Artifactory: “docker service create” does not work with images of 0 byte

docker service create … works even though compressed image size is 0B in Docker Hub. On the other hand, when I use Artifactory as private registry, it fails with No such image error. Docker daemons’ debug logs say manifest verification failed for digest … As an example, compressed size of portainer’s latest tag and main […]

Docker – nginx with custom conf

When running docker-compose up with the following docker-compose.yml file, nginx immediately exits after starting. When I remove the following line: – ./nginx/config:/etc/nginx/conf.d nginx does not immediately exit. docker-compose.yml version: ‘3’ services: nginx: image: nginx ports: – ‘8080:80’ volumes: – ./nginx/log:/var/log/nginx – ./nginx/config:/etc/nginx/conf.d – ../wordpress:/var/www/wordpress php: image: php:fpm ports: – 9000:9000 mysql: image: mysql ports: – […]

Vagrant: use provider and provision togather

This my main Vagrant file Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| config.vm.define “app7” do |app7| app7.vm.synced_folder “/home/behrad/dunro”,”/var/www/html” “forwarded_port”, id: “ssh”, guest: 22, host: 2222, auto_correct: true app7.vm.provider “docker” do |docker| docker.vagrant_vagrantfile = “dev/app7/Vagrantfile” docker.build_dir = “./dev/app7” docker.build_args = “-t”,”dunro/app7:20170701″ = “app7” docker.ports = [’80:80′] docker.has_ssh = true end end end and dev/app7/Vagrantfile Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| config.vm.hostname […]

Errors building two different projects with stack on the same machine

We have multiple haskell projects we build with stack. Our CI process creates instances on amazon to run tests and perform builds. We occasionally get strange errors. I suspect we get them when we try to run multiple builds on the same instance. It’s my understanding that stack should be able to handle this use […]

docker: what is the similar url in docker as compared to XAMMP/MAMP

I am using docker for the codeigniter project development. Initially, when I used MAMP or XAMMP, the login page was localhost/xyz/admin/login as the server used to run on localhost (php server). But, the docker server is running on localhost:8000 and I am trying to open localhost:8000/xyz/admin/login but it shows an error that page you requested […]

Openresty Hello world with docker

I’m trying make my application dockerize for that I’ve been following official openresty dockerfile. Os in my system is Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit. I have already pull that image using this cmd. docker pull openresty/openresty: Now I want to use this image and want make simple hello world application. For that I have created my […]

How to fork child process in docker container

I have tried to do that using execPath, execArgv options. The child process is running, but I have a problem with child process. The process.send() function is not defined, I’m not sure but it may be a problem with init IPC channel with child inside the container. parent.js const fork = require(‘child_process’).fork; const child = […]

Submit docker which contains fat jar to Spark cluster

I want to submit a docker container which contains ‘fat jar’ to a Spark cluster running on DC/OS. Here’s what I have done. mvn clean install, so the jar resides here /target/application.jar docker build -t <repo/image> . && docker push <repo/image> Now my DC/OS is able to pull the image from my private repository My […]

How to configure a Jenkinsfile to build docker image and push it to a private registry

I have two questions. But maybe I don’t know how to add tags for this question so that I added the tag for both. First question is related to Jenkins plugin usage to bake and push docker image using this. Below is my Jenkinsfile script. I finished building jar file in target directory. Then I […]

docker registry ping 404

I have created a docker registry with docker run -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=s3 -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry -e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy -p 5000:5000 registry and by ping become – – [18/Jun/2017:17:56:47 +0000] “GET /v2/_ping HTTP/1.1” 404 19 “” “” But I can push and pull images.

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