how to make fail2ban read json docker logs

Is it possible to configure my fail2ban jail.conf to inspect the docker logs instead of mounting the log in the host. for example to set the logpath to the path of the log of the container. Jail.conf: … #example [nginx-http-auth] enabled = true filter = nginx-http-auth port = http,https logpath = /var/lib/docker/containers/819564257d4*/*e0923e-json.log … but this […]

Setting Mesos DNS on ubuntu

I am trying to set up Mesos DNS after a few week of playing around with containers. I got some trouble with the DNS, even if it is said to be ‘light and easy’ :-s Following the docs : I got into several issue, the first of one being that port 53 is […]

Docker is not correctly binding ports on windows

I am beginning to move my project to a docker container in order to be able to develop more stuff without depending too much on the OS I’m using. This is the way I run my container: docker run -d -v “$(pwd)/app:/app” -v “/c/Users/Geoffrey/Projects/go:/go” –name “server” –link mysql:mysql -p my/server:latest Quickly, my program executes […]

Find default network route IP address

How can I find the default network route IP address from Go? I have looked through the docs for the net and interfaces package but didn’t see anything that could do this. I wanted to avoid running a bash command if possible.

Expose environment variables to Apache and PHP

Background I’m trying to use Wercker to run my test for a PHP application. Wercker uses Docker containers to setup a test environment to execute tests in. It uses Environment Variables to expose the connection params for any connected services like MySQL and Elasticsearch. Example MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR = My core Docker containers is running Ubuntu […]

Use private image from Google Container Registry as base image in Dockerfile

When writing a Dockerfile is it possible via the FROM … command to use a private Docker image stored in Google Cloud Registry as the base image? I have read the Google Container/Docker registry docs and the answer doesn’t seem obvious, thanks in advance!

Docker Lavarel Storage Permission Error

I have a Docker container running a PHP Lavarel app. The docker image can be found at: When I go to the app in the browser, I get the following error: file_put_contents(/share/app/storage/meta/services.json): failed to open stream: Permission denied Screenshot: I’ve tried: I’ve updated the 1000 user to give www-data ownership over the storage […]

Which docker client and daemon is used by openshift origin to pull images when creating new-app?

When executing oc new-app openshift/deployment-example, which docker client and daemon origin uses to pull the image?

Elastic Beanstalk Single-Container Docker current container name

I have an elastic beanstalk instance running a single docker container. Is there a way to get the ID of the current active container in a programmatic way? I was hoping they would set an environment variable or something but I can’t find it. I’m wanting to execute some commands on the running container (outside […]

Translate docker run command to docker compose

I’m losing my mind a little here, I think I’ve translated the command correctly, but I’m getting an error when I try docker-compose up -d Here’s my command, this works – without failure: sudo docker run -i \ –hostname localhost \ –publish 444:443 –publish 8080:8080 –publish 23:22 \ –name gitlab \ –restart always \ –volume […]

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