Docker flask cant connect

I am trying to do I have copied the tutorial verbatim, except I changed From flask import Flask to from flask import Flask I can built it just fine. I can start it and get the following when I run docker ps from the command line CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES […]

Exposing multiple ports from within a ManagedVM

I’m using the Managed VM functionality to run a WebSocket server that I’d like to expose to the Internet on any port (preferably port 80) through a URL like: I’m not having much success yet. Here are the relevant parts of various files I’m using to accomplish this: Dockerfile: EXPOSE 8080 8081 At the […]

Docker: Error response from daemon: no such id:

currently I try to launch docker image on deamon with docker run -d ID (after to launch this commande: docker build -t toto .) But when I launch this commande: docker exec -it ID bash, I’ve got this error: Error response from daemon: no such id: toto My Dockerfile look like that: # Dockerfile FROM […]

can't access own directory in docker created by ADD/chown/chmod in Dockerfile

I try to add ssh private key into docker building from Dockerfile, it looks wired that I can’t access it even it looks like I have full permission Docker Version: 1.0.0 Docker host: ubuntu 14.04 Here is the Dockerfile FROM ubuntu:latest ENV HOME /home/larry RUN useradd larry && echo ‘larry:docker’ | chpasswd RUN echo “larry […]

Can't pull docker image: no route to host

When using boot2docker on OSX, I can’t pull a new image from Docker Hub: $ docker run mysql Unable to find image ‘mysql’ locally Pulling repository mysql 2014/06/24 16:58:18 Get dial tcp: read udp no route to host I can still access that URL using a browser or curl. What gives?

Debugging Elastic Beanstalk Docker run failures?

I’m new to EB and AWS, and my docker images build fine but fail to run on Elastic Beanstalk. My suspicion is that they are not connecting to the database correctly, however, I’m not getting anything useful when I run “eb logs” from the commandline. Here are the errors: { “status”: “FAILURE”, “api_version”: “1.0”, “results”: […]

Ultraedit docker syntax hightlighting file

At I did not find a wordfile for Docker. explains how you can role your own. Inspired by I tried: /L20″Docker” Line Comment = # Escape Char = \ String Chars = “‘ File Extensions = /Delimiters = ~!@$%^*()+=/\[]{}:;”<>’�` , .? /Indent Strings = “{(” /Unindent Strings = “})” /Function String = […]

Exceptions in .dockerignore

How does .dockerignore handle exceptions? For example, I would like to ignore everything from the src/ directory except for src/web/public. I’ve tried… .git src !src/web/public Seems to not work. docker build . shows Sending build context to Docker daemon 20.63 MB either way.

Django migrations with Docker on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

I have a django app running inside a single docker container on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I cannot get it to run migrations properly, it always sees the old docker image and tries to run migrations from that (but it doesn’t have the latest files). I package an .ebextensions directory with my EBS source bundle (a […]

Docker mongo image 'Connection refused' from other container

I’m new to docker. I’m trying to create a MongoDB container and a NodeJS container. My file looks like this. It should run npm install and then node .. But docker-compose up ends up with [MongoError: connect ECONNREFUSED] while the command node .. I think this is because of the bind_ip = in […]

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