Setup & scale titan/cassandra on AWS EC2 using docker

I just started to use those techonologies, so appologies if my question seems/is stupid. I want to setup a Cassandra cluster and deploy Titan over Cassandra on AWS EC2. To do that, I found this guide, but it is a bit of a pain to set it up, and I’m not very confident about scaling […]

Limit number of process in docker

I’d like to use docker as a sandbox to run unsafe code. It seems to be quite safe, however a container is still exposed to forkbomb attack. I read it was possible to add options in /etc/init/docker.conf limit nproc 20 100 limit nofile 50 100 limit fsize 102400000 204800000 But this doesn’t seem to work. […]

SSL handshake failure with node.js https

I have an API running with express using https. For testing, I’ve been using for the certificates, which work fine on my machine. I’m using docker to package up the app, and docker-machine with docker-compose to run it on a digital ocean server. When I try to connect with Chrome, I get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. When […]

Installing Gitlab CI using Docker for the Ci and the Runners, and make it persistent after reboot

I have a server running Gitlab. Let’s say that the address is Now what I want to achieve is to install a Continuous Integration system. Being that I am using Gitlab, I opt for Gitlab CI, as it feels the more natural way to go. So I go to the Docker repo and I […]

Godep not working in docker container

I am new to dockers and trying to make a docker container for a simple Go application. I am using Godep for dependency management. Here is my Dockerfile: FROM pottava/golang:1.5 RUN go get \ && rm -rf /go/pkg /go/src ADD ./ /go ENV GOPATH /go RUN godep go build -v -o ./bin/main ./src/main.go When […]

can't npm install bcrypt in my docker image

I’m trying to get my Sails.js app up and running using the standard node Docker image but the build is failing when it tries to npm install bcrypt. > bcrypt@0.8.0 install /myapp/node_modules/bcrypt > node-gyp rebuild gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install gyp ERR! configure error gyp ERR! stack Error: node-v0.10.33.tar.gz local checksum […]

how to debug python in IntelliJ idea using vagrant docker

I am using Vagrant with a Ubuntu machine. Inside Vagrant I am using multiple docker boxes. One of them is for my Python Django Api. Is there any good way to connect to Django with IntelliJ Idea/Pycharm ? I am trying to using pycharm-debug.egg but I can’t connect. Should I forward the port from docker […]

(mac) dockers , commit changes in mongo doesn't work

new to dockers. running using boot2docker on a mac. running a container with no data in it docker run –name mongodb -p 27017:27017 -d mongo. importing data onto it mongorestore –host -d dest source The import works and I see the data in the container. committing (without pushing) the container to the image docker […]

How to stream multiple logs from docker container using log driver

If I have one log in a docker container, and I only can choose 1 log to stream to stdout, it works great. But what if I have multiple logs in a docker container and I want to use a aws log driver to stream each log to cloudwatch? For example I have tomcat application […]

Docker machine inject USB device

I’m currently creating my own docker image, and I’m trying to inject a USB camera device into my docker container. After searching/finding a lot of different answers, I’ve managed to do this. docker run -p 80:80 -v /dev/usb/bus:/dev/bus/usb -t kerberosio As I work on OSX, and thus using docker-machine, I forwarded the USB device into […]

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