How to detemine the docker entrypoint with snapshot builds?

Sorry in advance if this is a duplicate question. It probably is, but I can’t find what I’m looking for. We have a CI pipeline that uses gradle to build our Java project, and we need to dockerize it. As part of the pipeline, the software version is constantly being updated. So, when we copy […]

http response got truncated in docker

I’ve built a http server using netty. Everything is fine when it’s running in my mac, but when I run it in a docker image, the http response always get truncated when great than 460k. What’s the problem will be? Please help.

Docker user authentication against LDAP over SSL

I want to add Authentication and Authorization for the docker daemon for more security. use case :- Any command can be issued to the docker daemon by only valid user and that the user has the rights to execute the command. Here I want to use LDAP for user authentication. Q :- Does docker has […]

What is [loop0] process for?

I’m running apache in a docker container on a CentOS 7 machine with devicemapper (on a dedicated volume group not on loopback file). After a few requests, system load dramatically increase even up to 20. Since the cpu load is reasonably low, i traced down the I/O activity with iotop -a and discovered that while […]

Docker : Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?

I am new to the world Docker’m having trouble running the first time. The facility was quiet, however there trying to check existing container, it shows the following message: Can not connect to the Docker daemon. Is the running daemon docker on this host? I’ve done the start of the daemon to the test reported […]

Using pytz as non-root in Docker with Alpine Linux causes “IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied”

I have the following Dockerfile (it’s a bit stripped down, the core elements are displayed here) FROM alpine:latest RUN adduser -D some_user_name &&\ apk add –update alpine-sdk &&\ apk add –update python-dev &&\ apk add –update py-dateutil &&\ apk add –update py-tz USER some_user_name CMD [“/bin/sh”] I then run this image the following way docker […]

How to make a docker image with a populated database for automated tests?

I want to create containers w/ a MySQL db and a dump loaded for integration tests. Each test should connect to a fresh container, with the DB in the same state. It should be able to read and write, but all changes should be lost when the test ends and the container is destroyed. I’m […]

Downloading images from custom registry with go-dockerclient hangs

I cannot seem to pull from a custom registry. Am I doing it wrong? I know those images exist, I can download them manually. package main import ( “” log “” ) func main() { log.SetFormatter(&log.JSONFormatter{}) log.Infoln(“pulling remote images.”) pull_images() log.Infoln(“done.”) } var ( gcr = “” fluentd = docker.PullImageOptions{ Repository: “fluentd-elasticsearch”, Registry: gcr, RawJSONStream: […]

Can't connect to container from docker host

I have docker-engine installed on my VPS (Ubuntu 14 LTS). Having some connection issues on my VPS (docker host) but I don’t understand why? Can somebody explain this behaviour? The situation is: I have a nginx installed on the server with default settings (port 80). I also have a container running on port 8180 (webserver) […]

Possible to run Google Standard Managed VM Locally with Docker for Development?

Is it possible to run a Google Standard Managed VM for Java locally for development purposes? I am asking cause, mvn gcloud:run or gcloud preview app run are good for a simple hello world application, but anything bigger than that doesn’t work… (single threaded, timeout, etc…).

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