deis images with dependencies of etcd have error executing bin/boot script: “waiting for etcd at :4001…”

I’m building a Deis cluster with 3 nodes on CoreOS as recommend the Readme Section with Vagrant, but when I execute: make run some error occur on registry.service. After some time inspecting deis/image, I found that all image with dependencies of etcd have the same problem, all images fail or still waiting on execution of […]

Apache Ignite cache operation failure

I’ve installed Ignite using a docker image from docker hub. Ignite server node starts correctly. But I get the following exception when trying to update cache: [SEVERE][rest-#35%null%][GridCacheCommandHandler] Failed to execute cache command: GridRestCacheRequest [cacheName=null, cacheFlags=0, ttl=null, super=GridRestRequest [destId=null, clientId=466b7ff5-c303-452e-8f2d-97d59c753de5, addr=null, cmd=CACHE_PUT]] class org.apache.ignite.IgniteCheckedException: Failed to find cache for given cache name (null for default cache): […]

Docker port mapping

Say I have two applications, each runs on a separate machine. Machine A runs module A, which opens a port 8080 to serve http request. Machine B runs module B, which sends http request to module A. Assuming module B doesn’t know the IP address or port number of module A, and they share this […]

Inter-process communication between docker container and its host

I am setting up a continuous integration system with gtilab and docker. For some reason I have to commit the current container as a new docker image in one stage of the CI system, so I can reuse the image in subsequent stages. To summarize, I have to execute this command: docker commit $CONTAINER_ID $NEW_IMAGE_NAME […]

Docker – container with multiple images

I wanted to make a Dockerfile with multiple images to run in one container. What is the best method to go about this? Below is a list of what I wanted to run in a single container. I have not have any luck with making a Dockerfile with all of these included. MySQL Server RabbitMQ […]

Custom DOCKER_HOST in Elastic Beanstalk Docker environment

I have an ElasticBeanstalk setup using Amazon’s Docker AMI. I have just started experimenting with setting up a new environment within my EB Application. It is running as Webserver with Docker. What I am trying to do with this environment is have Docker daemon running that is running on TCP rather than a Unix socket. […]

linkings several docker containers together

My current docker images tutum/rabbitmq latest 2b111aa3d5e9 3 days ago 379.1 MB stackbrew/ubuntu 12.04 74fe38d11401 2 weeks ago 209.6 MB ubuntu trusty 99ec81b80c55 2 weeks ago 266 MB damm/java8 latest 2fea811f78ac 7 weeks ago 759.5 MB aglover/java8 latest 931742e1ae7d 7 weeks ago 1.186 GB vvoyer/docker-selenium-firefox-chrome latest 61b0381789d1 5 months ago 1.087 GB I started the […]

Docker procedure – treat local copy as staging server?

I’ve read a bit about docker and have read only about the following procedure: Build container using Dockerfile Push container to repo/server Run container new version, go to step 1) The claim is that this is quick, which it sometimes is. However, often in these recipes, I’ll see a ‘git pull’ or ‘add ‘ step […]

How to tell DockerHub user vs org

Is there a way to tell if a DockerHub account is a user or an organization? For example, I think this Google account is an org. I know this account (mine) is a user. The URL structures are identical, and I haven’t been able to find an obvious sign in the UI.

Single haproxy instance running on http as well as tcp mode

I have two web applications running on a server inside two separate docker containers, one of them is running on play framework server (java), while other is running on nginx (php). I am doing ssl termination in http mode at haproxy for the play app. I want to handle the ssl termination for other app […]

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