Has anyone successfull run Apigee Edge as a Docker container?

We’re starting to go down the containerization route with Docker and have created Docker versions of some of our infrastructure and applications. Apigee is proving a little more of a struggle…we’re doing a standalone install inside our Dockerfile and that works great. Once the install has finished and the container is started you can hit […]

what do the docker default iptables mean afer docker maiden installed on Ubuntu 14.04?

After I maiden-install the docker on Ubuntu 14.04, the docker pre-install some iptables in the iptables, can someone help to explain about these docker-added rules?what is the usage for each of the rules? # iptables-save # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Tue Apr 5 12:52:32 2016 *nat :PREROUTING ACCEPT [1345:188285] :INPUT ACCEPT [1332:187243] :OUTPUT ACCEPT […]

Why are certain operations on mounted volume in a Docker container really slow?

I have a dev Docker container on OSX with boot2docker. I connect to the container and mount my project’s source directory in the docker container via… docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v /local_src:/container_src foo/bar /bin/bash When inside of the container_src certain operations are very slow. For example, git status takes about 8 seconds to complete. […]

How do I link a container in docker only if it exists when starting the container?

In a server, I currently have many HTTP-applications running which would share port 80, so I have one main nginx container that routes to the specific apps on a hostname basis (reverse proxy). However, when I docker start nginx, all those containers must be running, because I linked all of them when I run the […]

Odd behaviour of dnsmasq across docker containers

I have a CoreOS instance running a docker container which runs dnsmasq. Currently the dnsmasq configuration only set to log all queries and to run in debug mode, so it should just do the caching. When I try to use this from a different container with dig, nslookup, or simply running ping google.com i get […]

Docker container cannot resolve request to service in another container

I’m running gitlab-ce and gitlab-ci-multi-runner in separated docker containers, but on the same server. Gitlab CE works fine, I can access it via browser and clone projects using both http and ssh. However my runner cannot connect to Gitlab using domain/server ip. It can connect to it only via local docker network (for example using […]

Limit number of processes started inside docker container

I’m trying to minimize damage made by fork bombs inside of a docker container. I’m using pam_limits and /etc/security/limits.conf file is 1000:1128 hard nproc 40 1000:1128 soft nproc 40 This means that any user with id in range [1000..1128] can have up to 40 processes. This works fine if I run forkbomb in shell by […]

How to force application's stdout logs through uwsgi?

I have Django application running behind uwsgi inside Docker container. uwsgi is started via ENTRYPOINT and CMD parameters in Dockerfile. I succesfully connect it to separated Nginx container and check expected results in browser. So far, so good. Now I would like see application logs in Django container. But I am not able to find […]

Possible to set –insecure-registry property in Docker on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

I am trying to use a private third party registry for images. For testing purposes I would like to add the –insecure-registry property to the Docker daemon inside Elastic Beanstalk. Docker on AWS Elastic Beanstalk hides all of the Docker internals. Is there a way to easily add Docker Daemon properties for Docker on AWS […]

How to enable influx http authentication flag in docker container

Just installed the tutumcloud/influxdb docker image on aws ecs and was wondering how to enable the http authentication flag in the docker container in an persistant way? Adding an user lets the http authentication flag turned off.

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