Docker: use private layers without running instance of registry

I’d like to build my own layer on top of a public Docker image. Fine, I know how to do that. However, my layer will contain proprietary code that I can’t share in a public docker image. I do, however want to be able to share it among servers inside my organization. Is my only […]

NFS in Docker: exportfs: <path> does not support NFS export

I’m working on a docker NFS container, but running into trouble mounting the exported directories (even on localhost). The problem exportfs: <path> does not support NFS export The setup My container uses an entrypoint script to write directories (provided via command-line arguments) into /etc/exports, invokes rpcbind and service nfs-kernel-server start, and defers to inotifywait to […]

Julia cluster using docker

I am trying to connect to docker containers using the default SSHManager. These containers only have a running sshd, with public key authentication, and julia installed. Here is my dockerfile: FROM rastasheep/ubuntu-sshd RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y julia RUN mkdir -p /root/.ssh ADD /root/.ssh/authorized_keys I am running the container using: sudo docker […]

Symfony logs to stdout inside Docker container

I’m building a docker image for a Symfony application. In this image, I want to stream the Symfony logs to stdout. So, similar to how nginx logs are configured, I added this line to my Dockerfile: ln -sf /dev/stdout /var/www/project/app/logs/prod.log Inside the container, I can see this: $ ls /var/www/project/app/logs/ -l total 12 -rw-r–r– 1 […]

How to start docker-machine on OSX?

I’ve installed and use docker for the first time yesterday, Everything was working properly, but yesterday night I’ve shutdown my computer. Today I start it and I wanted to work on my docker app, But when I try to run it like docker run -d -p 8080:8080 container/app I got the error : docker: Cannot […]

how can docker containers have a different flavor than the host

My understanding of linux containers is that each container uses the same host kernel, and any installations on the container are just an isolated filesystem layer over the host. I was going through coreos getting started guide. In that it shows how an ubuntu container can be started on a host containing coreos. How is […]

How to cleanup docker?

We are using docker for continuous builds. I have removed the unwanted images and containers. Just have 4 images of 5GB max. But looks like something else is eating up all the disk space. Any tips how to cleanup and improve space? Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 48G 0 48G 0% /dev […]

Docker – Build Arg in Source File

I’m trying to build a Docker container whose source tag I want to pass as a parameter. Build script: docker build \ –pull=true \ … –build-arg version=${version} The Dockerfile: ARG version FROM registry/repo:${version} Running this gives me the error Please provide a source image withfromprior to commit. Is there any way I can pass the […]

How to use Application Load Balancer for an ECS Service with multiple port mappings?

I want to be able to use an ALB (ELBv2) to route traffic to multiple port mappings that are exposed by a task of a given service. Example — Service A is composed of 1 Task running with Task Definition B. Task Definition B has one ‘Container’ which internally runs two daemons on two different […]

Cron and Crontab files not executed in Docker

I have this simple Dockerfile for testing, but this is also same in my LEMP stack in a PHP image: cron jobs simply not being executed in Docker. This is my testing Dockerfile: FROM debian:latest MAINTAINER XY <> LABEL Description=”Cron” Vendor=”Istvan Lantos” Version=”1.0″ RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade \ && apt-get -y […]

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