gcloud preview app setup-managed-vms gives errors – 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error

I get error while setting up Managed VMs environment of Google Cloud on my machine. Here is how I had invoked the command: $ gcloud preview app setup-managed-vms Select the runtime to download the base image for: [1] Java [2] Python27 [3] Go [4] All Please enter your numeric choice (4): 2 Pulling base images […]

Continuous deployment with docker

I m actually working with a stack that allows me to make some automation in my integration / deployment system. Actually I work like following : I push my code to a github repository Jenkins sniffs the repo and build the soft, launch unit testing If unit testing (or other kind of tests, anyway), it […]

Docker – issue command from one linked container to another

I’m trying to set up a primitive CI/CD pipeline using 2 Docker containers — I’ll call them jenkins and node-app. My aim is for the jenkins container to run a job upon commit to a GitHub repo (that’s done). That job should run a deploy.sh script on the node-app container. Therefore, when a developer commits […]

Extra characters appearing in Flask JavaScript files

Something very random has happened during my development and I can’t for the life of me figure out what has gone wrong or why. Im building an application in Flask as well as using Docker. Everything has been running fine up until now. If I have a JavaScript file that if I modify Flask loads […]

How to debug dockerfiles when using gcloud and google app engine

I am using Google App Engine and PyCharm 4.0.4 and GCloud managedvm. I am attempting to access more information about the building of my dockerfile than is given by console output when running locally using dev_appserver.py . medusavm is a python linux console app that can convert python code to dart code, among other functionalities. […]

docker-compose restart always not issuing run command

I am somewhat new to docker-compose and am having trouble with understanding the restart option. I have a container that runs a service talking to Jira, sometimes the container will go down for a variety of reasons. I figured that adding restart: always would cause the container to restart and run the command, however it […]

Kafka On Docker without docker-compose?

I wanted to set up kafka single broker on my local machine(Windows 7) using Docker. Essentially, I used the steps listed out on this link: Apache Kafka on Docker Then, I was able to create a topic by running the following command: kafka-topics.bat –create –zookeeper –replica 1 –partition 1 –topic test This created the […]

Integrating Docker with jenkins for continuous integration

I have jenkins to compile and build the artifacts. I cannot install docker and create containers in the jenkins machine, so i have installed docker in separate machine say From jenkins i need to execute the dockerfile available in (where docker is installed). Can anyone please explain me how to accomplish this ? […]

Regarding docker daemon to spawn containers in a custom CIDR block

I have a use case in which i want to spawn docker containers in a different CIDR block. At this point I have created my own custom image. Now I created a new bridge as follows:- service docker stop ip link add br0 type bridge ip addr add MYCIDRBLOCK dev br0 ip link set br0 […]

how to assign a group of logical Linux interfaces to a Docker container?

I’m running multiple Docker containers (C1, C2, C3….. ) on a Linux based switch/router. The switch has 24 front-panel ports. I’d like to assign the first 4 ports (eth1 – eth4) to container C1, the next 4 ports (eth5 – eth8) to container C2, the next 4 ports (eth9 – eth12) to container C3….and so […]

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