How do I expose Docker a Docker port via Kubernetes in Google Cloud?

I am trying to wrap my head around provisioning Docker instances in Kubernetes on Google Cloud. I have build a replica controller that specifies a single pod and defined a port to be exposed, but it is not being exposed. Here is my containers.yaml: apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: postgres spec: replicas: 1 selector: […]

cssnext not write file

I run cssnext (1.3.0) with gulp (3.8.11) on docker (1.6) container (official node image) and my OS is ArchLinux (host). The node version is 0.10.38. I have a problem, i can’t solve. This is my gulpfile.js: var gulp = require(‘gulp’); var cssnext = require(“gulp-cssnext”); gulp.task(“css4Tocss”, function() { gulp.src(“css/index.css”) .pipe(cssnext({ compress: true })) .pipe(gulp.dest(“dist”)) }); When […]

No access to a linked container with docker run (mapping in /etc/hosts not exist)

I have a running mysql container with name “drupaldistribution_mysql_1” (id 307b58c78108). Now I want to start another container with a command tool named “drush”, that has access to the mysql container. I use the command: $ docker run –link 307b58c78108:db –volumes-from drupaldistribution_data_1 -w /data/www/drupal drush/drush sqlc && cat /etc/hosts But the /etc/hosts file in the […]

docker – mac – Layer already being pulled by another client, doesn't revolve with restarting mac or vm

docker is configured to use the default machine with IP For help getting started, check out the docs at usitiongwm1:~ iongw$ docker-machine ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL SWARM default * virtualbox Running tcp:// usitiongwm1:~ iongw$ docker run hello world Unable to find image ‘hello:latest’ locally Pulling repository Error: image library/hello:latest not […]

Docker compose: possible to model lazy startup of dependent services?

I posted this question originally on the Docker forums, but didn’t get any response there. I’m wondering what the best way would be to model a set of services let’s call them db, web, and batch. db is simply a running database server instance (think MySQL). web is a web application that needs to connect […]

On server startup NPM find start script

I’m working with docker and I’m wondering how I can get the command npm start to locate the app.js file without me doing it via the command line. my package.json (located: /srv/www) looks as so: { “name”: “dist”, “version”: “1.0.0”, “description”: “”, “main”: “app.js”, “scripts”: { “start”: “forever start -c \”nodemon –harmony\” app.js –exitcrash” }, […]

automated docker hub builds won't trigger

I have a docker hub repository configured for automated builds. see image below. When I press the “save and trigger build” I get an error page saying nothing more than “Oops, there was an error!”. I tried emailing docker support, but in vain. Any idea why this is happening and how to resolve?

Easily provide a docker based solution to a lambda user

I am considering building a solution running on a docker. I assume the end user will run this docker image but won’t ever understand the terminal. How can one pack this image into a simple application ? Should I simply build an app around a shell script or is there a better option dedicated to […]

Ignore files in Google App Engine managed VM

I am using the managed vm feature on python. After some struggle setting everything up i finally managed to get it up and running. The gcloud preview app run command detects file system changes and rebuilds the Docker container. As i am working in PyCharm is there a way to exclude the .idea/* files from […]

export the IBM Docker container images in the registry

My aim is to show the portability of docker, and thus being able to export docker container images from the registry/repository to an external docker user. I can perfectly pull the image from the machine with ICE CLI installed, and authentication (ice login passed), but if I use an other machine, the command docker pull […]

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