Apache proxy running in docker container can't access localhost

What am I trying to achieve -> I’d like to use my locally run application through docker container. I created an apache proxy running in docker container. proxy (docker container) -> localhost application (on physical host) When I direct my browser to docker_ip:8001, the apache instance is running, but it can’t proxy the host localhost. […]

Extract package.json version using shell script

I’m trying to extract the value of the version field in package.json from the build.sh file. Is there a way to do this? Looks like i can use the below to do the extraction, but what if node is not available globally where i execute the build.sh file so looking for a generic way to […]

How to provide user defined argument and value in docker run?

I want to achieve something like docker run –delay= I could provide the value for delay using ENTRYPOINT AND CMD without providing argument in docker run but could not find a way to do from docker run. In short, I want to know how to pass user defined argument and value to docker run command […]

Docker – exporting the DB file

I have set up the craft cms project with craftman installer that uses docker to set up everything, including database. Now I need to export the Db file so that I can build the database on a remote server. How can I do that? I have tried craftman mysql:backup, but I received an empty file.

Concourse CI will not run Hello-World after setting up with the official docker image. It fails showing “no workers”

I recently set up concourse CI using the following docker-compose: https://concourse.ci/docker-repository.html and then tried the flight school training here: https://concourse.ci/flight-school.html and then, when that failed showing “no workers”, I attempted the hello-world here: https://concourse.ci/hello-world.html. I keep seeing an error saying “no workers”. If I had to guess, this is because of a simple configuration issue […]

Kong API Authentication using Oauth2.0

I have a set of micro services and i decided to use Kong as the API gateway. and i need to implement password authentication for users (from a web and a mobile app). Kong provides a plugin for implement Oauth2.0 on the APIs but the plugin cannot share same token with group of APIs . […]

Docker couchbase cbbackup/cbtransfer/cbrestore tools

I’ve used docker to install couchbase on my ubuntu machine using (https://hub.docker.com/r/couchbase/server/). The docker run query is as follows: docker run -d –name db -p 8091-8094:8091-8094 -p 11210:11210 -v /home/dockercontent/couchbase:/opt/couchbase/var couchbase Everything works perfectly fine. My application connects, I’m able to insert/update and query the couchbase. Now, I’m looking to debug a situation wherein the […]

How to commit changed data in a mysql container to a new image

I am trying to create a custom docker image with mysql database in it. I don’t need to mount volumes or persist any data between container runs and removals. The goal is to always start containers in the same state. Use them for tests and remove them. Steps taken: Start a mariadb container from a […]

Environment based connection string with ASP NET CORE and Docker support

I have a ASP.NET Core app with Docker support and following service configuration in the Startup.cs: string connectionString = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable(“ORACLE_CONNECTION_STRING”); services.AddDbContext<BloggingContext>(options => options.UseOracle(connectionString)); I set the connection string in the docker-compose.override.yml: version: ‘2’ services: continuouseverything: environment: – ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development – ORACLE_CONNECTION_STRING=Server=(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL=TCP) (HOST=LOCALHOST) (PORT=1521)) (CONNECT_DATA= (SERVER=DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME=xe.oracle.docker))); direct=true; User Id=system; Password=oracle; Unicode=true ports: […]

How to change owner of Docker for Windows

Environment Windows 10 [10.0.15063] Docker for Windows Community Edition 17.03.1-ce-win12(12058) stable The host is mounted and partitioned into NTFS format Command host docker run -d –volume E:/tmp:/tmp/test –name debian debian:8 docker exec -it debian /bin/bash container cd /tmp/test mkdir abc ls -l # This line will be shown that root is the owner of abc […]

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