Can I reference the service name docker-compose.yml

In docker-compose.yaml, is there a way to reference the service name (web, database), so that in the code below, the volumes would be created as /store/web for web and /store/database for database ? — version: ‘2’ services: web: volumes: – /store/${reference_service_name_above} database: volumes: – /store/${reference_service_name_above}

Java library for Docker repository?

Is there a Java library for Docker repository? I couldn’t find any. I know there are few docker api libraries, but I am looking one for the repository. My use case includes pushing to local repo and removing from it. I am talking about this:

How to use Docker Swarm On Mesos?

I am looking for a accessible guide which explains how to use docker-swarm on Mesos (as explained in some detail in the Docker Swarm on Mesos video). Do I need to install a DCOS of Mesosphere? Or do I just need Mesos Master, some slaves with Mesos and Docker and then execute the steps described […]

Missing files after docker commit

I am trying to build a docker image of my application, but when i start the container after building it, some files are missing. Here are the steps i am taking to reproduce the issue: Start a new docker: $ docker run -ti fedora /bin/sh Download and extract my application bundle: $ curl -o /tmp/kornell-api-opt.tar.gz […]

Mesos+ZooKeeper don't work fine

I have been setting up a Mesos cluster of 3 nodes(A,B,C), with Mesos Master/Slave and ZooKeeper processes running in each Docker container. Since cluster setup including docker run is executed using Ansible, there should be no difference between 3 nodes except node-specific configurations(hostname, zookeeper_myid, etc). Problems are… Zookeeper Warning on node A Zookeeper shows following […]

regenerating certificates hangs on windows 7

I’m a total docker newbie and tried to get it working on my windows 7 64-bit machine. The installation went okay, but the “Docker Quickstart Terminal” will not start up as expected. It seems to hang when trying to create the SSH key: (default) Downloading (default) 0%….10%….20%….30%….40%….50%….60%….70%….80%….90%….100% (default) Creating VirtualBox VM… (default) Creating SSH […]

How to access environment variables in grunt application *after* it has been built

Application I have an angularjs application that is built by grunt which uses grunt to inject environment variables (like API endpoints) into the angularjs code. However this problem is more specific to grunt applications being deployed in docker containers. Motivation I’ve just recently started trying to integrate docker into the deployment process (something similar to […]

Docker. No such file or directory

I have some files which I want to move them to a docker container. But at the end docker can’t find a file.. The folder with the files on local machine are at /home/katalonne/flask4 File Structure if it matters: The Dockerfile: # # First Flask App Dockerfile # # # Pull base image. FROM centos:7.0.1406 […]

Unable to push a docker image to the docker hub

This is the image I’m trying to push to the docker hub REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE smiduthu/has_test latest 2e0d0ba5412a 27 minutes ago 765.4 MB I’m doing docker push smiduthu/has_test. The following error is occured while I try to push the image The push refers to a repository [smiduthu/has_test] (len: 1) 2e0d0ba5412a: Image […]

call a docker container from another container

I have deployed two docker containers which hosts two REST services deployed in Jetty. Container 1 hosts service 1 and it Listens to 7070 Container 2 hosts service 2 and it Listens to 9090 Endpoints:- service1: /ping /service1/{param} service2: /ping /service2/callService1 curl -X GET http://localhost:7070/ping [Works] curl -X GET http://localhost:7070/service1/hello [Works] curl -X GET http://localhost:9090/ping […]

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