/forum/cs_comments_service_env && ruby app.rb -p 18080’ container_name: edx.devstack.forums […]

docker: official ubuntu 14.04 image

I try to find the official Ubuntu 14.04 image: docker search ubuntu | grep -i offi But I only find this image, which I would trust: ubuntu Official Ubuntu base image The other images are from unknown sources (like foouser/ubuntu…) , and I don’t trust these sources.

Is is possible to deploy a Docker image straight to AWS?

I’m having a tough time wrapping my brain around the possibilities of Docker, so pardon my ignorance here: Can I take a Docker image of a database server that I’ve created, and deploy that straight to a fresh EC2 server via some mechanism? Or, would I have to create the EC2 server, then install Docker […]

Missing Carriage Return in Docker for Mac Containers

All of a sudden all of my docker/docker-compose exec/run commands are printing logs that are lacking a carriage return making command line impossible to read due to indentation (see photos below). I re-installed docker to factory settings, but that didn’t fix anything. where else should I look to solve this sort of problem? Update This […]

Change system date time in docker containers without impacting the host

I was wondering if its possible to change the system time in Docker containers without changing the host itself. We are using docker containers for testing which are sometimes time sensitive. I notice that any changes made to the host time are reflected to the docker containers right away (which makes sense since they are […]

ssh key generation using dockerfile

I am using Docker for few of my projects, where one requirement is to generate ssh keys using Docker file, so that when the container builds it will generate a pair of rsa keys.I have seen some examples where key generation happens via .sh file and Dockerfile has the commond to run that .sh file. […]

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