Invalid mount target error while creating volumes using docker-compose.yml on windows 8

I am trying to deploy this image but getting rejected reponse. How to define volume for windows 8 using yml file ?? I am using docker toolbox for working with docker on windows 8. Docker version 17.04.0-ce, build 4845c56 docker-compose version 1.12.0, build ee0f34e1 env. variable: export COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS=”true” I am executing the following command from […]

docker on centos that has no internet, rpm package dependency issue

I am facing an issue installing docker-ce from package on a server that has no internet access. This is the version of my Linux | centos-release-7-2.1511.el7.centos.2.10.x86_64 Virtualization: vmware Operating system: CentOS Linux 7 (Core) CPE OS Name: cpe:/o:centos:centos:7 Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 Architecture: x86-64 Im trying to follow the instructions as set here however since the […]

Cant get docker run -v to work

I want the /home/moodle folder on the host to be the same as the /var/www/html folder in the container. I tried running this command: sudo docker run -d -P –name moodle –link DB:DB -p 8080:80 -v /home/moodle:/var/www/html jhardison/moodle It adds this to docker inspect: “Mounts”: [ { “Type”: “bind”, “Source”: “/home/moodle”, “Destination”: “/var/www/html”, “Mode”: “”, […]

Failed connections between docker containers

My application consists of a standalone java server, a client java web start application, a set of webapps that all run in one wildfly instance, and postgres. The client container is just an nginx server that serves a JNLP and corresponding java client. All of my containers are running on the same host. Here’s a […]

Docker(compose) installing nodejs broke npm

I need to use a container with nginx and nodejs, so I take the nginx container and install the node: FROM nginx ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive WORKDIR /usr/src/app VOLUME /usr/src/app RUN apt-get update && \ apt-get install -y apt-utils && \ apt-get install -y –no-install-recommends curl sudo wget nano && \ curl -sL | bash […]

How can I run 2 long commands in a docker container

My Project bases on python-flask and celery with RabbitMq. So I have to run 2 long services in the one container: Two services: 1. gunicorn -w 64 -b manage:app 2. celery worker -A celery_worker.celery –loglevel=info Those 2 services are both running as long time commands I don’t know how to write the Dockerfile to […]

Utilizing the –user param to create a user with a Dockerfile container

I have a docker container getting passed randomly generated –user id. What I’m trying to do is create a user with that id in the docker file. Like so RUN adduser –disabled-password –uid ${IDHERE} –gid 0 –gecos container container Is this possible in docker? I just need to get the id that is passed to […]

running a Docker container with Java application and a webserver doesnt work

Im a new to docker and i am trying to create a container running multiple services, using this documentation:Run multiple services in a container I’ve managed to get Java and Nodejs installed on the containe, eventually leading to running this script at the end of the Dockerfile as an ENTRYPOINT: #!/bin/bash # Start the first […]

How to change dockers default network?

I created a new docker network ( macvlan ) How is it possible to tell docker to use this network as default (instead of bridge) when creating new container? I want to spare the –net for every new container.

AWS Container Service – what is the logging best practice?

My current approach is to have logging to stdout for each container and then get docker to send that to syslog, or to syslog to a remote syslog if the container cannot do stdout, and setup logstash to be that syslog sink. Does AWS offer any facility for logging that I should be considering instead?

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