(mac) dockers , how to connect to a redis server in the hosting machine from a containter

i am running a docker container on my mac machine using boot2docker: I want to connect to redis-server i am running my hosting machine from inside the container. I have managed to connect from the container to a service i am running on the host machine using curl (getting results) I have managed to […]

Asp.net 5 – Docker

I’m about to lose my head 😉 I’ve tried all tutorials I can find on running ASP.NET 5 using Docker in Linux. It won’t work…. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 no matter what I do I always get : mountpoint for devices not ready. For some Dockerfile setup I’ll get this message in build for other […]

docker mysql persistent storage

I have this app trying to orchestrate using docker + fig which works great for the first day of trying. It uses a data container where I want to persist my database files and a redis + mysql container(s) used by the app. Once booted up the mysql container looks inside /var/lib/mysql for data files […]

Docker Mount an entire mounted host partition as a data volume

My system has two partitions: 5G main partition where Ubuntu is installed 100G side partition at /mnt/data that I’d like to use for Docker container as storage for testing i was create also directory /tmp/mnt Also I put test file in both touch /tmp/mnt/file touch /mnt/data/file then I start docker images sudo docker run -it […]

TCP Proxy: Hold connections while backend is unavailable

In the context of a Docker setup, I want to use an ambassador-like pattern to allow some container (e.g., database server) to restart gracefully without having to restart all dependent containers (e.g., web server) and without error messages because “database server is not available”. Therefore, I was wondering: Is there a TCP proxy software (that […]

node.js in a dockerfile cant connect to mongolabs via mongoose: getaddrinfo ESRCH

I have done some googling but haven’t found anything.. My setup is like this: OS X, boot2docker, everything local except mongolabs database. The project is working fine when it’s not inside docker. I am trying to run my nodejs project inside a docker image. I have done this before, but not with a database connection […]

Gradle Docker plugin connection timed out

I am trying to create and build an image by using bmuschko/gradle–docker-plugin. The Dockerfile is created but I can’t seem to be able to build an image from it. I am on Centos 7. Create the Dockerfile: task createBaseImage(type: Dockerfile) { destFile = project.file(‘docker/base/Dockerfile’) from ‘java:8’ runCommand ‘apt-get update’ runCommand ‘apt-get -qq -y install python3 […]

How to run same docker images twice

I am using this docker command for running graylog2. docker run -t -p 9000:9000 -p 12201:12201 graylog2/allinone I want to run another graylog2 in same server and I run new command with different port numbers as docker run -t -p 9001:9000 -p 12202:12201 graylog2/allinone It’s not working because of port conflict. I am getting this […]

Maximum TCP connections (with different IPs/containers)

I was reading this answer: Increasing the maximum number of tcp/ip connections in linux My setup is as follows. I have multiple containers, each with their own IP, and I communicate to a process inside them through tcp (its all same machine). As such, all the processes use the same port, but have their own […]

Why is SSH from inside docker container to other instance/server so slow

I have a docker container which acts as an installer. The container contains the necessary tools to run an ansible script. This ansible script creates some EC2-instances. But there need to be some additional configuration on each seperate server. So I try to SSH to a created EC2 instance but it seems to be very […]

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