Docker private registry can't find tags when pulling

I have setup samalba/docker-registry from github source code following official instructions, everything seems to be working fine on the installation, but when it comes to pull previously pushed images I’m getting some errors, let me explain myself: I have ubuntu:12.04 image on my development machine and I have created a Dockerfile with the intention of […]

Docker rails mongodb NoServerAvailable

I am building a project with 3 docker. API with Rails Website angular / webpack DB with mongodb So i have a docker-compose to handle everything. My problem is when i want to seed my database, i have an error : Mongo::Error::NoServerAvailable: No server is available matching preference: #<Mongo::ServerSelector::Primary:0x47121755943460 tag_sets=[] server_selection_timeout=30 local_threshold=0.015> I tried many […]

Problems setting up artifactory as a docker registry

im currently trying to setup a private Docker Registry in Artifacory (v4.7.4). I’ve setup a local,remote and virtual docker Repository, added Apache as a Reverse Proxy. Added a DNS Entry for the virtual “docker” Repo. Reverse Proxy is working but if i try something like: docker pull I’m getting: x509: certificate is valid […]

Kubernetes Autoscaling Containers

is it possible to autoscale docker containers, which contain application servers (like wildfly/tomcat/jetty/) within kubernetes ? For example at cpu & ram use or based on http requests ? If there is a build in feature for that i can’t find it, or is it possible to write something like a configuration script for this […]

How to write a Dockerfile which I can start a service and run a shell and also accept arguments for the shell?

In a Dockerfile, the latest instruction is: CMD sudo chown -R user:user /home/user/che && \ sudo service docker start && \ cd /home/user/che/bin/ && ./ run It works but I can’t pass more arguments to ./ The checks if the internal docker is started after doing other tasks. And it can accept several optional […]

Use docker for day to day development with Rails

I am a Ruby/Rails developer. In order to work on different projects and with different Ruby versions, I use Docker. I run some commands very, very frequently. I need to do it fast and to have a fast execution time. Without Docker, I like to use Spring because I save a few seconds each time […]

For Docker, will apps stop working when host kernel is updated?

I’m a 90% windows guy but I like ubuntu and use it for things like ROS, or opencv, or python, etc. For complex Apps like ROS, which come out with new versions every few months, Docker seems absolutely ideal to have several versions running side by side. What I’m asking is regarding the kernel. I […]

Symfony server:run in php Docker container

I have a php docker container where is my symfony project. Here is my docker-compose.yml php-fpm: build: ./php container_name: php-fpm links: – db ports: – 9000:9000 – 8448:8448 – 8000:8000 working_dir: /var/www/html/ volumes: – ../app:/var/www/html volumes_from: – data tty: true env_file: – ./docker.env entrypoint: / I want to launch my symfony project with this command: […]

How to encrypt docker images or source code in docker images?

Say I have a docker image, and I deployed it on some server. But I don’t want other user to access this image. Is there a good way to encrypt the docker image ?

How to make Hazelcast nodes installed in docker on different aws instances interact with each other?

I have three aws machines on which I have setup three docker containers having hazelcast-3.5.4 installed on them(ubuntu).With aws configuration set as what I do normally with Hazelcast(without docker).The nodes are not discovering each other. How to make them interact or discover each other? Hazelcast.xml file looks like this: <join> <multicast enabled=”false”> <multicast-group></multicast-group> <multicast-port>54327</multicast-port> </multicast> […]

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