Kubernetes networking issue

I have installed a Kubernetes cluster on VirtualBox (centos7) using a tutorial from here. Here is my setup: kube-master – (etcd, kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kube-scheduler) kube-minion1 – (kube-proxy, kubelet, docker, flanneld) When i finished the setup everything looked good: $ kubectl get nodes NAME LABELS STATUS kube-minion1 kubernetes.io/hostname=kube-minion1 Ready I tried to add mysql […]

ctrl-space centos in docker isn't working?

I’m running in a container a Centos (docker exec -i -t centos bash) and I have realised that Ctrl-Space isn’t working. In fact, I need it for emacs (set-mark-command). So do you know why I have this behaviour? Thank for your help

Using a any part in external_url causes the server to be unreachable on docker and docker-machine

An example of the commands being run: docker run \ –detach \ –hostname gitlab.docker \ –publish 8443:443 \ –publish 8081:80 \ –publish 2222:22 \ –name gitlab \ –restart always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \ –volume /tmp/gitlab/config:/etc/gitlab \ –volume /tmp/gitlab/logs:/var/log/gitlab \ –volume /tmp/gitlab/data:/var/opt/gitlab \ –env GITLAB_OMNIBUS_CONFIG=”external_url ‘http://gitlab.docker:8081/’; gitlab_rails[‘lfs_enabled’] = true;” \ gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest gitlab.rb external_url “http://gitlab.docker:8081” access url: http://gitlab.docker:8081 […]

Efficient development flow for Cloud Foundry

The basic flow of making the change to the code and then pushing the code using IDE or CLI to the CF instance seems to be quite inefficient. What other approach exists, preferably with following characteristics: Ease of setting up the environment on a developer’s machine including cases such as on boarding of new team […]

How can one influence the order of RUN commands in a Dockerfile?

I’m writing a Dockerfile where the root user creates a user named blog to manage website deployment. I’m using the Docker Hub wordpress container as a base. The root user creates folders under /var/www/html and gives the blog user permissions to write underneath. In the next set of RUN commands following USER blog, these commands […]

CentOS 7.0 docker fail to start service

I work with CentOS 7.0, and trying to configure docker, i used yum install docker for the docker installation. when I start docker service, meets the follow problems: [root@kiiby2r3 ~]# systemctl start docker.service Job for docker.service failed. See ‘systemctl status docker.service’ and ‘journalctl -xn’ for details. [root@kiiby2r3 ~]# systemctl status docker.service -l docker.service – Docker […]

Why is docker failing to mount a volume and start on CentOS 7?

I have a CentOS 7 minimal install with networking enabled and a few extra simple tools installed (e.g. htop). Docker was installed as per these instructions. The command that I am running is this: docker run –name mysql5.6 -v /tmp/mysql:/etc/mysql/conf.d -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=blah -p 22 -p 3306 -d mysql:5.6 But the container will not start. If […]

postgres table does not exist from using docker-compose

I coded a simple server that uses postgres as DB. It was working when It’s not using docker but when it’s dockerized and orchestrated using docker compose, I couldn’t insert data in because table doesn’t not exist. I did check the DB in the container and it was there. The following are my setup and […]

how to use Openvswitch bridge as bridge driver in docker libnetwork

I am working with libnetwork for docker networking. Libnetwork has different network divers ex. null,Bridge, Overlay ,Remote. In the bridge driver libnetwork create a bridge inside the host machine so that containers can be connected to that. It create linux bridges when we use bridge driver in libnetwork. My problem is how to replace linux […]

Can't import own python module in Postgresql plpython function

I created my own python module and packaged it with distutils. Now I installed it on a new system (python setup.py install) and I’m trying to call it from a plpython3u function, but I get an error saying the module does not exist. It was working on a previous Ubuntu instalation, and I’m not sure […]

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