How to access postgres database on host from within docker container?

I have a docker-compose file with django project that trying to use database situated on host machine. Now my Dockerfile is: FROM python:3-slim ENV PYTHONUNBUFFERED 1 RUN mkdir /code. WORKDIR /code ADD . /code/ RUN pip install -r requirements.txt RUN export dockerhost=$(docker-machine ip) docker-compose.yml: version: “2” networks: workernetwork: webnetwork: services: static: volumes: – /static:/static – […]

How to acces mongorestore/mongodump in docker image

I’m trying to access mongorestore/mongodump commands from within a docker image that’s been run via gitlab-ci-multirunner. My .gitlab-ci.yml looks something like this: image: node:7.2.0 cache: key: “$CI_BUILD_REF_NAME” paths: – node_modules/ services: – mongo variables: DOCKER_ENV: ‘true’ NODE_ENV: ‘test’ all_tests: script: – npm install – npm install tsd -g – tsd install –save – node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc -p […]

docker-machine fails to start host

I’ve recently installed docker toolbox (OS X) on my computer and although I have it working on my other laptop fine, it doesn’t seem to work properly on this one. After installing using docker toolbox and launching via the docker command line tool (as per the docker docs). I get a host is not running […]

How does the onbuild directory work for the offical Rails docker image?

I have been working on building a docker image for our team that is using a version of Ruby on Rails that is too old to be supported by the official Docker image. In the process of backporting the official Rails image, I am looking at the Dockerfile from the repository used to build the […]

Docker Nginx stopped: [emerg] 1#1: host not found in upstream

I am running docker–nginx on ECS server. My nginx service is suddenly stopped because the proxy_path of one of the servers got unreachable. The error is as follows: [emerg] 1#1: host not found in upstream “” in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:988 My config file is as below: server { listen 80; server_name; location / { proxy_pass; […]

Authenticate Google Cloud service account on docker image

I’m finding different behavior from within and outside of a docker image for authenticating a google service account. Outside. Succeeds. C:\Users\Ben\AppData\Local\Google\Cloud SDK>gcloud auth activate-service-account –key-file C:/Users/Ben/Dropbox/Google/MeerkatReader-d77c0d6aa04f.json –project api-project-773889352370 Activated service account credentials for: [] Run docker container, pass the .json key to tmp directory. C:\Users\Ben\AppData\Local\Google\Cloud SDK>docker run -it -v C:/Users/Ben/Dropbox/Google/MeerkatReader-d77c0d6aa04f.json:/tmp/MeerkatReader-d77c0d6aa04f.json –rm -p “” –entrypoint=/bin/bash […]

Registering an ELB to an ECS service with random host port

I’m working with the ECS service on AWS and I have this problem – the docker containers I need to run on ECS are webservices, each container should have its internal port 80 mapped to a random port on the container host. I don’t want to specify the host port for the 80 container port […]

Increasing Docker container size on Centos

I am running a docker stack on Centos-7 box (not boot2docker) . I need to increase the size of the containers from 10GB (which is the default) to a higher value . How can I achieve this ?

ownership of files that are written by the docker container to mounted volume

I’m using non-root user on a secured env to run stock DB docker container (elasticsearch). Of course – I want the data to be mounted so I won’t lose it when the container is destroyed. The problem is that this container writes to that volume with root ownership, and then the host doesn’t have permissions […]

Kitematic Setup Error Docker

I have this error on the Kitematic Setup ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘C:\Users\<redacted>\ca.pem’ I’ve tried to retry the setup or delete the VM, but nothing works… If someone have an idea ?

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