Is there any way to bypass or script Heroku's login prompt?

The Heroku Toolbelt’s login prompt has started causing my continuous integration job to fail. I’m guessing something changed in a recent version, but since this project had been on the back-burner for a few months, I’m not sure exactly when that happened. I’ll also admit that I don’t remember how I had this working in […]

how can i create a database on mysql docker service

I’m trying to run moodle phpunit on my gitlab ci server. Using gitlab-ci.yml file i’m creating a container with php 5.6 and mysql service. # Services services: – mysql:latest before_script: – mysql -e ‘CREATE DATABASE gitlab_ci_test DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT COLLATE utf8_bin;’ ; I’m getting ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server […]

Custom Container for hosting OpenLDAP in Bluemix

I am trying to create custom container for hosting OpenLDAP in Bluemix. I am following the steps mentioned in the link: At Step 6, where I need to tag the docker image, I receive the below error: D:\>docker tag openldap FATA[0001] Error response from daemon: DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN” “<title>405 […]

How to combine a Nginx and a NodeJS Docker container

I’ve a nodejs container which hosts my backend and I have a nginx container which is hosting my Angular. They are both working fine. I’m able to visit my nodeJS container and I’m able to visit my Nginx-container. The problem is there seems to be no connection between the containers. The nginx container is only […]

Docker container published via port forward can't connect to its own published port

I have a docker container with an apache server on port 80. Port 8000 of the docker host is being forwarded to 80 in the container. Our application needs to connect to itself to use a web service. This connection URL is determined at runtime based on the URL the user is using to access […]

`docker rmi` tries to delete image with empty string (that does not exist)

When I’m trying to delete any of my images, docker does that thing : $ docker rmi 5aeb37c1fd00 Error response from daemon: image ID ” is invalid Error: failed to remove images: [5aeb37c1fd00] as you can see, it is complaining about an image with empty string name that it cannot delete. If it matters, my […]

Schema created in Docker by postgres user does not exist

I am building a Docker container for my PostgresSQL 9.4.5 database and I’d like to create the table structures when the container starts. In the script included in my /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/ directory is this series of commands: #!/usr/bin/env bash export PGUSER=postgres echo “***CREATING DATABASE, USERS, AND ROLES***” psql <<-EOSQL CREATE USER vpager WITH PASSWORD ‘<pass>’; CREATE […]

Improving performance of inserting into Mongo from ActiveMQ

The basic idea of the following code is I read messages off an ActiveMQ Artemis installation and insert them into a MongoDB instance. It works well for up to a hundred or so messages per second but crashes if I throw a few thousand at it. My first guess would be the constant opening and […]

how could I add user permission parameter into docker-compose

I want to adapt this command into docker-compose.yml docker run -d -v /Users/eric/workspace/apache-spark-playground/es_datastore:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data –user 1000:50 elasticsearch:2.1.1 How should I modify the following yaml sample elasticsearch: image: elasticsearch:2.1.1 hostname: elasticsearch ports: – “9200:9200” volumes: – ./es_datastore:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data

Kubernetes service in java does not resolve restarted service/replicationcontroller

I have a kubernetes cluster where one service (java application) connects to another service to write data (elasticsearch). When elasticsearch (service & replicationcontroller) is restarted/redeployed, the java-application looses it’s connection, which can only be recovered by restarting the java-application (rc). This is not the desired behaviour and should be solved. Using curl from the kubernetes […]

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