Vagrant + Docker – “not ready for rsync”

I’ve got an app I’m trying to get vagrant/docker-ized. Here’s the source: After vagrant up, vagrant rsync gives me the error “The machine is reporting that it is not ready for rsync to communicate with it. Verify that this machine is properly running” Here’s the full log: I’m on Windows 7 if that’s […]

Reliable centralized logging in Kubernetes/Docker with Elastic Stack

We are setting up a Kubernetes cluster on CoreOS to run 50+ different applications (mostly Java apps), each of which produces logs potentially in its own format. We’re looking to centralise logs from all containers with the Elastic Stack (formerly ELK stack), with some specific requirements: Reliability in the face of network, container or node […]

Building Apache Mesos cluster with Docker Compose

we have an environment where docker containers are working together en they are managed by Apache mesos. Now I saw this tutorial part 1 and part 2 which is working with fig. He is recommending to use the new docker compose. I don’t know fig and I don’t know Docker compose. I know docker images, […]

Running collectstatic on Dokku doesn't copy files

I created a droplet on Digital Ocean with the Dokku v0.2.3 image, and deployed a django 1.6 project. I configured it to serve static at /apt/wsgi/static, and noticed this routing works correctly. My problem is, once I run collectstatic, it reports files were copied, but they’re not really there, I ran dokku run myapp ls […]

How to set subnet for Docker 1.9 overflow network?

When I try to setup Docker 1.9 by offical documents to make a overlay network,it take some error message like this: root@c0-master:~# docker run -d –name webtest –net myStack3 nginx a5aec996da782669bc26e5c33064bf6c14ee452a56b1a519136d47c2b9d59859 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container a5aec996da782669bc26e5c33064bf6c14ee452a56b1a519136d47c2b9d59859: subnet sandbox join failed for “”: vxlan interface creation failed for subnet “”: failed in prefunc: […]

Docker Mysql link to another container

I created a Docker container with Apache on it. Everything works, except that I can’t link MySQL ( to my container, and I’m not sure what I did wrong. Here are the steps I did: I run mysql server container docker run –name mysqlserver -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=pass123 -d mysql/mysql-server:latest Then, I run and link my Apache […]

How can I connect Sendmail MTA and PHP-FPM docker containers

I would like to connect 2 containers: – alterrebe/postfix-relay – php-fpm (my build) I’m using Amazon EC2 Container Service and I would like to send emails through Amazon SES. Every of my server (Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, Postfix Relay) is one separated container and I cannot find a solution to make it work PHP-FPM with Postfix […]

How to copy a specific docker image layer from one host to another?

While I have a very big docker image (~5G) used for Android development, it’s always failed when pulling a specific layer 72165266f070 which is about 3.1G as it carried Android NDK. 72165266f070: Error pulling dependent layers FATA[0217] Error pulling image (latest) from magicvision/android-dev, Server error: Status 403 while fetching image layer (72165266f0702fd767e1323770e8e4c9f8d01d1414cb6f42e352a69dba43e133) I have the […]

Docker Hub Private Repo Login. More secure way?

I’ve seen articles such as this one about pulling from private repos and the “best” way to do it. What I understand is, if I want to automate any infrastructure to pull my docker images from dockerhub I need to: Have a user I can login with. Save the users creds in some application that […]

Docker: Creating a data volume container vs simply using the -v flag with `run`?

I’m reading Docker’s user guide section on volumes at: At the very first part it indicates how to create and add a volume to a container, this I will call “method 1”: You can use the -v multiple times to mount multiple data volumes. Now, mount a single volume in your web application container. […]

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