Communication between linked docker containers

I have two docker containers in the following setup on a host machine: Container 1 – UDP Port 5043 is mapped to host port 5043 ( Container 2 – Needs to send data to Container 1 on port 5043 as UDP. Scenario 1 I start Container 1 and obtain it’s IP address. I use this […]

How can I check when was a docker image pulled?

I want to know when I pulled a certain image, when you run docker images The Created field appear but the date that the image was pulled don’t.

Error response from daemon: Cannot start container

docker_admin@Ashoka:~$ sudo docker run sqldb exec format error Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 4e1b251d50ceda05f7b4dd0d3eebd13a731bab0f9a5ed4486f4303d8b5f5b272: [8] System error: exec format error I try to run the image it shows this error, but when I run the same image in interactive mode it runs successful. Do you know why?

Pushing image to private docker registry with credentials

I’m currently running a registry docker container and ngnix docker container similar to this setup to protect my private docker registry. I’m running Jenkins to automatically build my application inside a docker container which then should push the container to my private docker registry. The problem comes when I need to push the image. Jenkins […]

Docker-Compose Up Works but Eb Local Run does not

Attached is my docker-compose file. Its a very simple project with a database and phpmyadmin to access it. web: build: ./docker_web/ links: – db ports: – “80:80” volumes: – “./docker_web/www/:/var/www/site” db: image: mysql:latest restart: always volumes: – “./.data/db:/var/lib/mysql” environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: ^^^^ MYSQL_DATABASE: electionbattle MYSQL_USER: admin MYSQL_PASSWORD: ^^^^ phpmyadmin: image: phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin container_name: phpmyadmin environment: – PMA_ARBITRARY=1 […]

How can I debug my docker with PHPStorm

I had search a lot, and I try a lot. My question is very simple “How can I debug my docker with PHPStorm. This is my docker-compose.yml, the remote-host ip is docker0’s ip. nginx: build: ./nginx/ ports: – 80:80 links: – php volumes_from: – app php: build: ./php/ expose: – 9000 links: – mysql volumes_from: […]

Access Docker daemon Remote api on Docker for Mac

I’m runner Docker for OSX, and having trouble getting the Docker remote API to work. My situation is this: Docker daemon running natively on OSX (, so not the boot2docker variant) Jenkins running as docker image No I want to use the Jenkins docker-build-step plugin to build a docker image, but I want it to […]

How to use variable in Marathon Docker parameters

I’m using Marathon to run a Docker container, and am trying to set the DNS server for that container to point to a Consul agent on the local host. Inside the container, Marathon/Mesos is setting environment variables (which can be used in “args”), but I need the IP address of the slave to pass to […]

spring cloud hystrix turbine amqp connection refused with docker

I have setup a demo application based on Spring Cloud and the Netflix OSS suite of offerings. When I run all the modules, the app runs perfectly in my local development environment as well as out on Pivotal Web Services. The problem I am running into is when I am configuring the modules to run […]

Spark app unable to write to elasticsearch cluster running in docker

I have a elasticsearch docker image listening on, I tested it using sense and kibana, It works fine, I am able to index and query documents. Now when I try to write to it from a spark App val sparkConf = new SparkConf().setAppName(“ES”).setMaster(“local”) sparkConf.set(“”, “true”) sparkConf.set(“es.nodes”, “”) sparkConf.set(“es.port”, “9200”) sparkConf.set(“es.resource”, “spark/docs”) val sc = […]

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