Restart Docker Containers when they Crash Automatically

I want to restart a container if it crashes automatically. I am not sure how to go about doing this. I have a script docker-compose-deps.yml that has elasticsearch, redis, nats, and mongo. I run this in the terminal to set this up: docker-compose -f docker-compose-deps.yml up -d. After this I set up my containers by […]

AWS EC2 Container Service / Elastic Beanstalk Docker Container Port udp binding

According to the documentation of ECS task definitions, this is how we define port mappings. “portMappings”: [ { “containerPort”: integer, “hostPort”: integer } … ] By default this is binding port over tcp. How to achieve udp port bindings to docker containers running in AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Multi-container) or with AWS ECS ?

Docker container exit(0) when using docker run command, but works with docker start command

I am attempting to dockerize a GUI app and have had some success. If I build the dockerfile into an image and then perform a docker run –name testcontainer testimage it appears that the process begins but the abruptly stops. I then check the container with docker ps to confirm no containers are running. Then […]

Docker volume size limit on BlueMix

Docker containers let us conveniently mount volumes for persistent data. I’ve researched this, and if I understand correctly, the volume’s space allocation is bound by the container host’s drive space. My question is – how does this translate to a cloud system like Bluemix? With a container(on Bluemix), you can set the drive limit to, […]

Docker for Mac nginx example doesn't run

Mac 10.11.5 here. I am specifically trying to install Docker for Mac (not Docker Toolbox or any other offering). I followed all the instructions on their Installation page, and everything was going fine until they ask you to try running an nginx server (Step 3. Explore the application and run examples). Running docker run hello-world […]

Deploying local Docker image (DockerFIle) as local Kubernetes pod

I started Kubernetes master and minion on local machine using Vagrant. I can create a json file for my kubernete pod where I can start several public containers. However, one Docker container is local one, ontop on java:8-jdk, configured with DockerFile. How can I reference this local Docker container in the kubernetes json pod so […]

How to connect to a docker box running elasticsearch inside a vagrant guest os?

I’m trying to start a vagrant box that in turn pulls in a docker elasticsearch image… VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION = “2” Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config| # virtualbox provider for ububtu box config.vm.provider “virtualbox” do |v| v.memory = 1024 v.cpus = 1 end config.vm.provision “docker” #pull docker image from config.vm.provision “docker” do |d| d.pull_images “elasticsearch” “elasticsearch” end […]

Docker Upgrade from v1.11 to v1.12 using apt-get on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS

I was trying to upgrade docker as is suggsted in its manual sudo apt-get upgrade docker-engine For some unknown reasons this will result in fetching and unpacking almost every package and library in my linux ( linux-images, lightdm, jvm,etc.). This has been going on for an hour now. Does anyone have any idea what is […]

Managing docker containers with ansible – best practices

I’m considering using both docker and ansible. The idea I had was to use ansible to set up my instances and I was wondering what would be the best practice to do so: Calling ansible from the dockerfile on every container (which would necessitate having ansible installed on every container/instance. This method is mentioned in […]

openldap + kerberos – unable to reach any KDC in realm

I have a ldap server + kerberos setup in a centos vm (running using boot2docker vm) And i am trying to use them for my web application authentication (from host – my macbook). For authentication, i need to use the “GSSAPI” mechanism, not the simple bind. ‘simple bind’ is working perfectly, but the “GSSAPI” based […]

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