COS is running out of inodes for /var/lib/docker volume

I’m trying to us cos to run some services on GCP. One of the issues I’m seeing currently is that the VMs I’ve started very quickly seem to run out of inodes for the /var/lib/docker filesystem. I’d have expected this to be one of the things tuned in a container optimized os? wouter@nbwm-cron ~ $ […]

Docker Compose Expose Spark Worker UI Ports Dynamically to Host When Scaling

I have Apache Spark running inside a container created via Docker Compose. When I create the worker, I specify which port on the host machine (my laptop) is mapped to the web UI port 8081 on the worker. With 1 container, this works fine because I can bind 8081:8081 and the containerized Spark Master Web […]

Docker in Windows Server 2016 is not working

I have a new Windows Server 2016, with all updates applied. I followed the commands from the quick-start and all of them went fine. Now when I run the command to Pull the image and run I got this: PS C:\Windows\system32> docker run microsoft/dotnet-samples:dotnetapp-nanoserver Unable to find image ‘microsoft/dotnet-samples:dotnetapp-nanoserver’ locally dotnetapp-nanoserver: Pulling from microsoft/dotnet-samples bce2fbc256ea: […]

ECS network host mode and links = CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists

I’m using AWS ECS to deploy my group of docker containers and in bridge network mode all works perfectly but with a slow performance… I’ve read that this problem resolves with a host network mode but if i use this, it causes an error on containers deploy (some of them), “CannotCreateContainerError: Container already exists”. Looking […]

Running nginx-proxy in docker with ssl

I have a question running jwilder/nginx-proxy with ssl in docker. My situation is the following: Currently i do have 3 web pages hosted in the same container (apache vhosts). Only one of them is using SSL and the rest are reachable over http. On my first test (without ssl) the proxy worked just out of […]

Getting started with Laradock on Mac

I’m just getting started with learning Laravel, as well as taking my first dive into Docker. I’ve taken the time to understand what Docker is and (more or less) how it works, and have also set up Docker Native on my Mac (Sierra). I’m following along with the documentation at:, but am a bit […]

cannot start docker daemon

I am using docker-machine to setup docker on my remote instance. The daemon refuses to start (services) synon (master) ✗ docker-machine create –driver amazonec2 –amazonec2-region=us-west-2 –amazonec2-zone=a –amazonec2-instance-type=c4.xlarge –amazonec2-ami=ami-efd0428f synon Running pre-create checks… Creating machine… (synon) Launching instance… Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes… Detecting operating system of created instance… […]

dockerize a wpf application and use it

I’m trying to dockerize a wpf application. Just a simple app for that time. for now i got this dockerfile : FROM microsoft/nanoserver WORKDIR C run “$PATH” #ENTRYPOINT [“C:\Users\TestDev\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\TestExe\TestExe\bin\Release\TestExe.exe”] RUN [“C:\Users\TestDev\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\TestExe\TestExe\bin\Release\TestExe.exe”] Si i tried with entrypoint, run and cmd. But got this error : The filename, directory name, or volume label […]

Docker Container Library Duplication

New to docker… Need some help to clarify basic container concept… AFAIK, each container would include app. code, library, runtime, cfg files, etc. If I would run N numbers of containers for N numbers of app. and each of the app. happens to use a set of same lib. would it mean my host systems […]

disable interactive mode in docker

Before pushing/publishing/sharing a docker image, I would like to disable interactive mode or password protect logging in the container. Is there a option to do so? The use case is that one can run app from docker run or exec in detach mode only docker exec -d ubuntu_bash touch /tmp/execWorks but can not do docker […]

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