Fig apparently not using volume_from on mysql service

I’m trying to setup a very simple setup of a mysql database using a data-container as repository using and Docker. The code below is self-explanatory: web: build: . command: php -S -t /code ports: – “8000:8000” links: – db volumes: – .:/code dbdata: image: busybox command: /bin/sh volumes: – /var/lib/mysql db: image: mysql […]

Adding additional docker node to Shipyard

I have installed Shipyard following the automatic procedure on their website. This works and I can access the UI. It’s available on From the UI, I see a container called ‘shipyard-discovery’ which is exposing I’m now trying to add an additional node to Shipyard. For that I use Docker Machine to install an […]

docker cp a folder with a relative symlink: invalid symlink

In my container, I have a folder that contains a relative symlink to a parent’s parent subfolder: $ docker run –name symlink-test ubuntu bash -c “mkdir -p /1/2; touch /1/2/a; ln -s ../../usr /1/2; touch /1/2/z; ls -l /1/2” 🙁 total 4 -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 0 Mar 4 03:37 a lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root […]

How to run docker on mac offline

When i installed docker on mac, it took a ip from my intranet network. There after when i switched to a different network it was showing me error $ bash –login ‘/Applications/Docker/Docker Quickstart’ Starting “default”… (default) Waiting for an IP… Too many retries waiting for SSH to be available. Last error: Maximum number of […]

Docker – unable to mount start mongodb in container – operation not permitted

I am running docker on windows and I am trying to add the database that is on my disk into the mongodb container. The database is stored in C:\Users\data\db. I run the command: $ docker run –name mongodb -p 27017:27017 -v //c/Users/data/db:/data/db devops-mongodb But then I get this error: 2015-08-17T14:28:10.385+0000 [initandlisten] exception in initAndListen: 10309 […]

Connection refused when accessing web app through Docker

I’m pretty new to Docker, so I’m trying to take a node web app that I’ve written and Docker-ize it. The app is open source, so you can find it and the Dockerfile here: Paw-Wars So you don’t have to click through, the Dockerfile is here: FROM mhart/alpine-node WORKDIR /src ADD . . RUN npm […]

OSI Layer Model for Docker?

In the ever expanding Docker ecosystem has anyone seen a 7-layer OSI Reference Model-like diagram putting the pieces together? Where would Docker be? Swarm/Kubernetes (and other alternatives [Shipyard, Fleet])? Fabric8? If there isn’t an existing reference, anyone care to take a stab at one?

Docker: Map host ports to several docker containers

I haven’t fully understood the way port forwarding works with docker. My scenario looks like this: I have a Dockerfile that exposes a port (in my case it’s 8000) I have built an image using this Dockerfile (by using “docker build -t test_docker”) Now I created several containers by using “docker run -p 808X:8000 -d […]

Docker and Django

I’m trying to find a workflow with Docker and Django. Currently, I’m using the basic configuration from the docker documentation. I’d like to use startapp directly from the container to start a new app using: docker-compose run web ./ startapp myapp But all the files created in the volume are owned by the root […]

Not able to bind to docker container port

I manage to have Windows Server 2016 and Windows Container installed in my VirtualBox for testing. I also follow the guide here to build an image with iis installed. However I’m not able to bind port 80 from container to any port in the host, here’s how I run the container with port mapping […]

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