Redis keys melting and not adding up

I’ve got 3 Node/Redis/Mongo stacks that I’m sending identical write streams to each. The architectural differences are: A: all hosted locally on OSX B: using standardized Docker images on boot2docker C: using the same Docker images on GCE (Google Compute Engine) Just focusing on Redis for a second, I get the following results under constant […]

Installing chef server in Centos 6.6 docker container

I am running centos 6.5 minimal with the latest version of docker. I created a container from a centos 6.6 image and that is running fine. I then installed chef server 12 onto the container but when i run reconfigure it errors out: [2015-03-06T01:32:47+00:00] ERROR: Running exception handlers Running handlers complete [2015-03-06T01:32:47+00:00] ERROR: Exception handlers […]

“The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn't contain 'RSA'. Start the agent, add your keys?” in Docker

I am following this article and have included my AWS credentials. I installed several CLI things required, and now get: $ ./trainer start 5 Greetings, cchilders/cchilders! The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn’t contain ‘RSA’. Start the agent, add your keys? I have already did eval $(ssh-agent) which doesn’t help.

EC2 Instances – Are they Just Containers

I’m so confused. I created an EC2 Instance. So this isn’t a “Host”? It’s a container instance? I’m confused then if that’s the case. Then what’s the host for the images or how does this work? I pulled an image from docker hub to it, pushed the image to the AWS registry, and then now […]

How to run gerrit cookbook inside docker containers?

I’m running community gerrit cookbook in docker using chef-solo. If I run the cookbook in a Dockerfile as a build step, it throws an error (check the log). But if I run the image and go inside the container and run the same command, it works fine. Any idea what’s going on? Its complaining about […]

Dockerizing an SSH Daemon Service using my own key

I am building an image based on ubuntu14.04, try to enable ssh on the container. I am following the tutorial: But this tutorial only shows how to ssh using password, I want to use my own key to ssh into container instead of password. So I can do something like this in the vagrantfile […]

In docker,how to close the port expose by dockerfile?

I’ve make a image by a dockerfile in which i expose a port by the line “expose 22”. “sudo docker build -t mysql_server . “ after that,i find i didn’t need the port. how can i do to close 22 port? EDIT: @Adrian Mouat @seanmcl The image is a mysql.So the data in database all […]

Docker failing to add remote file with 'too many redirects'

I’m trying to build the following Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu-debootstrap:trusty ENV CONFD_VERSION 0.6.3 ENV CONFD_INTERVAL 30 ENV CONFD_NODE ENV CONFD_BACKEND etcd RUN apt-get update -q \ && DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y -q nginx \ && apt-get clean \ && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists ADD /usr/local/bin/confd RUN chmod +x /usr/local/bin/confd /usr/local/bin/confd EXPOSE 80 CMD confd -verbose […]

Install composer dependencies while deploying

I’m using Elastic Beanstalk to deploy my application as a Single Docker Application. My Dockerfile does composer install while deploying, but I get a Could not authenticate against error. I use these lines in my Dockerfile to install my dependencies: WORKDIR /www RUN [“composer”, “install”, “-o”] How would I solve this issue?

Sharing the host OS or sharing the Container OS

When running an Ubuntu Docker container on Mac or other OS host, is the UBunto OS really running in the container or is it some kind of a virtual interface? From my understanding containers share the OS, I just need to understand if it is the OS from the host or it really is a […]

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