Docker: LetsEncrypt for development of “Https everywhere”

During development, test, and staging, we have a variety of docker servers that come and go as virtual machines. Eventually, the docker images under this process will get to a customer machine with a well-defined host and domain names. However, until that point all the machines are only our internal network. In the customer-deployed environment […]

How can I improve the performance of my Boot2Docker vm

I have been running our SoA on docker on my mac. It has seven containers: three rails apps rabbit postgres elasticsearch a data volume for rubygems It runs so slowly compared with my mac. (gulp for example takes 1 hour to read all the files in the manifies on docker but only 10s on the […]

How to populate a Mysql docker container during build of another container?

I am trying to build a docker-compose file that automatically builds a container for my application and a mysql-container that stores all the data. Within my dockerfile for my application I have a script, that sets up all the database tables and preset values, that are necessary for the application to run. Is it possible […]

Native Docker on Windows

Recently I have read some news articles that states Microsoft is working with Docker to make docker run natively on Windows Server. The thing I want to ask is, will this allow Windows applications to run inside docker containers, or is this just a way to run the already availble library of docker images (which […]

Docker not releasing ports

(On a Mac, Boot2Docker, docker v 1.1.1) Having trouble where Docker will not release the ports that it uses when assigning host ports. For instance, I start 3 containers with the same image. My docker ps returns the following: CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 9875e2d28c3b 49ffc1050348 /sbin/my_init 19 hours ago Up 1 […]

docker exec command not executing in sh file

When running below command in command line(terminal) this gets executed fine: $sudo docker exec -it 5570dc09b58 bash But same results with : FATA[0000] cannot enable tty mode on non tty input Error when running in a shell script file.

How to build a Docker container with a running MySQL?

My goal is to have a docker container that has a running MySQL service. So each time when I start container the database is in the initial state and MySQL is running. Almost everything is fine but when I start the container the MySQL service is not running. Every time in the console I have […]

Spring Templates in Docker Container

So I’ve been trying to dockerify my spring-mvc 4 app using the java:8 base image: I’m having trouble on the following line when running in docker, but outside of docker everything works fine! It has to do with finding the template files for my project: @Override public void addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry registry) { registry.addResourceHandler(“/pages/**”).addResourceLocations(“classpath:/pages/”); } As a […]

Unable to make JMX connection remotely when application running under docker

I have application running within jetty container. I have initialized the JMX process under jetty container. These all processes are running under docker container. When i try to make remote connection using JCONSOLE to connect my JMX host:port i am unable to connect. My physical host machine : matrix01lx (This is where docker container is […]

Node.js cluster module cannot use all the cpu cores when running inside docker container

When run Node.js cluster module on my physical machine, the os.cpus().length will get 4, but after put the app inside docker container then it returns 2! I generally know this is because that by default Golang will just run on one single core, that’s why here the cluster module only can see one single CPU […]

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