Permission Denied with Docker-Compose on Windows

I am currently learning Docker, with the book “Using Docker”. In chapter 5, the author switches from using docker run to using docker compose, which yields a permission denied error in my test application. Is there something I can do to have it work? I use: Windows 10 Home Edition, with the Docker Toolbox Docker […]

/var/run/docker.sock unaccessible in container running on centos 7

I’m launching a container which runs a bash script that does a docker build internally using docker 1.3.2 on Centos 7.0.1406 . The files/commands are at . The docker build needs access to the docker socket so i use a common trick, as per : -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock Prior to the build i run […]

.dockerignore mentioned files are not ignored

I’m having in Dockerfile: ENV DATARATOR_HOME /usr/local/share/datarator RUN mkdir -p $DATARATOR_HOME COPY . $DATARATOR_HOME and .dockerignore file: /Gemfile.lock /coverage /spec *.bundle *.so *.o *.a mkmf.log *.swp /.* /tmp /log However, once showing files in the built container, I can see also those that are supposed to be ignored: /usr/local/share/datarator # ls -lha total 128 drwxr-xr-x […]

docker ps shows empty list

I built a docker image from a docker file. Build said it succeeded. But when I try to show docker containers through docker ps (also tried docker ps -a), it shows an empty list. What is weird is that I’m still able to somehow push my docker image to dockerhub by calling docker push “container […]

how to increase docker build's volume size

One of my steps in Dockerfile requires more than 10G space on disk. It really does. However, all the intermediate containers in docker build are created with 10G volumes. What I did: started dockerd with –storage-opt dm.basesize=25G (docker info says: Base Device Size: 26.84 GB) disabled cache while building re-pulled the base images stopped docker, […]

Is there a Docker Swarm dashboard like Kubernetes' dashboard/ui? [closed]

I’m looking for a simple overview dashboard for a Docker Swarm similar what Kubernetes seems to come with out of the box (Github link): I’m aware of manomarks/visualizer but it only shows basic container occupation whereas the Kubernetes one comes with some stats as well. I’ve also set up Prometheus/cAdvisor/Grafana monitoring before but it involves […]

Automatically create UDP input for Graylog2 server running in Docker?

We’re running a Graylog2 server in a Docker container in our development environment. It works like a charm apart from the fact that we have to re-create the UDP input every time we launch the container. Has anyone figured out a convenient way to automatically create Graylog2 inputs?

Share directory or volume with container from host

I have a directory(maybe later volume), that I would like to share with all my interactive containers. I know, that native Docker volumes are stored under /var/lib/docker/volumes and docker run -v seems the easiest way, but I think Data Volume Container is a much more standardized way. I don’t know, how to create this volume […]

Mount current directory as volume in Docker on Windows 10

Description I am using docker version 1.12.5 on Windows 10 via Hyper-V and want to use container executables as commands in the current path. I built a docker image that is running fine but have a problem to mount the current path. The idea is to create an alias do a docker run –rm […] […]

Disable logging for one container in Docker-Compose

I have a web application launched using Docker compose that I want to disable all logging for (or at the very least print it out to syslog instead of a file). When my web application works it can quickly generate an 11GB log file on startup so this eats up my disk space very fast. […]

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