can i use boot2docker in production ? CoreOS Vs boot2docker

If not why boot2docker cannot be used in production ? what is the thing, coreOS brings that boot2docker doesn’t have ?

The “–cluster-store” and “–cluster-advertise” don't work

I try to setup docker cluster with swarm and consul. I have manager, host1, and host2. I run consul and swarm manager containers on the manager. $ docker run –rm -p 8500:8500 progrium/consul -server -bootstrap $ docker run -d -p 2377:2375 swarm manage consul://<manager>:8500 On host1 and host2, I modify the daemon options with –cluster-store […]

Salt minion inside docker container?

Do you run a salt minion inside a docker containers? Or do you only run a minion on the server which runs the docker containers? We don’t use salt at the moment, but want to use it in the future. We are unsure how to layout our infrastructure in the future. Please leave a comment, […]

Unable to connect to tomcat running in Docker (Connection refused)

I am very new to Docker, and I am trying to run the default tomcat image. I see that the container is running, but when I try to hit it from my web browser, I get “CONNECTION REFUSED”. What is going on here? Details I have the Docker Toolbox installed on my Windows 7 PC. […]

Docker-machine error “Could not find matching IP for MAC address” on Windows 10

I got strange problem with docker-machine on windows 10. And I still cannot find solution. It used to work before, but after some update of Windows 10 I began to get error “Could not find matching IP for MAC address …”. This error appears on any action with docker-machine. For example, with docker-machine ls: I […]

Vagrant with Docker Provider fails with rsync over ssh

I have problems to run Vagrant with Docker. The issue is the rsync of the shared folders. WDFM32388067A:vagranttest d022051$ vagrant up Bringing machine ‘default’ up with ‘docker’ provider… ==> default: Docker host is required. One will be created if necessary… default: Vagrant will now create or start a local VM to act as the Docker […]

Install pip in docker

I’m not able to install pip in Docker. Here’s my Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:14.04 # Install dependencies RUN apt-get update -y RUN apt-get install -y git curl apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mcrypt php5-mysql python3.4 python-pip When building, I get: Sending build context to Docker daemon 109.6 kB Step 1 : FROM ubuntu:14.04 —> b549a9959a66 Step 2 : […]

Workers dying early due to uneven work distribution in Luigi (2.6.1)

We are trying to run a simple pipeline distributed on a docker swarm cluster. The luigi workers are deployed as replicated docker services. They start successfully and after a few seconds of asking for work to luigi-server, they begin to die due to no work was assigned to them and all tasks end up assigned […]

What is best practice for sharing database between containers in docker?

Is there anyone knows what is the best practice for sharing database between containers in docker? What I mean is I want to create multiple containers in docker. Then, these containers will execute CRUD on the same database with same identity. So far, I have two ideas. One is create an separate container to run […]

Where should environment-specific values be saved in a Laravel 5 application?

I’m trying to wrap my head around the .env way of doing configuration in Laravel 5. Here’s my story: I’m converting an existing Laravel 4 application to Laravel 5. I currently have different environments (local and production) and the cascading configuration system works nicely. I have my environment-specific application config in separate folders under app/config. […]

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