'ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS' error nginx docker

I am using nginx docker for deploying my app in aws server. I have to access my api using nginx proxy url which looks like https://domain.com/api/. This is a https request so i have to set proxy redirection to another port where api service running and the service is running under another docker container in […]

Retrieve docker image ID

I am trying to retrieve the docker image ID through the API. Using following URL: https://registry.hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/mesosphere/marathon/tags/v0.11.1/ I am getting this result back: {“name”: “v0.11.1”, “full_size”: 536893184, “id”: 1118232, “repository”: 60768, “creator”: 372823, “last_updater”: 77974, “last_updated”: “2015-11-04T16:30:33.343998Z”, “image_id”: null, “v2”: true} The desired image_id tag is null, but it should be a 12 char string. How […]

debug docker deamon with gdb or cgdb

I have been trying to debug and step into docker daemon code using gdb or cgdb on a Ubuntu 14.04 container running on host OS (ubuntu 14.04 OS). I have used -O0 -g flags while building the debug binaries within a container. Version of go used in the container: # go version go version go1.4.3 […]

Responses from kubernetes containers getting lost

I have installed kubernetes on openstack. The setup has one master and one node on coreos. I have a pod hosting an SIP application on UDP port 5060 and I have created service as NODEPORT on 5060. The spec: “spec”: { “ports”: [ { “port”: 5061, “protocol”: “UDP”, “targetPort”: 5060, “nodeport”: 5060, “name”: “sipu” } […]

Docker container not responding

I am setting up a container manually to create a proper Docker file. I am starting from bitnami/ruby:latest a container with the following syntax: sudo docker run -p 4567:4567 –name vcaexplorer bitnami/ruby bash The container gets instantiated correctly: CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 1ac394d247a4 bitnami/ruby “/entrypoint.sh bash” 37 minutes ago Up 37 […]

How to change resolv.conf for existing docker containers

I recently upgraded docker version on my Ubuntu to latest 1.9 version. During the upgrade docker network bridge gateway has changed from to I had some existing containers where the resolv.conf still points to so whenever I restart my container the resolv.conf is resetting to I tried to modify the /var/lib/docker/containers/<containerid>/resolv.conf […]

Apache2 in docker container gives 403 on statically served files

I’m having a weird issue and am looking for ideas. I’m running an apache2 debian image that serves some static files, and has a few redirect rules. Running a container works fine, but results in 403 (permission denied) errors on any request (curl as well as browser). When I then exec into the container and […]

Docker with WebHDFS

I have a Spark image running in a Docker container. I want to access the results saved by Spark in HDFS using WebHDFS from the host machine outside the container. For this I am using the OPEN API which has a redirect before serving the file contents. I am forwarding all ports using -P flag […]

Dockerized emacs not loading extensions

I’m experimenting with Dockerizing some GUI applications after being inspired by an excellent blog post on the topic. I’m working on getting spacemacs up and running, because spacemacs is awesome. But for some reason Docker doesn’t seem to be cloning the spacemacs repo as expected. My Dockerfile is: # Run spacemacs in a contianer # […]

TCP/UDP packets not reaching docker container

My host machine OS is OEL7 with kernel Linux ispaaaems1 3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Jul 9 18:59:11 PDT 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux And my docker info is Containers: 4 Images: 124 Storage Driver: devicemapper Pool Name: docker-253:0-88356-pool Pool Blocksize: 65.54 kB Backing Filesystem: xfs Data file: Metadata file: Data Space Used: 7.43 GB Data […]

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