Permission error when deploying Docker app from CI server to Heroku

The problem I’m trying to deploy a Dockerized app from my CI server (Circle) to Heroku. When I run heroku docker:release –app <app_name>, CI logs show the following: Error response from daemon: permission denied ! Error in heroku-docker: ! Command failed: docker cp 93a67016632af5cffacab9817b741c4dc69b41f0f6d324c8bae53fe98f4e621d:/tmp/slug.tgz /tmp However, I can run this command from my local machine […]

ERROR: Build process returned exit code 137 during Docker build on Tutum

I’ve set a new repository on Tutum linked to a Github repository. This project built successfully on my local machine but it fail on Tutum after 4 hours and give me the following logs. Step 27 : ENTRYPOINT /www/ —> Running in 666e1e87a660 —> eeb9646f9317 Removing intermediate container 666e1e87a660 Successfully built eeb9646f9317 Creating builder1769_sut_1 [Thu […]

docker container fails to start with docker-compose exit status 2, code 128

I have two Docker images that I start as a linked pair. Now trying to use Compose to automate the startup process. My compose file: apacheserver: image: links: – libertyserver:liberty ports: – 9081:9080 – 3023:22 volumes: – /var/docker_data_repository:/var/hostfiles libertyserver: image: ports: – 9080:9080 – 3022:22 volumes: – /var/docker_data_repository:/var/hostfiles This fails like this: … […]

Guestbook example not working. Unable to connect to MASTER

I have four minions and one master on ubuntu cluster. And I’m following guestbook example. Redis slave is not communicating with master. # kubectl get nodes NAME LABELS STATUS Ready Ready Ready Ready # kubectl get pods POD IP CONTAINER(S) IMAGE(S) HOST LABELS STATUS CREATED MESSAGE kube-dns-99zoq […]

boot2docker: port forwording to manage spark workers through web UI on Mac OS

I installed boot2docker on my Mac and I use docker-compose to create a spark cluster. Everething works fine: i run boot2docker and I create 1 spark master node and 3 spark worker node. I connect to the spark master’s web UI and I can see the 3 worker node. Now my question is: how can […]

Does Docker automate IP masquerade rules in iptables for bridge networks?

I have docker-1.9.1 running on a QNAP raid machine. It has the default bridge network using subnet In iptables I see a rule in the nat table: -A POSTROUTING -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE I am assuming that Docker created this rule itself. I have created a new bridge network: docker network […]

error running docker inside docker

My development machine is OSX. I use boot2docker to run docker for my development (call this docker-1). My app also uses docker containers (so it’s docker running inside docker – call this docker-2). Typically I use docker-compose on my development machine to start up docker-1. The issue is that when I run docker-compose run web […]

How to rename a docker image in the remote registry

I have an images in my remote docker registry: xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/library/ruby:2.2.1 Is there a quick way or existing command to rename it? I know I can implement this by executing docker pull it to local and rename it by docker tag and then docker push again. docker pull xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/library/ruby:2.2.1 docker tag xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/library/ruby:2.2.1 xx.xx.xx:5000/library/new_name:latest docker push xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/library/new_name:latest […]

creating a docker bridge network for a virtual sub interface

I have a docker host with 1 physical network interface. I want to have a docker container connected to a network that is bridged to a second IP. I’m not sure what the best way to do this is, but here is what I tried so far. I created a sub interface with ifconfig enp0s31f6:0 […]

Unable to locate dependency 'class library project(s)'

I have created ASP.NET Core webAPI project with following folder structure. /src /WebApiProject Dockerfile /DomainProject /CoreProject WebApiProject has dependency of DomainProject and CoreProject. Everything is working fine with dnu restore dependencies of DomainProject and CoreProject are resolved because both are peer folders. Also I am able to run my webApi by executing dnx web command. […]

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