Forwarding of Docker Container running GUI on a non-GUI host

I have a small cluster with docker nodes, I access it via a gateway server that I ssh into. What I would like to do, is to run e.g. Eclipse with a GUI on the cluster and access that GUI on my computer. What I have found so far is this: However, the problem […]

How to define multiple tasks in elastic beanstalk docker json

I am working on application where I use multicontainer docker Elastic Beanstalk. I have one where I define 10 containers. The problem is that I need more than 10 containers on my instance, but AWS allow only 10 container task definition in one In addition, I need to use Elastic Beanstalk because that’s […]

Build inside docker container in jenkins

I am using the docker-custom-build-environment-plugin ( to build a maven job inside a docker container. I have done the following setup as shown in this image: This is the result in the console log: $ docker inspect maven:3.3.3-jdk-8 [{ “Architecture”: “amd64”, “Author”: “”, “Comment”: “”, “Config”: { “AttachStderr”: false, “AttachStdin”: false, “AttachStdout”: false, “Cmd”: [ […]

What is the available information about the files and folder inside the docker container?

Using docker remote API HEAD /containers/(id)/archive?path=/root, we can get the following information: { “name”: “root”, “size”: 4096, “mode”: 2147484096, “mtime”: “2014-02-27T20:51:23Z”, “linkTarget”: “” } But the docker documentation does not provide any information about the various fields in the response. I particular, I would like to know the what “mode” and “linkTarget” fields specifies. Any […]

Why is APCu segfaulting inside a Docker container?

I’m trying to run PHP 5.5 (with FPM) with APCu inside a Docker container. I’m using boot2docker on OSX. When I try to run php-fpm -i, it segfaults. Running in gdb, I get the following backtrace: (gdb) run -i Starting program: /usr/local/sbin/php-fpm -i [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled] Using host libthread_db library “/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/”. Program received […]

access mysql with kubernetes : access denied for user root

i have two pod mysql .jar file(microservice server for java) this is mysql .yaml file apiVersion: v1 kind: Pod metadata: name: mysql labels: name: mysql spec: containers: – resources: limits : cpu: 0.5 image: mysql name: mysql env: – name: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD # change this value: pass ports: – containerPort: 3306 name: mysql volumeMounts: – name: […]

Is it possible to run a VPN client inside a docker container?

Is it possible to run a VPN client inside a docker container? And if it is, then will it be possible to communicate between the host and the container? An example of the architecture – Host <-> Container <-> VPN & Thanks in advance!

Trying docker in docker getting TCP connection refused error

I am trying to run docker in docker and getting TCP connection refused. Can someone explain why this happened and how I can fix it. Here is what I have tired: docker run -it –privileged –name docker-server-test -d docker:1.7-dind docker run –rm –link docker-server:docker docker:1.7 pull my-server:5000/qe/busybox Unable to find image ‘docker:1.7’ locally Trying […]

how to create compatible certificates for docker (Azure Linux vm) from OSX

I’m trying to follow along with the tutorial ( ) on how to set up docker in the azure portal. As I get to the certificate section and follow a link on running docker in https ( I see the following warning: Warning: These TLS commands will only generate a working set of certificates […]

Set Docker Volume Driver opts via remote api

Is there a way of setting Docker volume driver opts via the ‘POST /containers/create’ remote api? I’d like to do something like this: docker run -it -v $(docker volume create -d azurefile -o share=myshare):/data busybox I can create a volume and specify a driver using the json below, but I’m not sure if there’s a […]

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