cant start SonarQube docker container via Marathon with port mapping

I’m trying to run sonarqube docker container with port mapping to expose ui on 9050 instead of default 9000. This command works well: docker run -d –name sonarqube -p 9050:9000 -p 9092:9092 sonarqube But via Marathon the following error occured: 2016.05.23 12:12:40 ERROR web[o.a.c.c.C.[.[.[/]] Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.sonar.server.platform.PlatformServletContextListener […]

Persist data only for selected volumes with docker-compose

I have two Docker images for my documentation files: docs:v1 and docs:v2. They just contain some files in /docs exposed as a VOLUME: # docker run –rm docs:v1 cat /docs/doc.txt Version1 # docker run –rm docs:v2 cat /docs/doc.txt Version2 And I have my app described in this docker-compose.yml (using v1.4): app: image: “busybox” command: /bin/sh […]

monitoring docker container performance using cadvisor / cgroup, best approach

we are planning to use cadvisor for collecting cgroup data from docker host. we have set up using collectd and grafana to chart monitoring of other app metrics. anyone know plugins for cadvisor plugin for collectd ? as per my info collectd can not pull data of cgroup docker containers. cadvisor has influxdb support, and […]

Deploying ASP.NET 5 app to EC2 in a Docker container

I have a t2.micro EC2 instance running Amazon Linux AMI 2015.03.1. I installed docker on it, but then also updated it manually. Finally, I made the docker daemon listen on a port of my choosing so I could publish to it remotely. On my development machine, I added to my VS2015 install the VS2015 Tools […]

How to skip a gradle task under some cases, which introduced by the bmuschko/gradle-docker-plugin?

I use the gradle plugin bmuschko/gradle-docker-plugin to integrate docker with gradle. I create some tasks in the build.gradle file: task copyJar(type: Copy) { dependsOn build from project.file(“$project.buildDir/libs/” << jarName) into project.file(“$project.buildDir/docker”) } task createDockerfile(type: Dockerfile) { dependsOn copyJar // Generate Dockerfile } task buildDockerImage(type: DockerBuildImage) { dependsOn createDockerfile inputDir = createDockerfile.destFile.parentFile tag = ‘’ << […]

Docker-machine create with generic driver, Certificates not working but SSH does

Im trying to get a docker-machine up and running on a Ubuntu 14.04TSL server in our network. I have installed docker+docker-machine on the server and im able to create the docker-machine on the server with this command from my computer: docker-machine create –driver generic –generic-ip-address –generic-ssh-key “/Users/username/Documents/keys/mysshkey.pem” –generic-ssh-user ubuntuuser dockermachinename The command above creates […]

How do I setup a read only private docker registry using just HTTP?

I am running my own private registry and wish to deliver the image data over plain HTTP instead of using the docker-registry python application. Is there a way to configure nginx (or any other web server) to deliver registry image data? nginx can do a much better job scaling delivery of image data than the […]

deploy docker to heroku without using heroku docker plugin

Say I’m working on a web project that runs gitlab-ci shell runner on my own ci server to build docker and deploy it to heroku, and I’ve gone through some docs from both gitlab and heroku like gitlab-ci: using docker build and heroku:Build and Deploy with Docker. Can I deploy the docker project without using […]

How does a DOCKER communicate with a Windows client

I understand that Docker runs on Linux kernel Lets say, I deploy an application (SORRY!! I can’t disclose the application due to confidentiality reasons) on a CentOS Docker image. The application is known to be compatible with both Windows and Linux. So now, if I want to run some some program/script on that deployed image […]

Persist Changes for boot2docker guest additions

I have seen that the latest version of boot2docker has provided guest addition by default. It allows you to mount your home directory under /Users which is nice. However, I would like to mount more than 1 directory for my purpose. Assuming the path i want to add are /location/folder1 and /location/folder2, I have followed […]

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