how to properly build spring boot docker image using Dockerfile?

I have the following spring boot project structure: pwd /Users/eugene/Documents/Dev/Java/workspace/Springboot-Receiver-API tree . ├── Dockerfile ├── pom.xml ├── src │   └── main │   ├── java │   │   └── com │   │   └── myconpany │   │   └── myproject │   │   └── data │   │   ├── │   │   ├── │   │   ├── │   │   ├── […]

Docker swarm NFS volumes,

I am playing with docker‘s 1.12 swarm with Orchestration! But there is one issue I am not able to find an answer to: In this case if you’re running a service like nginx or redis you don’t worry about the data persistence, But if you’re running a service like a database we need data persistance […]

How to configure Jenkins in Docker?

I’m new to Jenkins and Docker both. I am currently working on project where I allow users to submit jobs to jenkins. And I was wondering if there is a way to use docker to dynamically spun-up Jenkins server and redirect all the user jobs coming from my application to this server and then destroy […]

Docker – Is it possible to recreate volume container without recreating the containers that use it

I have created a volume container then created a container that used it, ex: volume container: argus-data app container: argus-app (used –volumes-from argus-data) Then I realized I made a typo on the mounted volumes inside the argus-data container. Can I just recreate argus-data without recreating all of its dependent containers? Thanks

Kafka with Docker dynamic advertised_host_name

I’ve been using wurstmeister/Kafka for a few weeks now in Dev and QA, but in each case I need to hard-code KAFKA_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME to the IP of the box that it’s on, using docker-compose. This hasn’t been a problem during testing, but now that I’m trying to scale this out to production, it’s becoming a little […]

Reusing a previoulsy used docker container

If I am in a docker container, then it can be stopped by using Ctrl+P+Q or by using exit command but after exiting from this container, how to save its state so that I can use same container with all the changes still there. Also if I use docker commit to save the container, then […]

Docker Daemon is not working

I have been trying to run “hello-world” on docker in ubuntu and it wont work at all. Eddie@MACH1:~$ docker run hello-world docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?. See ‘docker run –help’. Eddie@MACH1:~$ sudo service docker status sudo: unable to resolve host MACH1 initctl: Unable to connect to […]

Docker push on OS/X very slow – and seems to push layers that have already been pushed

My docker pushes have been show, and then timing out with TLS errors – I’ve restarted docker before each push, which seems to have improved things. What is puzzling me is that it seems to be re-doing work it has already done. Here are two screenshots. In the first, you can see that the layer […]

Redirect python print output to graylog2

What I’m trying to achieve is to redirect python print from one docker container to the other (without any modification inside python code), with graylog2 (I’m currently using older version, all in one). So my first docker instance contains graylog server. I created second instance with Dockerfile, using Ubuntu and included simple script that prints […]

docker-compose does not see volumes changes in docker-compose.yml

I’m working with docker-compose. My docker-compose.yml looks like redis: image: redis expose: – “6379” volumes: – ./redis:/data nerdzcrush: image: nerdzeu/docker-nerdzcrush ports: – “8181:81” links: – redis volumes: – ./mediacrush:/home/mediacrush When I run docker-compose up everything works fine. After that, I needed to change the mount path. I stopped the containers with docker-compose stop, I changed […]

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