Meaning and usage of <alias>_PORT_<port>_<proto>_* env vars in linked containers

I can link docker containers with the –link name:alias parameter, which will create several environment variables within the container, for example ALIAS_PORT_1234_TCP_ADDR, ALIAS_PORT_1234_TCP_PORT, ALIAS_PORT_1234_TCP_PROTO. The ALIAS_PORT_1234_TCP_ADDR var can be used to detect the IP of the linked container (even though is is advisable to use the etc/hosts entry instead, because it will be updated on […]

Docker swarm certificates

I tried to follow the Docker Operations tutorial, I worked around most of Docker Machine and Compose since I am on a Windows machine, but couldn’t successfully get to use Swarm. I got stuck because it kept asking for some certificates (ca.pem file) when I tried to join an instance to the cluster. I also […]

Port forwarding: docker -> vagrant -> host

I have a docker machine with ftp service running into a vagrant machine, the vagrant machine is running into a macos host. The docker machine ftp service is accessible from vagrant machine via ftp localhost, but how can I expose it to the mac host?. The Mac -> Vagrant network is NATS, so I made […]

Running multiple GUIs in Docker using X11 forwarding

I have a setup in Docker which is used to run GUI application in Docker in Ubuntu 14.04.03. The GUI application is launched using a script file with necessary parameters. The setup works fine if the application has only one window and I can easily view the results by doing a X11-forwarding. This is the […]

AWS Docker Golang. 'eb deploy' error

I am trying to deploy golang docker to AWS. I use predefined FROM golang:1.4.2-onbuild eb local run – works beautifully, no problem. If I zip and upload the zip file, it works on AWS no problem. …but when I try ‘eb deploy’ I keep getting this error. Any suggestion, please. Thank you. bash-3.2$ eb deploy […]

Docker db container running. Another process with pid <id> is using unix socket file

I’m trying to run a docker mysql container with initialized db according instruction provided in this message After first run it works ok, but on second run, after trying of executing /usr/sbin/mysqld from script, I get this error: db_1 | 2016-03-19T14:50:14.819377Z 0 [ERROR] Another process with pid 10 is using unix socket file. db_1 […]

Docker push re-sends layers to private repository

I have a base image from which I want to create new images for deploying. The images are built locally and deployed to an internally hosted repository on another server using basic auth. When making changes to the base/deployable images, I have observed that some layers are re-sent even though the repository has already seen […]

How to find (closest) tag based on image_id

I have image_id fc251f2434a12eaf8370dee1bc56ab1857978cb769d64e29fea373db699823c6 and image name registry and I want to find closest tag for that. I’ve tried querying curl but there is no tag starting with this hash. Then I’ve tried curl $(…){“checksum”: “”, “id”: “fc251f2434a12eaf8370dee1bc56ab1857978cb769d64e29fea373db699823c6”}, {“checksum”:(..) which found the image I’m looking for. Based on this information may I find […]

CircleCI: Best way to verify if docker containers are responding via HTTP

here is an example of part of my circle.yml how I am currently verifying if my mongodb docker container is responding to an http request, so that I can verify if the response is ok and that the server is up. test: override: # RUN DOCKER CONTAINERS # MongoDB ————- – docker run –name MongoDB […]

nginx in docker how to disable http redirects to https

I am trying to deploy meteor app in digitalocean with docker container. I have done setup application in two web dockers and one nginx docker. I forked this image repo to build docker. you can see nginx config under lib directory. here nginx is configured with SSL and requested to web docker. I faced some […]

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