Manage Kubernetes cluster from UI

Is there any known approach with which we can manage the Kubernetes cluster from a dashboard kind of UI? Kubernetes by default comes up with a UI which is good enough to view the details of running pods, services etc. But what is the approach if we need to modify some properties of Kubernetes cluster […]

Dockerfile can't find my private ssh key

I’m trying to build a dockerfile so that it clones a private repo. I’ve believe I’ve added the right code to do this, but it keeps throwing this error: build: id_rsa: no such file or directory I’ve made sure the path is right and that the key is in there, and tried numerous other solutions […]

Private docker registry authentication in aws ecs optimized AMI is not successful

I am writing a terraform script for creating a ECS auto scaling cluster. I have created a cluster and added ec2 container instances in to it.My task definition file contains a image that is from a Private docker repository.I go through the aws official documentation and find a page for Private Registry Authentication and tried […]

docker-compose build error when using parent dir & dockerfile for build

I have the following structure: . .. docker/cli/Dockerfile tests/docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml In my tests/docker-compose.yml I have the following service defined: services: test: build: context: ../ dockerfile: ../docker/cli/Dockerfile … When do a docker-compose build I get: Building test ERROR: Forbidden path outside the build context: ../docker/cli ()

Browser services' container in Docker Swarm mode

I’ve created 3 vm using docker-machine: docker-machine create -d virtualbox manager1 docker-machine create -d virtualbox worker1 docker-machine create -d virtualbox worker2 these are theirs ip: docker-machine ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL SWARM DOCKER ERRORS manager – virtualbox Running tcp:// v1.12.6 worker1 – virtualbox Running tcp:// v1.13.0-rc5 worker2 – virtualbox Running tcp:// v1.13.0-rc5 Then docker-machine […]

How to bind the VM docker-machine creates to OSX IP address?

I’m developing locally with Docker on OSX using the latest Docker toolkit. I have a node server running in a docker container, bound to port 9999 of the VM. I can hit this server from a browser on my mac, and I would like to hit from another device on the same network. Is there […]

Docker-in-Docker with Gitlab Shared runner for building and pushing docker images to registry

Been trying to set-up Gitlab CI which can build a docker image, and came across that DinD was enabled initially only for separate runners and Blog Post suggest it would be enabled soon for shared runners, Running DinD requires enabling privileged mode in runners, which is set as a flag while registering runner, but couldn’t […]

Read-only file system error when loading docker image

I have a RedHat 7 instance running Docker 1.6, and am experiencing a problem when loading a custom docker image. The image was created on a Ubuntu 14.04 environment with Docker 1.5. The image has successfully loaded on the RedHat 7 instance in the past, but after having reinstalled docker (along with removing the containers […]

How can I detect if docker for mac is installed?

I have some makefiles where most of the stuff should run without configuration. These makefiles have used docker-machine in the past. Is there away to detect in bash if the user is using docker for mac instead of docker-machine ?

can't access apache on docker from my localhost

I’ve been following this tutorial for beginners about docker which basically instructs you to create an apache container and map a localhost port to the one on the container. when I try localhost:80 it doesn’t connect, although the container is up and running. I even made a rule in the firewall to allow connection to […]

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