Docker Swarm Fault-tolerant Scheduling

In this blog the docker developer said that in the future they will implement the Fault-tolerant Scheduling Scaling Docker with Swarm Does somebody know what is the advance about this?

Cross-Host Communication: Ambassador pattern versus port exposition

I couldn’t find any other way to establish cross-host communication between two Docker containers (at this moment) than using the Ambassador pattern proposed here. I am wondering what are the advantages of using this pattern over the simple use of port exposition provided by Docker. Here’s an example on how I use the port exposition […]

Q: how to set docker0 interface as externally available IP in a gcloud compute instance?

I’m have eclipse che running natively on a CentOS 7 instance at google cloud platform. I’m able to get che interface on my browser, but cannot start a project. from my file machine.docker.local_node_host= api.endpoint=http://_my instance external IP_:${SERVER_PORT}/ide/api from my /etc/hosts (putted manualy): che-host installed Docker as pre-requirement Docker version 1.10.3, build 20f81dd from […]

Reliability of Docker containers

My question aims at verifying and maybe rectifying my idea of the reliability of Docker containers. I read both, the Docker documentation and several articles on VOLUME in the Dockerfile and –v as an argument when running a container as means to persist data outside a Docker container. Be it in a data container or […]

Is there any way, from inside a Java program, to detect if its running in a Docker?

Title says it. I’m running a Java program, and from within the program I’d like to detect whether its running inside a Docker container or not.

Sending SIGTERM to all processes

I have a bash script call that launches multiple processes #!/bin/bash proc1 & proc2 & proc3 & final # this runs until sigterm When I execute and I send a SIGTERM to, I don’t think SIGTERM is being sent to final, and I don’t think it is being sent to proc1, proc2, […]

Can I ask for RAM of container exceed the physical memory on the single host with Docker-Swarm

I’m new to docker,and I want to build a docker cluster with docker-swarm. In the link: I have a question: Suppose I have 2 nodes with 2G RAM.What if I run a container ask for 3G RAM.Will it work? Or there’s another method? Thanks.

Can't connect to mongodb instance running on docker-machine

I’m fairly new to docker and I’m trying to connect from my machine to a mongo server running on a docker-machine. I started the docker image as it is documented in the official mongo repository: docker run –name my-mongo -d mongo Because I’m running on a docker-machine I’m using the machine ip (got it with […]

How to bind the docker container and the cuba process through localhost:9292 in Ubuntu 14

I’m on ubuntu 14.04 and I have a super simple Cuba App which seems to be lacking something: Gemfile: source “” gem ‘cuba’ require “./hello_world” run Cuba docker-compose.yml web: build: . volumes: – .:/myapp ports: – “9292:9292” command: bundle exec rackup -p 9292 Dockerfile FROM jruby:1.7.19 RUN mkdir /myapp WORKDIR /myapp ADD . /myapp […]

Localhost connection refused in Docker development environment

I use Docker for my PHP development environment, and I set up my images with Docker Compose this way: myapp: build: myapp/ volumes: – ./myapp:/var/www/myapp php: build: php-fpm/ expose: – 9000:9000 links: – elasticsearch volumes_from: – myapp extra_hosts: # Maybe the problem is related to this line – “” nginx: build: nginx/ ports: – 80:80 […]

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