Sails application cannot accessed from web browser. Connection refused

I am trying to develop a sails application that uses mongodb which works under docker. Steps that I followed is given below. Cloned application which contains mongodb connections from our git repository. Built it using following command docker build -t bit . Executed docker-compose up docker-compose up -d Tried to get port of the docker […]

docker boto3 AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

I’m working in a Command line tool using boto3 in a container running python:3.4 image, In my laptop I can run the code without problem but inside the container I receive the following error: File “/usr/local/lib/python3.4/site-packages/botocore-1.3.26-py3.4.egg/botocore/”, line 310, in _api_call return self._make_api_call(operation_name, kwargs) File “/usr/local/lib/python3.4/site-packages/botocore-1.3.26-py3.4.egg/botocore/”, line 407, in _make_api_call raise ClientError(parsed_response, operation_name) botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error […]

when pushing docker image to private docker registry, having trouble marking it 'public' via my script (but can do via web ui)

I am pushing a docker image to a private docker registry, and am having trouble marking it ‘public’ via a script. For this discussion, I’m guessing the content of the Dockerfile doesn’t matter… so lets assume I have the following in my current working directory: Dockerfile from ubuntu touch /tmp/foo I build like this: docker […]

Container-to-container communication via a host mapped port

I am using Docker version 1.9.1 and docker-compose 1.5.2 with –x-networking (experimental networking). I start a trivial node application with docker-compose up; this application maps port 8000 to port 9999 on the host. From the host I can curl http://localhost:9999; or http://[host-ip]:9999; or any of the 172.x.0.1 addresses that the host has and they all […]

Start node app when running docker container from cli

I’m relatively new to Docker and have a node web server which I have added to a docker image. My image is built using packer, so I don’t have a Dockerfile. My question is when running the docker container on the command line with docker run -it -d <imageId> is there a way to pass […]

Building images on docker

Can images in docker be installed by source code. What I mean is I want to build my environment with several components and their dependencies. I want to build the components by executing the source code. Does docker allow me to do something like that ?

Docker cloud service link for Ruby on Rails application

I’m trying docker cloud (previously tutum) to deploy a rails app that uses httparty to get data from another REST API (also deployed in docker cloud). So, the code will be something like the following: def get_service_response response = HTTParty.get(“#{api_service_url}/foo/]” end def self.api_service_url ENV[‘SERVICE_URL’] end We are running two HAProxies, one for the rails web […]

postgres $HOME directory unproperly set in Docker container created from official postgres Dockerfile

I’ve created a PostgreSQL 9.1 Docker container using this official Dockerfile. To create my container, I’ve done this: Step 1: create a volume for permanent postgres data docker volume create –name postgres_data Step 2: Start the postgres instance docker run –name my_postgres_container -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=my_password -v postgres_data:/var/lib/postgresql/data -d postgres:9.1 My instance starts correctly, and I can […]

Titan/Cassandra Connection Issues in Docker Only

I’m running Titan 1.0.0 and Cassandra 2.1. When starting cassandra and titan locally, I don’t run into any issues. However, when I start cassandra and titan in separate docker containers and try to link them together, I’m unable to do so and I receive a timeout: [host=X.X.X.X(X.X.X.X):9160, latency=10005(10005), attempts=1]Timed out waiting for connection Here’s the […]

Docker and Splash to render website does not work

I am starting out with Linux(Ubuntu) + docker. See Installed docker Pulled the scrapinghub/splash (what does this do??) Can you please help me understand what actually happens when I run command sudo docker run -p 5023:5023 -p 8050:8050 -p 8051:8051 scrapinghub/splash ? Because I was using this and the splash rendered no page at […]

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