can't access apache on docker from my localhost

I’ve been following this tutorial for beginners about docker which basically instructs you to create an apache container and map a localhost port to the one on the container. when I try localhost:80 it doesn’t connect, although the container is up and running. I even made a rule in the firewall to allow connection to […]

docker-piwik – unable to access document

What is my problem? I want to use Docker to deploy the web analytics tool Piwik on my CentOs 7 Server. To achieve this I have followed this page, which states that in order to run the piwik container, a mysql container must be running. So I ran the mysql-docker-container first in this fashion: docker […]

Number of nodes appears 0 in a swarm cluster

Hello I created the swarm cluster in the following way On my workstation: $docker pull swarm $docker run –rm swarm create On another docker host docker run -d swarm join –addr=nodeIP:2375token://cluster_id_from_step_2 Back on workstation docker run -d -p 8333:2375 swarm manage token://cluster_id If I list the nodes running on that cluster by running the following […]

Access JMX inside docker container with mapped ports

I am trying to access an application running inside a docker container with JMX. This is similar to this question and that solution works when the ports inside the docker image are mapped to the same ports outside the image. However, I sometimes want to map the port to a different port. I am setting […]

Can we deploy an mvc 4 app to docker with windows container?

All the demo I saw lately are oriented core (I am not sure how it’s stable and functional, as it didn’t contain all features), as Windows server 2016 support containers (and docker), should we be able to deploy an mvc 4.0 app ?

Running atop in a docker stack

atop is a tool I install on all my servers to go and check out what was happening on a machine when debugging site events. Is there a nice “docker” way to run atop in your fleet, or should I just get atop running in the os below docker? Related to this is all the […]

Docker swarm manager cannot recognize swarm nodes

I follow these steps to create Docker swarm cluster. create Cunsol $ docker-machine create -d virtualbox mh-keystore $ eval “$(docker-machine env mh-keystore)” $ docker run -d \ -p “8500:8500” \ -h “consul” \ progrium/consul -server -bootstrap create swarm manager $ docker-machine create -d virtualbox node1 $ docker run -d -p 4000:4000 swarm manage -H :4000 […]

Docker Volumes when updating the image

I’m newbie with Docker and I’m trying to better understand the Volumes topic. Here I see that: Volumes are initialized when a container is created. If the container’s base image contains data at the specified mount point, that existing data is copied into the new volume upon volume initialization. (Note that this does not apply […]

nginx & nodejs: connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream

Before I get into it, I have looked through every similar issue I could find and nothing I found solved my problem. I am running 2 docker containers, 1 for nginx and 1 for a nodejs api. I am using nginx as a reverse proxy. When I request localhost/api/x, I receive a 502 bad gateway, […]

how do i backup a database in docker

i’m running my app using docker-compose with the below yml file postgres: container_name: postgres image: postgres:${POSTGRES_VERSION} volumes: – postgresdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data expose: – “5432” environment: – POSTGRES_DB=42EXP – POSTGRES_USER=${POSTGRES_USER} – POSTGRES_PASSWORD=${POSTGRES_PASSWORD} node: container_name: node links: – postgres:postgres depends_on: – postgres volumes: postgresdata: As you can see here ,i’m using a named volume to manage postgres state. According […]

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