Connect to dockerized rest service from mobile app in development

We are developing both a mobile app and a backend REST service. The rest service (and database) run in OpenShift (using Minishift), as docker containers. We would like to be able to develop both the mobile app and the backend rest service on the same laptop. But, when running the app, we are not able […]

Docker-Compose – Restart my reverse proxy automatically in case of image update

I have a few microservices running and a apache container acting as reverse proxy. I also have CD environment where a git commit for any of the services automatically builds the image and deploys it on my integration environment. However, my reverse proxy container doesn’t restarts as it’s own configuration or image isn’t changed. But […]

Externalize to docker env

I’m developping an application using spring-boot and Docker. For security reasons I want to not use any more and use only environnement variable. If you have best practices I will be grateful. This is a snipet of my docker-compose.yml version: “2.1” services: app_users: image: images/app_users container_name: app_user_ctn build: context: ../.. dockerfile: docker/dev/Dockerfile ports: – […]

How can I use Kalabox with a WordPress Install that has a nested web root?

I have been trying and failing for a week to get Kalabox working with a WordPress install that has a nested web root with Pantheon. I’ve found some great resources, but many of them are for Drupal and they don’t seem to translate to the WP installs, like the great post by Tandem here: […]

Running Docker container randomly disappears on AWS EC2 Ubuntu

I’m running Docker on a t2.micro AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu. I’m running several containers. One of my long-running containers (always the same) just disappeared after running about 2-5 days for the third time right now. It is just gone with no sign of a crash. The machine has not been restarted (uptime says 15 […]

Share docker container permission to php-fpm image from volumes_from

I’m dockerizing an application made in laravel. I made the compose file creating a data container for this application, master, and using nginx and php-fpm for serve it, but all time i got permission problems: salahaddin@TulipanROG  ~/Proyectos/UzmanTech/opus  nginx-server ✚ ●  docker-compose logs -f | grep opus.php  130 ↵  2678  […]

How do I run nginx -t when nginx is running inside a docker container? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How do I run a command on an already existing Docker container? 11 answers

How do I fail a Jenkins build if a Docker Pipeline Plugin withRun command returns a non-zero exit code?

I’m using the Docker Pipeline Plugin to execute my build scripts via Docker containers. I noticed that if I had a script return a non-zero exit code when executing within an inside() command, Jenkins would mark the pipeline execution as a failure. This example Jenkinsfile illustrates that scenario: docker.image(‘alpine’).inside() { sh ‘exit 1’ } However, […]

Set the Perl environment correctly in dockerfile

I’m trying to build a dockerfile based on Centos 7 which can run a specific version of VEP (Variant Effect Predictor) which is written in Perl and has Perl dependencies which should be handled by running perl This isn’t working for me and I need some help. I was quite confident that I had […]

Separate CI workflows for multiple applications within same Git repo

I am creating a Docker application with the following code structure in one Git repo: .git docker-compose.yml api Rails app… admin JS app… auth Node app… www JS app… I’m in the process of learning CI as well, so far I’ve worked with a very basic CircleCI setup. What I would like to do is […]

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