How can I use GPU in Docker image with Theano launched from Windows host?

I want to run Theano via Docker image on my PC with Windows installed. The Docker image contains Ubuntu system, CUDA drivers and Theano ( but in order to use GPU in my algorithm I need to attach Nvidia devices to the image: docker run -it –device /dev/nvidiactl –device /dev/nvidia-uvm –device /dev/nvidia0 kaixhin/cuda-theano Is there […]

COREOS error on Bare Metal Server (unix socket /var/run/docker.sock does not exist)

I´ve installed CoreOs on BareMetal (dedicated 16GB, 4cores Atom). Docker is running and despite the fact that simple bash instructions run properly, when launching dockerui images downloaded form the hub I get the /var/run/docker.sock not found. The sock file is present and docker daemon is running. When launching docker daemon in interactive shell I get […]

Oracle Java in Docker Container cannot resolve hostname after /etc/nsswitch.conf changed

I was minimizing Oracle-JRE 8 Docker Image to deploy my own playframework app. Host: CentOS 7 minimal + Oracle JRE 8 The steps are as following: Create bash docker image with busybox, since playframework generate bash based startup scripts. I built bash binaries, and use ldd /bin/bash to find related lib so files, and ADD […]

docker exec not working in docker-compose containers

I’m executing two docker containers using docker compose. CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES eef95ca1b59b gogent_qaf “/bin/sh -c ./slave.s” 14 seconds ago Up 12 seconds 4242/tcp, 7000-7005/tcp, 9999/tcp,>22/tcp coreqafidm_qaf_1 a01373e893eb gogent_master “/bin/sh -c ./master.” 15 seconds ago Up 13 seconds 4242/tcp,>7000/tcp,>7001/tcp,>7002/tcp,>7003/tcp,>9999/tcp coreqafidm_master_1 When I try to use: […]

Redis Mass Insertion – Errors out

I’m trying to follow Redis Mass Insertion – Redis with Redis and something is amiss(. root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# redis-cli –version redis-cli 3.0.6 root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# redis-cli> flushall OK> root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# for i in {0..10} ; do echo “SET Key$i Value$i” >> $$ ; done root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# cat $$ | redis-cli –pipe All data transferred. Waiting for the last reply… […]

error: couldn't read version from server: Get http://localhost:8080/api: dial tcp connection refused

I installed kubernetes on linux. I used these steps Firstly everything is normal and working. Then i closed terminal and again open give error permission denied. After restart machine and give the below error kubectl get pod error: couldn’t read version from server: Get http://localhost:8080/api: dial tcp connection refused I am just getting […]

Gradle blocked on :app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug

Today I was working on my android app. I pushed a new commit and I was waiting for the notification of successful build, but nothing arrived. The build server is blocked on :app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug and the server has 100% load on every cpu core. I tried also using jdk8 and jdk7 but nothing changed. For blocked […]

Docker error :System Error : no space left on device

I am getting this error whenever I am trying to build my image. Searched on internet and got some links but none of them solved my problem. Error: System error: write /cgroup/docker/5dba72d862bf8171d36aa022d1929455af6589af9fb7ba6220b01842c7a7dee6/cgroup.procs: no space left on device. This is the output of ‘df -h’: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2 56G 24G 29G […]

How to use docker to spin up postgres database

I’m trying to have my app code communicate with my postgres db, each of which is running in separate container. However, whenever I attempt to access my db, I keep getting “dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused” which I understand to mean that there is nothing listening on port 5432. But I don’t understand how […]

mysqldump does not dump everything when running in script

I have a mysql server running in a docker container named dockersql. To backup it, I use docker run -ti –rm –link dockersql:mysql -v $HOME/backups/20160202/:/hostbackup mysql /bin/bash -c “mysqldump -u user -p -h mysql database > /hostbackup/mysqldump.sql” This works fine. I have include this same line inside a shell backup script which does other stuff. […]

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