Docker Daemon is not working

I have been trying to run “hello-world” on docker in ubuntu and it wont work at all. Eddie@MACH1:~$ docker run hello-world docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?. See ‘docker run –help’. Eddie@MACH1:~$ sudo service docker status sudo: unable to resolve host MACH1 initctl: Unable to connect to […]

Docker push on OS/X very slow – and seems to push layers that have already been pushed

My docker pushes have been show, and then timing out with TLS errors – I’ve restarted docker before each push, which seems to have improved things. What is puzzling me is that it seems to be re-doing work it has already done. Here are two screenshots. In the first, you can see that the layer […]

Redirect python print output to graylog2

What I’m trying to achieve is to redirect python print from one docker container to the other (without any modification inside python code), with graylog2 (I’m currently using older version, all in one). So my first docker instance contains graylog server. I created second instance with Dockerfile, using Ubuntu and included simple script that prints […]

docker-compose does not see volumes changes in docker-compose.yml

I’m working with docker-compose. My docker-compose.yml looks like redis: image: redis expose: – “6379” volumes: – ./redis:/data nerdzcrush: image: nerdzeu/docker-nerdzcrush ports: – “8181:81” links: – redis volumes: – ./mediacrush:/home/mediacrush When I run docker-compose up everything works fine. After that, I needed to change the mount path. I stopped the containers with docker-compose stop, I changed […]

Docker cannot start MongoDb with attached volume through data-only container

I’m trying to run a docker-compose on my Windows machine spinning up a MongoDB instance and a data-only container which proxies an attached volume containing the database files. mongodata: image: mongo:2.6.8 volumes: – ./data/db:/data/db command: –break-mongo mongo: image: mongo:2.6.8 volumes_from: – mongodata ports: – “27017:27017” command: –smallfiles –rest *p.s. the –break-mongo command is there on […]

SQL Server on Linux > Bulk Import error

did you ever get this error when trying to bulk insert a .tsv file into sql-server-linux docker image: Referenced external data source “(null)” not found. Here’s the command, table exists, file exists on server: BULK INSERT countries FROM ‘/import/file.tsv’ WITH ( FIELDTERMINATOR = ‘\t’ ); Thank you Thomas

Deploy Java EE application to payara41 docker container using maven

I am trying to deploy a simple maven-based java web application into a payara 41 application server running on a docker container. To do so I am using the Glassfish Maven Plugin with the following configuration: <plugin> <groupId>org.glassfish.maven.plugin</groupId> <artifactId>maven-glassfish-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.1</version> <executions> <execution> <goals> <goal>deploy</goal> </goals> <id>deploy</id> </execution> </executions> <configuration> <glassfishDirectory>/path/to/local/payara41/glassfish</glassfishDirectory> <user>admin</user> <adminPassword>MyPassword</adminPassword> <debug>true</debug> <echo>true</echo> <domain> […]

Execution commands between two dockers containers

I wonder if it’s possible to exec commands between two containers (docker exec -it )? I have a container running Jenkins and another one with my web application, after the build I want that the Jenkins Container send commands directly to the project container. I would like to avoid to use ssh. Is it possible?

How run Symfony commands in background Docker

I need to run rabbitMQ consumers in Background How run him in Docker Container?

jenkins/docker with environment variables

I’m trying to use a docker machine in Jenkins, and have that machine have an environment variable (FOO) set. I’ve successfully setup an image using a docker template in my jenkins configuration. Meaning, that’s probably not my problem spot. The problem is that I cannot seem to get the environment variable to be available. If […]

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