How to get contents generated by a docker container on the local fileystem

EDIT: I’m not longer using docker so I’ll not be able to test answers to this question thanks to all for the suggestions! TL;DR: can you point me to a simple example of an image that writes changes to a volume shared between the container and the host filesystem? Hi, I have some trouble understanding […]

Running Docker on windows 8, FORBIDDEN ERROR

I installed boot2docker on windows 8 and all the other dependencies (virtualbox and git bash). When i click on the boot2docker shortcut it works fine, setting all the environment variables , and docker runs successfully . please see below to see what the error is: $ docker -v Docker version 1.7.1, build 786b29d $ docker […]

Environment variable in Docker

I have an app which is working in 2 containers. A nodeJS and an nginx -container. They are working together. In the code of the developer is a src / app / app.config.js (function () { ‘use strict’; angular .module(‘app’) .constant(‘config’, { URL: ‘http://localhost’, PORT: ‘8888’, }); })(); The URL and the PORT are fine […]

Why docker is launching so many daemon processes?

Why docker is launching so many daemon processes ? It seems that Docker forks the main process into several others. For example, after a reboot, here is the output of my console when I type $ htop followed by F5 : many docker processes There is already 6 children ! However, I don’t have […]

Deploying Meteor application with Docker and phusion-passenger

I am trying to deploy a Meteor application to my Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) VPS. I am using a private Docker registry on DockerHub, with an automated build setup pulling from my Git repository on Bitbucket. That works really well. However, when I run my container I am not able to see the Meteor app running. […]

Using /container/id/top command for docker api

I am quite new to docker, but already impressed about its capability! One question I have is when I run the /container/id/top api, I got some attributes value back, but not as the ones I see in documentation. From docker remote API documents, I see: List processes running inside a container GET /containers/(id)/top List processes […]

Mirroring private docker registry

What is currently the recommended way to mirror a Private Docker Registry? Mirroring functionality is provided by official docker-registry image but only for the Public Registry. See documentation: “Beware that mirroring only works for the public registry. You can not create a mirror for a private registry.” My use-case: A bigger development team that is […]

Allowing custom scp/sftp/rsync in sandbox shell

I am currently building a sandbox environment utilizing docker where all users will be directly guided into a docker container with home dir linked as data vol upon login. This is achieved through the use of a custom user shell instead of /bin/bash csh etc. However, scp/rsync/sftp fails with this custom shell unfortunately. My current […]

Weave + Ansible Docker Module

I’m using weave to launch some containers which form a database cluster. I have gotten this working manually on two hosts in EC2 by doing the following: $HOST1> weave launch $HOST2> weave launch $HOST1 $HOST1> eval $(weave env) $HOST2> eval $(weave env) $HOST1> docker run –name neo-1 -d -P … my/neo4j-cluster $HOST2> docker run –name […]

Vagrant multi-machine with docker tries to create two boot2docker vms

I wanted to set up a small environment consisting of two Docker containers. I prepared Dockerfiles for them and using Docker itself, they spin up correctly. However when I want to use Vagrant on OSX, vagrant up creates two VMs, running into port conflicts and causing one of the Docker containers to not be created […]

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