docker build with a template Dockerfile

I am using travis to build artefacts (jars and zips) and store them on bintray. I want to build docker images that install these artefacts for example for the ‘app’ artefact at version 0.1.0, hash abc123: FROM some-registry/oracle-jre7 RUN wget -O /opt/app.jar EXPOSE 9000 CMD [“java”, “-jar”, “/opt/app.jar”] Every time I want to create […]

Error using Poseidon: Poseidon::Errors::UnableToFetchMetadata

I am attempting to use the Poseidon gem with a Kafka container. However, I keep receiving the following error: Poseidon::Errors::UnableToFetchMetadata Any idea how I could troubleshoot this error?

mounting docker-machine VM folders in container with docker-compose

I have a docker-container.yml with mycontainer: image: someimage volumes: – ./backup:/backup On a real linux docker installation that will make the host docker machine‘s ./backup appear at /backup in the container with docker-compose and docker-machine though there’s 3 machines the host the VM running linux with docker the container The problem I’m running into is […]

VisualGC to a remote JVM running in docker

I understand from Oracle’s documentation of VisualGC (and everything I found from SO on the subject, this question for instance) that a jstatd server is required when using VisualGC to connect to a remote JVM. My JVM is running in a docker container, and the only process running in that container is the JVM, I […]

How to setup PyCharm for Docker inside Vagrant?

I’ve a project that’s running Docker in Vagrant. The python interpreter is inside the Docker containter. How do I set up PyCharm so that it can use this interpreter. The Dockerfile is: FROM python:3.5.1-onbuild The docker-compose.yaml is the following: web: restart: always build: . ports: – “80:80” expose: – “80” links: – postgres:postgres volumes: – […]

What might cause a docker container to execute an su command differently on two hosts?

We have an example of a docker container that will happily execute su hdfs when run on boot2docker on Mac OSX, but will refuse to do so when run on CentOS.Can anyone explain how this might happen?

Docker webpack dev server

While running webpack dev server in the docker container I get the following error message Error: listen EADDRNOTAVAIL is the IP address of the docker host that runs within Oracle Virtual Box on my Windows system. Below is the host section in my webpack.config.js file devServer: { contentBase: ‘./dist’, host:”″ } If I […]

docker-compose caches run results

I’m having an issue with docker-compose where I’m passing a file into the container when it’s run. The issue is that it doesn’t seem to recognize when the file has been changed and serves the saved result back indefinitely until I change the name of the file. An example (modified names for brevity): jono@macbook:~/myProj% docker-compose […]

trouble getting docker image up and runnig

I downloaded a hopsoft/graphite-statsd docker image yesterday. when I go to the docker terminal now and enter docker images, I get: bash-3.2$ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE hello-world latest af340544ed62 2 weeks ago 960 B <none> <none> 89bd20e2deb3 3 weeks ago 785.7 MB bash-3.2$ I am guessing that the hopsoft/graphite-statsd is […]

How to set up a simple docker-contained reverse-proxying (nginx) server?

Technically i shouldn’t be asking this question as i was already able to successfully accomplish it, however i did not record any of my notes/findings on it and i was forced to delete the centos VM it was on as it would not boot properly. So now its FUBAR and need to remember what i […]

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