Kibana can't reach elasticsearch

Using docker-compose v3 and deploying to a swarm: version: ‘3’ services: elasticsearch: image: deploy: replicas: 1 ports: – “9200:9200” tty: true kibana: image: deploy: mode: global ports: – “5601:5601” depends_on: – elasticsearch tty: true I see this in the kibana service log: Unable to revive connection: http://elasticsearch:9200/ Elasticsearch service is running and can […]

Not able to start a pod in minikube by pulling image from external private registry

I have an ubuntu installed on my laptop. I started a private docker registry (ssl enabled + htpasswd secured) and added it on overlay network (so it can be accessed from other hosts/vms) here is the code (docker-compose.yaml): version: “3” services: registry: restart: always image: registry:2 ports: – 5000:5000 environment: REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE: /certs/domain.crt REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY: /certs/domain.key REGISTRY_AUTH: […]

Docker-compose up creates container but coudn't start it

I need to do manually, in PowerShell, what Visual Studio 2017 does automatically when creating Docker image from my solution ( core web application). docker-compose -f “docker-compose.yml” -f “docker-compose.override.yml” -f “docker- compose.vs.release.yml” -p dockercompose32 up –build -d It creates new images(when I’m building from the scratch but it doesn’t rebuild old image if something in […]

Why do I get Error: Could not find or load main class .jar when I run docker image

I have written my docker file as below: From java:8 EXPOSE 8081 ADD /target/Demo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar Demo.jar ENTRYPOINT [“java”,”.jar”,”Demo.jar”] (“Demo” is my project name. It creates a Spring boot application.) I am using a Linux machine.

Should I restart docker container if I'm doing update

I’m using spotify docker client (8.7.1 version) to manage docker containers. Seems that if try to udpate hostconfig by calling updateContiner method nothing works.. All of this I’m doing when container is started. Should I restart container after update? ContainerInfo ci = containerManager.createContainer(godzillaName, imagePath, new String[] {DEFAULT_API_PORT},, networks); containerManager.startContainer(; ContainerInfo info = containerManager.inspectContainer(; HostConfig.RestartPolicy […]

Jenkins Pipeline: Postman Test script fails with “connect ECONNREFUSED ip:port”

I am trying to setup CI/CD pipleline for my java REST service using Jenkins in linux. Pipline is setup in Jenkins which builds the jar(if any commit) and create Docker image and runs the container in linux box and In Test stage, I have written postman collection to test the webservice running in Docker container. […]

How to list images and tags from the Docker Registry using the HTTP API?

I’m trying to fetch a list of available images and their tags from Google Container Registry ( in Node.js. I first use google-auto-auth to optain a token with scope, and I exchange that token for a token like so: axios.get(‘’, { auth: { username: ‘_token’, password: token // token I got from `google-auto-auth` […]

Docker container start error throw input/output error

this is my error when I start the cotainer. (Error response from daemon: devmapper: Error mounting ‘/dev/mapper/docker-253:0-68458408-ae92c45bb9e4af3204ecb6e0e8d323ef3c12c261e2eff9014cdc3370a89a33ab’ on ‘/var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/ae92c45bb9e4af3204ecb6e0e8d323ef3c12c261e2eff9014cdc3370a89a33ab’: input/output error Error: failed to start containers: 62410f0739de). Can I repair this container? This container is used with oracle image. I meet this question when the computer is Powerd off and the container is impping datas。then […]

How do debug multiple core services in containers from Visual Studio Mac

Context: I’m experimenting with building a set of dotnetcore applications on Mac which will eventually get deployed on Kubernetes. The application is broken down into multiple services. To name a few an IdentityServer, API, Frontend/UI. I’ve been searching in vain to find an optimised development workflow for such a case. Specifically, I’m looking for ways […]

Docker Eureka UnknownHostException

im trying to do a microservice architecture with dockerized springboot applications. For inner communications i want to use Eureka + FeignClient. The registration with Eureka works fine (afaik): <application> <name>CAREER-SERVICE</name> <instance> <instanceId>4b62546fdc9b:career-service:7000</instanceId> <hostName></hostName> <app>CAREER-SERVICE</app> <ipAddr></ipAddr> <status>UP</status> <overriddenstatus>UNKNOWN</overriddenstatus> <port enabled=”true”>7000</port> <securePort enabled=”false”>443</securePort> <countryId>1</countryId> <dataCenterInfo class=”$DefaultDataCenterInfo”> <name>MyOwn</name> </dataCenterInfo> <leaseInfo> <renewalIntervalInSecs>30</renewalIntervalInSecs> <durationInSecs>90</durationInSecs> <registrationTimestamp>1497345551521</registrationTimestamp> <lastRenewalTimestamp>1497347501260</lastRenewalTimestamp> <evictionTimestamp>0</evictionTimestamp> <serviceUpTimestamp>1497345550971</serviceUpTimestamp> </leaseInfo> <metadata […]

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