docker push fails due to “unauthorized: authentication required”, using gitlab

I’m getting the following error when trying to push to the Gitlab registry using gitlab-runner: unauthorized: authentication required ERROR: Build failed: exit status 1 Although: $ docker login -u gitlab-ci-token -p $CI_BUILD_TOKEN Login Succeeded Doing build and push from my local env works just fine, suggesting the problem is related to the host which […]

Can I mix linux-based and windows-based containers in same docker engine host?

With the new feature of Windows Containers now Windows-based containers are possible but it raised this question? Can I mix linux-based and windows-based images in same docker engine host? If yes, are going to work all network features? Is this independent of the host OS for the user?

Where are TLS certificates stored for Docker on Windows Server 2016 TP3

I have a VM running Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, and have installed the Containers feature, and then run the Install-ContainerHost.ps1 script from Microsoft’s container tools repo I can now run the Docker Deamon on Windows. Next I want to copy the certificates to a client machine so that I can issue commands to […]

pg_dump in docker: “could not open output file” “protocol error”

Starting a docker postgresql container to dump a database using pg_dump to a mounted volume results in: could not open output file “blah”: protocol error The protocol error is different from the permission denied issue as discussed here for instance. What does this error mean? There is no existing file in the mounted volume. I’m […]

seeding mysql data in a docker build

I’m attempting to build a docker image that will include mysql and some seed data, and trying to figure out how I insert the data into the database during the docker build phase. It seems I need to start the MySQL engine, invoke a command to run some sql statements, and then shut down the […]

Unable to push a plugin using docker plugin push command

I am trying to develop a V2 plugin. I am able to to use the ‘docker plugin create’ and ‘docker plugin enable’ commands with my plugin configuration. However the ‘docker plugin push’ command fails with the following error [root@localhost plugin]# docker plugin push adityadani/pxd-plugin Error response from daemon: errors: denied: requested access to the resource […]

Version increment for docker images

I am planning to build an IMAGE with the below command but the command is not executing. Could you please tell me what is the error in the below script? IMAGE=testimage ID=$(docker build -t ${IMAGE} . | tail -1 | sed ‘s/.*Successfully built \(.*\)$/\1/’) echo $ID docker tag ${ID} pushdocker/${IMAGE}:${VERSION} here pushdocker is my Docker […]

Trying to install Mezzanine via Docker

I am trying to install Mezzanine on Docker to test out Docker I’ve used this Container with this postgres db, with a few customizations (namely commenting out) on the Mezzanine container and using the script to include DB info. When I run these 2 Docker commands: docker run -P –name some_web -p 80:80 –link […]

Pulling docker images behind a proxy

I have been having trouble using docker whenever I am on my campus’ wifi. Trying to pull or run an image which needs to be pulled gives me the following error: Error while pulling image: Get dial tcp: lookup on server misbehaving My research has lead me across this post which seems […]

Two docker container need volumes from each other

Docker: Reciprocating volumes I am creating two containers running 2 different applications. Container A, exposes 2 directories say /opt/appA and /home/userA/runtime. Both are needed to be referred to by container B (–volumes-from A). B in turn should expose a volume /home/userB/runtime, which container A needs (–volumes-from B) when it starts. Q. is how to achieve […]

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