Deploying docker container using marathon

I am using marathon to deploy my docker containers with memory limits specified in marathon specs which looks like : { “id”: “<name>”, “cmd”: null, “cpus”: 2, “mem”: 4096, “disk”: 30720, “instances”: 1, “container”: { “docker”: { “image”: “<docker-image>”, “network”: “HOST”, “privileged”: true, “forcePullImage”: true }, “requirePorts”: true, “ports”: [<port>], “type”: “DOCKER” } } But […]

nginx with docker not proxying onto my ruby application correctly

I have two Docker containers (built from custom configured nginx and Ruby images) and when I run the containers and make requests, they appear to be proxying requests onto the correct locations (but one of the services that gets proxied to doesn’t handle the request quite right). i.e. when I try to proxy onto my […]

Managing the selinux context of a file created on the host via a Docker container's volume

I ran through the fig python / django tutorial on Fedora 20 (docker 1.0.0) but it failed & tripped an AVC denial in SELinux when attempted to create the project files. I reviewed the policy, i can see that setting the docker_var_lib_t context on my code dir would permit docker to write there (although […]

Get Elasticache address from within a docker Elastic Beanstalk container

I am attempting to have elastic beanstalk automatically provision a elasticache instance. I am trying to figure out how I can access the address of the cache instance at runtime from within my docker environment. I am running python (on gevent). Here is my config file within .ebextensions: Resources: sslSecurityGroupIngress: Type: AWS::EC2::SecurityGroupIngress Properties: GroupName: {Ref […]

boot2docker on windows – Unable to pull images

I am trying to explore dockers. I have got boot2docker installed on my windows machine. My machine is behind corporate firewall. When I execute the simple command like the one below, I get the error that prevents images being pulled. Any help here ? Even when I changes the dns nameserver ( in /etc/resolv.conf) to […]

Templating config file with docker

We have been using ansible to set up application, but now we’re moving to docker, so I have a question about generating sphinx.conf (or any text file) from template. I have template like this for jinja2 (which is supported in ansible): {% for locale in locales %} answers_{{ locale }} {% endfor %} And locales […]

Docker NGINX Proxy not Forwarding Websockets

NGINX proxy is passing HTTP GET requests instead of WebSocket handshakes to my django application. Facts: Rest of the non-websocket proxying to django app is working great. I can get WebSockets to work if I connect to the django application container directly. (Relevant log entries below.) The nginx configuration works localhost on my development machine […]

Kubernetes & insecure docker registries

i am trailing kubernetes on AWS, and i have a cluster set up, but having trouble creating an application by pulling a docker image from an insecure repo. When i created the cluster, i ensured that environment variable KUBE_ENABLE_INSECURE_REGISTRY=true was set to true. But i still don’t seem to be able to pull from this […]

Granularity of Docker containers

When designing application infrastructure & architecture using Docker, is it best practise to create one container per “service” or multiple containers for each process within a “service”? For example a distributed PHP application that uses Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, MySQL and ElasticSearch. Service containers: Nginx + App + PHP-FPM (complete app as a “service” container) Redis […]

Docker for Windows Beta release notes and version history

Where can I find the release history and release notes for Docker for Windows beta channel? One of my users has recently picked up an error and I have no idea if her build is the latest version and thus if this bug was introduced into the beta recently and then Windows recently silently updated. […]

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