Installing cabot via vagrant or docker

Trying to install cabot, but am having no luck. Any help would be grateful Via vagrant( I get the following I have also tried to install via docker ( and had no luck Anyone have this up and running?

Boot2Docker TLS issue with buildDocker

I am exploring docker to deploy my dockerized java sample project on windows7 using boot2Docker. When I am building the dockerized java app using command ./gradlew build buildDocker. I am getting an issue as follows: Execution failed for task ‘:buildDocker’. > peer not authenticated My build.gradle file had docker settings as follows: docker { […]

How to get into container using GUI tool (like Kitematic) in Docker?

I have a container that is running the Mozilla Firefox and Chrome service in the foreground. I would like to be able to access the container from UI shell in order to “poke around” inside it and examine the files. At the moment, if I attach to the container. I know that using docker exec […]

Can't connect pgbouncer and postgres running with docker

So here is the command to start database sudo docker run –name mydb -e “POSTGRES_USER=user” -e “POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password” -t -d postgres Here is dockerfile for pgbouncer from ubuntu RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install pgbouncer COPY /pgbouncer.ini /etc/pgbouncer/ COPY /userlist.txt /etc/pgbouncer/ EXPOSE 6543 And here is the settings for pgbouncer [databases] host = mydb [pgbouncer] […]

Configuring Hipache with etcd

I recently found out that Hipache can now work with etcd. I have the following Hipache config: { “server”: { “accessLog”: “/tmp/access.log”, “port”: 80, “workers”: 10, “maxSockets”: 100, “deadBackendTTL”: 30, “tcpTimeout”: 30, “retryOnError”: 3, “deadBackendOn500”: true, “httpKeepAlive”: false }, “driver”: [“etcd://”] } My question is regarding the “driver”: [“etcd://”] bit. Is there anyway that I […]

Monitor and scale Docker-based Celery workers cluster on AWS

so I have a docker image that runs a celery worker via supervisor and works just fine on single-docker Elastic Beanstalk (pretty long tasks, so acks late = true, concurrency = 1 and prefetch multiplier = 1). The trouble is I would like to scale instances depending on the effective task load of the workers, […]

'Too many levels of symbolic links' in /usr/local/bin after performing docker pull

I’ve run into a problem that’s quite strange. I’m using Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 and I installed docker on it. After installing it, I pulled an image using the docker pull command. Here’s what I did: docker pull sequenceiq/hadoop-docker:2.7.0 The pull succeeded and exited with the message: Status: Downloaded newer image for sequenceiq/hadoop-docker:2.7.0 But right […]

getting a ptty for docker start

Docker’s run and exec command both allow the -t flag to get a psuedo-terminal. This works nicely for something like: docker run -it –name deb debian bash. Once the user exits the interactive bash shell in this container, the container stops. While the exec command could similarly take the same flag and would work well […]

Working with RabbitMQ inside a Docker container

I’m using the official Docker RabbitMQ image. I was following the instructions, runnig the command docker run -d -e RABBITMQ_NODENAME=my-rabbit –name some-rabbit -p 8080:15672 rabbitmq:3-management I added -p 5672:5672 to the command, even though I’m not completely sure it’s needed. I’m using Python with Pika. The command is pika.BlockingConnection(pika.ConnectionParameters(host=queueServer, credentials=credentials)) When I run my code […]

Docker-compose config front-end with back-end's IP from host's perspective

I would like to create a simple docker-compose setup. I have a static front-end implemented in JS served by nginx – this is one container. I also have an API back-end web server – another container. I can run both containers individually with typical port forwarding, and access either from my host machine (Mac OS […]

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