docker: push image not work

I setup a private docker registry in my one server(let’s call it server-1). I can push and pull image in this server successfully. server-1: Docker version 1.7.1 kuankr-staging@kuankrstaging-OptiPlex-390:~$ docker push The push refers to a repository [] (len: 1) 2f1ef7702586: Image already exists 97cf055388e0: Image successfully pushed 8703b7c675b1: Image successfully pushed 4f780ec6d926: Image successfully […]

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException starting libreplan in docker

I have a docker repo (here) with source code (here) that is supposed to start libreplan on a tomcat server. There is a docker-compose.yml that sets it up. However, when I start the container, I get a long list of java exceptions: libreplan_1 | ERROR [01-June 05:01:53] [main] org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader – Context initialization failed libreplan_1 | […]

Connecting java RiakClient to Riak container in Docker

I’ve been struggling for days on connecting Java to Riak running in a Docker container. If someone can help me, i’ll be very greatfull. I’m using RiakClient as API for JAVA. But i can’t figure out how build the RiakClient in the constructor RiakClient(). Maybe is my container setup to be wrong. Here what i’ve […]

Jenkins ANT scripting: Save file with timestamp

I’m trying to create a Jenkins job with target as an sh file. This sh file fires up commands on a Linux VM to save a docker image with timestamp in its name. How do I create a build xml and a properties file for this? I’m new to Jenkins and ANT scripting. Can anyone […]

How to setup a Google Managed VMs Custom Runtime with App Engine service APIs

The default google-managed-vms python runtime is google/appengine-python27 a docker image based on google/debian:wheezy How to setup a custom python runtime that would extend debian:testing and would support: Datastore Memcache Task Queues Logging as google/appengine-python27 does ?

Should files from a base Docker image be present in a derived image?

I’m creating a Dockerfile that uses a base image: dockerfile/rabbitmq. In the Dockerfile for rabbitmq there’s a line to install a script into the image: ADD bin/rabbitmq-start /usr/local/bin/ In my Dockerfile I don’t have this line. I have my own ADD lines. When I run the image all the rabbitmq binaries and config are there, […]

Azure Hortonworks CloudBreak hosts file not correct

I have created a cluster using the CloudBreak and that all works and I can log into the servers just fine. The problem that I am having is the network setups on the host os and the docker containers seems to not be setup right. The host os and the containers /etc/hosts file like like […]

sharing docker.sock or docker in docker (dind)

We’re running a mesos cluster and jenkins for continuous integration workflow. Jenkins is configured with the mesos plugin. Previously we built our docker images in mesos containers. Now we are switching to docker containers for building our docker images. I’ve been searching for the advantage of building our docker images inside a docker container with […]

How would the host share a workspace with docker container in the development workflow?

I know that I can mount a folder from the host machine to the container. However, if I develop on Mac, the application may require a different dependecy to run in the container. What is the recommended practice to share this folder across host and container. Example: We have a nodejs project: workspace |\-node_modoule |\-app […]

how to build docker containers for different modules

I am building docker containers for different modules through vagrant machine as below. DOCKER_HOST_NAME = “docker-host” # Require ‘yaml’ module require ‘yaml’ # Read details of containers to be created from YAML file # Be sure to edit ‘containers.yml’ to provide container details containers = YAML.load_file(‘environment/containers.yaml’) # Create and configure the Docker container(s) Vagrant.configure(“2”) do […]

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