Can docker port forward to a unix file socket on the host container?

Running the following command fails: sudo docker run -p unix:///tmp/file.sock:44444 -d image_name Is something wrong with my port forwarding syntax or is a configuration like this not possible?

How to show the run command of a docker container

I use a third party GUI (Synology Docker package) to setup a docker container. However, it’s limitation makes me need to run the container from the command line. (I want to map another host ip to bind the port) Now, since there are lots of settings that already done, I would like to retrieve the […]

Hadoop “Unable to load native-hadoop library for your platform” error on docker-spark?

I am using docker-spark. After starting spark-shell, it outputs: 15/05/21 04:28:22 DEBUG NativeCodeLoader: Failed to load native-hadoop with error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:no hadoop in java.library.path 15/05/21 04:28:22 DEBUG NativeCodeLoader: java.library.path=/usr/java/packages/lib/amd64:/usr/lib64:/lib64:/lib:/usr/lib The environment variables of this spark container are: bash-4.1# export declare -x BOOTSTRAP=”/etc/” declare -x HADOOP_COMMON_HOME=”/usr/local/hadoop” declare -x HADOOP_CONF_DIR=”/usr/local/hadoop/etc/hadoop” declare -x HADOOP_HDFS_HOME=”/usr/local/hadoop” declare -x HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME=”/usr/local/hadoop” declare -x […]

What is the difference between volumes-from and volumes?

I saw the docker-compose patterns but I’m confused. What is the best way to make composed containers. When should I use link, or volumes_from. When should I use volumes_from, volumes 1 app-db-data app: image: someimage link: – db // data volume container name db: image: mysql volumes_from: – data // data volume name data: image: […]

Docker how to clean partial failed downloads for images?

I am using docker toolbox in OS X. When I run docker-compose pull and the network cuts out, the download does not resume after I fix the issue. Is there a way to purge or invalidate partial downloads for docker images?

Error saving Docker images to AWS S3 bucket from private Docker Registry

I’m trying to set up a private Docker Registry and save images to AWS S3 instance. The Registry seems to be working fine — it starts up ok and I can authenticate to it over https. The problem I’m having is that I’m getting an error saving to S3, so I assume there is some […]

How can I get an upstart script to properly manage running a docker image?

I have a local docker-registry that I’d like to manage with upstart. I have the following script (in /etc/init/docker-registry.conf): description “docker registry” author “me” start on filesystem and started docker stop on runlevel [!2345] respawn script /usr/bin/ run -a stdout –rm –name=docker-registry \ -v /var/local/docker-registry:/var/local/docker-registry \ -p 5000:5000 mysite:5000/docker-registry end script I can start my […]

Why PHP-FPM prefixes a warning when writing to stdout?

I try to run a Yii based PHP application in a Docker container using the official php-fpm image. It’s common practice for docker containers to write all log messages to stdout / stderr. So I do the same from my container with a code that basically looks like this: $fp = @fopen(‘php://stdout’,’w’); fwrite($fp, $message); fclose($fp); […]

Ubuntu and updating Docker

I am trying to run the latest stable version of docker and docker-compose. I am following the instructions on Apparently the current version of docker-compose is 1.7. Yet, after running through the documentation, installing docker-engine, I then get: $ docker-compose –version docker-compose version: 1.4.0 And $ docker –version Docker version 1.11.1, build 5604cbe When […]

Installed Go binary not found in path on Alpine Linux Docker

I’ve got a Go binary I’m trying to run on the Alpine Docker image. This works fine for the Docker Go binary. docker run -it alpine:3.3 sh apk add –no-cache curl DOCKER_VERSION=1.9.1 curl -fSL “https://${DOCKER_BUCKET}/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-$DOCKER_VERSION” -o /usr/local/bin/docker chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker docker help Usage: docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND [arg…] … However, for the Go binary I […]

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