docker-compose copies files as folder

I am trying to copy elasticsearch.yml with CORS enabled from my host to a container using docker-compose volumes option. But when I copy the config folder it copies the elasticsearch.yml file in it as a folder. Here is my docker-compose file: version: “3” services: elasticsearch1: container_name: my_container_name image: elasticsearch environment: – “ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m” volumes: – […]

Bind physical NICs to containers for docker

I have 4 NICs installed in my host PC. I want to launch different docker‘s containers with binding different physical NICs to each container. How can I do for docker? For VirtualBox, this can be done with creating bridge adapter for each VM of the physical NICs.

ADD or COPY a folder in Docker

My directory Structure as follows Dockerfile downloads I want to add downloads to /tmp ADD downloads /tmp/ COPY down* /tmp ADD ./downloads /tmp Nothings works. It copies the contents of downloads into tmp. I want to copy the downloads floder. Any idea? ADD . tmp/ copies Dockerfile also. i dont want to copy Dockerfile into […]

How to autoremove linked Docker container?

I have a container with PHP and a linked container with MySQL database, because I need an ability to run PHPUnit with database (integration tests). The basic command looks like this: docker run -i –rm –link db binarydata/phpunit php script.php I have created db container and started it before running this command. binarydata/phpunit container gets […]

Amazon Container Registry Only with ECS?

Is ECR only working with ECS or is it possible to use it in a ‘custom’ docker-swarm/docker-machine deployment to EC2 or other vendors?

Java app in Docker container does not log to syslog properly

My Goal I have a couple of different containers running inside a host. They all share a volume with each other’s /dev/log socket. The host forwards these logs to a central logging server. All the other containers logs are showing up on the host’s /var/log/messages. The other containers are python programs which allows logging to […]

Running 'docker-compose up' raises “No module named fnctl” error on Windows

Setup: Windows 7 Docker v1.6.0, installed as part of Boot2docker Docker-compose v1.2.0 I installed docker-compose using pip: pip install docker-compose And it seemed to install successfully. However, when I try to run: docker-compose up in the directory in which I have my docker-compose.yml definition, I get the following exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File […]

How to run nodejs inside container correctly?

I have docker image that consist of nginx to server my index.html file with the following config: server { listen 80; server_name mysite; root /var/www/application; index index.html; } No I need to add nodejs to handle /api/ location just like the following: upstream api_node_js { server; } server { listen 80; server_name mysite; root […]

docker-compose up Permission denied on Windows

Here is my docker-compose.yml version: ‘2’ services: backend: tty: true build: context: project/backend environment: – VIRTUAL_HOST=*/api/*,https://*/api/* – VIRTUAL_HOST_WEIGHT=42 If I try to do docker-compose up on windows at somepoint I get: [91m/bin/sh: 1: ./mvnw: Permission denied [0m[31mERROR[0m: Service ‘backend’ failed to build: The command ‘/bin/sh -c ./mvnw package’ returned a non-zero code: 126 I am […]

How to create docker container with custom root volume size?

I have hit a limit of 10Gb for default root volume size. For this particular container I need a larger size. So far I’ve seen quite dirty hacks to override default size. Could somebody provide me and the community with a clear example of specifying bigger volume size upon container creation? Thanks!

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