docker-compose up for only certain containers

I have a docker-compose.yml which contain several containers. Three of them are for my app (client, server and database) and the rest are for various dev tools (e.g. psql, npm,, etc). When I do docker-compose up all of them are started, but I only want the three main ones to start. Because of the […]

How to run 2 commands with docker exec

I need to run 2 commands with docker exec. I am copying a file out of the docker container and don’t want to have to deal with credentials to use something like ssh. This command copies a file: sudo docker exec boring_hawking tar -cv /var/log/file.log | tar -x But it creates a subdirectory var/log, I […]

How can I understand the role of “/bin/true” command in “docker run …” command?

I am following this document to install gitlab docker image, and get confused with the command: docker run –name gitlab_data genezys/gitlab:7.5.2 /bin/true I know “/bin/true” command just returns a success status code, but how can I understand the role of /bin/true in this docker run … command?

Docker private registry with mirror

I created two Docker containers. The first one provides a private Docker registry and the second one is a mirror of the official Docker registry: docker run -d –name registry -v /local/path/to/registry:/registry -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=local -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry -p 5000:5000 registry docker run -d –name mirror -v /local/path/to/mirror:/registry -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry -e STANDALONE=false -e MIRROR_SOURCE=https:/ -e MIRROR_SOURCE_INDEX= -p […]

Can't run Docker container due device mapper error

I just can’t create and run new containers in Docker anymore. But in the same time a can run previously created containers. When I try to do something like this: [user@host ~ ] docker run –name=fpm-5.3 debian:jessie 2014/07/12 07:34:08 Error: Error running DeviceCreate (createSnapDevice) dm_task_run failed From docker.log: 2014/07/12 05:57:11 POST /v1.12/containers/create?name=fpm-5.3 [f56fcb6f] +job create(fpm-5.3) […]

How do I attach VisualVM to a simple Java process running in a Docker container

Actually I wanted a solution working for JEE containers, specifically for Glassfish, but after I tried many combinations of settings and did not succeed, I reduced the setup to the simplest possible case. Here is my Hello World daemon started in a Docker container. I want to attach jconsole or VisulaVM to it. Everything is […]

How can I know why Docker container stopped?

I have a Docker container that contains a JVM process. When the process ends the container completes and stops. While thankfully rare, my JVM can go legs-up suddenly with a hard-failure, e.g. OutOfMemoryError. When this happens my container just stops, like a normal JVM exit. I can have distributed logging, etc., for normal JVM logging, […]

How to assign as static port to a container?

I want to assign a container a port, so that it gets the same port after every restart of the container. Example: I have a container, which has an Apache in it. The Apache runs on port 80 inside the container. Now, after starting the container, docker assigns a host port to the container port, […]

Docker and .bash_history

Is there any way to share a .bash_history volume with a docker container so that everytime I go into a shell I have my bash history available for scrolling through? Would be awesome to be able to do the same thing with IPython too.

Docker: How to re-create dockers additional iptables rules?

When the docker-demon starts it adds a couple of rules to iptables. When all rules are deleted via iptables -F i have to stop and restart the docker demo to re-create dockers rules. Is there a way to have docker re-add it’s additional rules?

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