Is it ok to run docker from inside docker?

I’m running Jenkins inside a Docker container. I wonder if it’s ok for the Jenkins container to also be a Docker host? What I’m thinking about is to start a new docker container for each integration test build from inside Jenkins (to start databases, message brokers etc). The containers should thus be shutdown after the […]

How to edit code in a Docker container in development?

I have all my websites’ code under /srv in my containers. My Dockerfile downloads the code using git and makes it part of the image for easier deployment to production. But then how do I edit the code in development? I thought using volumes was the solution, eg: -v /docker/mycontainer/srv:/srv. But it overwrites the directory […]

Docker daemon config file on boot2docker / docker-machine / Docker Toolbox

Where can I find docker daemon config file on boot2docker machine? According to this topic: Dockerfile: Docker build can't download packages: centos->yum, debian/ubuntu->apt-get behind intranet I want to set ‘–dns’ in DOCKER_OPTS, but I can’t find this config file either at /etc/default or anywhere else.

When, where and how does Visual Studio 2017 set the DOCKER_BUILD_SOURCE environment variable

When creating a new .NET core application with docker support in Visual Studio 2017 it creates a number of docker-compose.yml files. The docker-compose.vs.debug.yml and the release variant both contain contain a reference to an environment variable named DOCKER_BUILD_SOURCE: version: ‘2’ services: app: image: app:dev build: args: source: ${DOCKER_BUILD_SOURCE} environment: – DOTNET_USE_POLLING_FILE_WATCHER=1 volumes: – ./app:/app – […]

Should I use forever/pm2 within a (Docker) container?

I am refactoring a couple of node.js services. All of them used to start with forever on virtual servers, if the process crashed they just relaunch. Now, moving to containerised and state-less application structures, I think the process should exit and the container should be restarted on a failure. Is that correct? Are there benefits […]

Running and Deploying Rails to Docker Container

I am a total noob to linux containers and been spending some time learning about Docker, and forgive my confusion thought this question. Currently, I have a Rails app in production deployed via capistrano. My cloud servers are maintained with Opscode Chef on the Debian Wheezy distribution. For development, I have a Vagrant VM preinstalled […]

What is the difference between the `COPY` and `ADD` commands in a Dockerfile?

What is the difference between the COPY and ADD commands in a Dockerfile, and when would I use one over the other? COPY <src> <dest> The COPY instruction will copy new files from <src> and add them to the container’s filesystem at path <dest> ADD <src> <dest> The ADD instruction will copy new files from […]

Docker error: client and server don't have same version

Since I just updated Docker to 1.1.0 I get: Error response from daemon: client and server don’t have same version (client : 1.13, server: 1.12) Do you know how to fix this? I switched back to 1.0.1 and everything works again.

Connection refused on nginx docker container

I’ve installed Docker Toolbox in OSX and I’m following Docker’s simple tutorial on deploying Nginx. I’ve executed docker run and confirmed that my container has been created: docker run –name mynginx1 -P -d nginx docker ps 40001fc50719 nginx “nginx -g ‘daemon off” 23 minutes ago Up 23 minutes>80/tcp,>443/tcp mynginx1 however when I curl […]

How can I debug my docker container with phpStorm

Under the following IP my Container run successful in my Webbrowser I have also create a volume to share files between my container and my filesystem docker run –name lampf -d -p 32775:80 -v /Users/sja/Sites/lamkepf2:/var/www/html –link=lampf_db:db codinglimo/apache_php540_gs_imgmck_pdflib9 Now I install also xDebug successful in my container with the following xdebug.ini zend_extension=”/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525/” xdebug.remote_enable=on xdebug.remote_host= xdebug.remote_port=9000 […]

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