Docker: mounting local directories as a non-root user in a container

I’ve read quite a few threads on the internet about how to best mount local (project) directories into a Docker container so that the directories are not owned by the root user. Unfortunately, I’ve not found a precise answer. I’m building my development stack with this docker-compose.yml (SfDocker) file: db: image: mysql:latest ports: – “3306:3306” […]

Different problems when run in Dockerfile vs. manually. What's gone wrong?

I’m trying to create a reliable Docker image for CiviCRM since there are none in the Docker hub which are bundled with READMEs or readable Dockerfile build code. The only image which is well-documented doesn’t comply with standard Docker conventions. Here’s the project: So, I wrote this Dockerfile which installs a standard installation using […]

Can I dockerize Activex exe which has GUI?

I am now working on a Dockerization of a legacy system which has ActiveX-exe, I didn’t start on the dockerization yet, but while I am studying the application and its behavior using lisdlls in sysinternals, I found this line C:\Program File\MyApplication\ActiveX-Exe.exe embedding Does that mean it starts a full version of my exe, because if […]

Multiple docker containers

I am reading about docker and I am trying to understand whether or not this is something I should learn to use. From what I read best practices states that you should have one process per container. Now, this mean that I need one container for JBoss, one for database, one for file storage, build […]

Jenkins: running build does not provision docker slave

I’m running Jenkins 1.609.1 with docker-plugin 0.10.0 to provision jenkins docker slave. Docker is 1.0.1 running on Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve created a customized docker images based on evarga/jenkins-slave per instruction on (“Shortcut : Pulling a Docker image”). In my Jenkins configuration I’ve: added “Docker” to the “Cloud” area pointed to the local docker URL […]

How to parse a simple array with ng-admin

I have an API (http://localhost:5000/v2/_catalog) returning a json structure as follows: { “repositories”: [ “start/imageA”, “start/imageA” ] } Now I want to parse the result with ng-admin. My admin.js (CORS is solved on my webserver) looks as follows: var myApp = angular.module(‘r2ui’, [‘ng-admin’]); myApp.config([‘RestangularProvider’, function(RestangularProvider) { RestangularProvider.addFullRequestInterceptor(function(element, operation, what, url, headers, params, httpConfig) { delete […]

Docker: get access to wifi interface

I am pretty new to docker. At the moment I want to maintain a network of different Rapsberry PIs. Each PI should have the same OS with exactly the same system running. To handle deployment and updates of Software, I want to handle these things by docker. Currently I am using HypriotOS, which offers docker […]

Amazon ECS support for –shm-size in docker

I am trying to use AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS) in order to run a dockerized webdriver (Selenium) Grid. According to docker-selenium github page, we need to either add some shared memory or mount a volume to the docker container if we want to run long running tests using the chrome browser on the selenium-node-chrome […]

Dockerfile COPY takes a stale copy of the file?

I have the following sequence of commands in my Dockerfile; note the replacement in place by sed: RUN sed -i “s/replace this/with that/g” ./dir/file.yaml COPY ./dir/file.yaml /usr/src/app/node_modules/serve-swagger-editor/node_modules/swagger-editor/spec-files/ This runs ALMOST good, that is the file.yaml gets copied to the target location, but: ./dir/file.yaml contains changes done by sed, /usr/src/…/spec-files/file.yaml does not. It turns out that […]

Referencing services with Docker Compose

I’m having issues calling what is supposed to have been defined in some Docker Compose services from my “main” (web) service. I have the following docker-compose.yml file: version: ‘2’ services: db: image: postgres volumes: – postgres-db-volume:/data/postgres pdftk: image: mnuessler/pdftk volumes: – /tmp/manager:/work ffmpeg: image: jrottenberg/ffmpeg volumes: – /tmp/manager:/files web: build: . command: python runserver […]

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