Docker: Couldn't connect to docker daemon at http+docker://localunixsocket -is it running?

I have a somewhat peculiar scenario. I tend to execute command docker-compose -f dev.yml up –build to get the containers up and work. Here, dev.yml is development version of docker-compose.yml. Till this very morning every thing was working fine, and all of the sudden, I started getting error regarding failure to connect to docker-daemon. Now, […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is ignoring my file

I ran a couple of steps to get to a point where I have a pre-built docker image in AWS ECR. When I create a EB stack in AWS using the interface and uploading my file, it creates the stack successfully. Now I am attempting to create a stack via command line instead of […]

How to mask multiple Docker containers to a single public IP on Windows 10/ Server 2016

We need to run multiple containers (For scaling) on a single IP which should be a public IP and can be accessed from anywhere. Tried mapping Host IP-Port to container port but each container is to be mapped to a different port – Hence, not what we were looking for. Natting was an option (Creating […]

Elasticsearch docker burn data in image

I’m trying to build an elasticsearch image with preloaded data. I’m doing a restore operation from S3. FROM elasticsearch:5.3.1 ARG bucket ARG access_key ARG secret_key ARG repository ARG snapshot ENV ES_JAVA_OPTS=”-Des.path.conf=/etc/elasticsearch” RUN elasticsearch-plugin install repository-s3 ADD RUN chmod +x RUN / elasticsearch -p /tmp/epid & ./ -t 0 localhost:9200 — echo “Elasticsearch […]

How to add an image to an organization in Docker Hub ?

I have a personal account, on Docker Hub, linked to my GitHub account, where I can build an image of my repository normally. Now I’ve created an organization on GitHub where I’ve forked my code. I’ve also created an organization on Docker Hub using my personal account, and created a repository in this organization. But […]

Push access during gitlab ci process

I’m using Gitlab CI in my project and want to implement automatic merge of release branch to feature branch, so the build environment need write (push) access to repository. Build happens inside the Docker container. Can it be done using HTTP/HTTPS tokens or only ssh with its keys (so I need ssh client installed inside […]

Docker Continuous Integration with AWS

I’m currently trying to automate our dev process using CodePipeline. My docker application fetches from the Source(Github) -> Builds(AWS CodeBuild) -> Deploy. In the final deployment process, I’m having trouble revising my task definition and restarting my cluster tasks. I understand that I need a CloudFormation template to perform these actions, but there isn’t much […]

Docker Alpine image + grpc: Warning: insecure environment read function 'getenv' used

When I used this image: node:6.11.0-alpine to run my service (use GRPC), then keep getting these warnings: D0622 06:52:01.170502843 1 env_linux.c:66] Warning: insecure environment read function ‘getenv’ used D0622 06:52:01.554446816 12 env_linux.c:66] Warning: insecure environment read function ‘getenv’ used D0622 06:52:01.559295167 14 env_linux.c:66] Warning: insecure environment read function ‘getenv’ used D0622 06:52:01.566036292 13 env_linux.c:66] Warning: […]

auto deploy to docker from nexus repo when maven project version changed

I want to use jenkins to auto detect a version change from my svn source base. Below sequence is what I want: push a new version, 2.0.0, to svn jenkins to detect the commit changes, and packge and deploy the jar file to nexus maven repo. Of course with a new version folder. after the […]

Docker port forwarding stops working after ip of host machine is changed

I created a docker container ‘cont’ where the IP address of my host machine was and i exposed port 8080 of docker with -p 8080:8080 in docker run. Now i have changed the IP address of my host to and am unable to access port 8080 of docker. Port forwarding has stopped working. […]

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