pg_restore to postgres running in docker container

I have a backup of a database that I would to restore to a postgres database running inside a docker container. I’m using docker-machine on OS X. Postgres image is postgres:9.4. This is the script I’ve come up with so far: pg_restore –verbose –clean –no-acl –no-owner \ -h tcp://`docker-machine ip default`:5432 \ -U postgres \ […]

Stop Solr gracefully when it running in docker

I am running a solr in docker container My docker ENTRYPOINT is $SOLR_HOME/bin/solr start ${options} currently when I am running docker stop <container Id> its kill the process but solr stops incorrectly In order to stop Solr correctly we need to run : $SOLR_HOME/bin/solr stop How do I config docker to call solr stop command […]

nginx no such file or directory

I have the following configuration in nginx upstream artifactory_lb { server; server backup; } Other config rewrite ^/(v1|v2)/(.*) /api/docker/image-repo/$1/$2; client_max_body_size 0; chunked_transfer_encoding on; location /v1 { allow all; proxy_read_timeout 900; proxy_pass_header Server; proxy_cookie_path ~*^/.* /; proxy_set_header X-Artifactory-Override-Base-Url $http_x_forwarded_proto://$host; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Port $server_port; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $http_x_forwarded_proto; proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; proxy_pass http://artifactory_lb; } […]

Aborted connection to db; docker-compose ruby & mysql images – Got an error reading communication packets

I’m using docker-compose to run a rails app with mysql db docker image. The docker-compose build goes fine; the docker-compose up goes fine as well, even though there are some warnings (mysql image version issues) … db_1 | MySQL init process done. Ready for start up. db_1 | [Warning] Failed to set up SSL because […]

docker started via shelljs not responding to input in interactive mode

I am starting my docker containers via shelljs. The container has a sh script that is running on startup. This is behaving as intended when the output of the container is only passive. But when start the container without startscript and try to give some manual input (like cd dir), the docker interactive shell is […]

Environment variables for docker-compose inside of Jenkins

I’ve the following setup: Jenkins environment running docker-compose but I need to pass environment variables to the yml file: sample docker-compose.yml version: ‘2’ services: logon_server: build: . image: my_server:0.0.1 ports: – “9200:9200” command: ${DOCKER_CMD_EXEC} networks: – my_ntwrk networks: my_ntwrk: When I run the following script from a shell prompt on my mac, I can pass […]

Running pudb inside docker container

I prefer pudb for python debugging. I am building python applications that run inside docker container. Does any one know how to make pudb available inside docker container? Thank you

Nancy slow first request of any route (not just first request) on mono

I’m hosting a simple nancy website (self-host, console app) inside docker on ubuntu 14.04.1 via mono 3.10. Nancy version 1.1 The first time I hit any route, it takes approx. 1 full second to return. Subsequent requests to the same route take ~15ms. I don’t just mean the very first hit to the application, I […]

Docker Django migrate command Type Error [closed]

While doing migrate command in docker-compose using: docker-compose run web python migrate I am getting following error: #->docker-compose run web python migrate /usr/local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/django/db/models/fields/ RemovedInDjango110Warning: SubfieldBase has been deprecated. Use Field.from_db_value instead. RemovedInDjango110Warning) Operations to perform: Apply all migrations: default, admin, auth, user_profile, sessions, contenttypes Running migrations: Rendering model states… DONE Applying user_profile.0006_auto_20160205_1127…Traceback (most […]

Cannot ssh into remote machine after rsync

I followed this page on Protecting the Docker daemon Socket with HTTPS to generate ca.pem, server-key.pem, server-cert.pem, key.pem and key-cert.pem I wanted a remote Docker daemon to use those keys so i used rsync via ssh to send three of the files(ca.pem, server-key.pem and key.pem) to the remote host’s home directory. The identity file for […]

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