Saving a Docker image with boot2docker

For starters, I’m pretty new to Docker. I’ve created a simple image which I would like to share. As publishing to the hub is not an option, I’m trying out the docker save command. I’m on Windows 7, so I’m using Docker with boot2docker. Saving an image does not work. I’ve tried the following commands […]

Unable to run rails console using Docker Compose

Im quite new to Docker and have started using Docker Compose to run my rails 4 application in development on my OS X 10.10 machine. The rails app works fine but if i try to run the rails console using the command below: docker-compose run web bundle exec rails console or docker-compose run web rails […]

Add Seeds file after Dokku build

I am using dokku-alot to deploy my Rails 4 app to my staging server and everything is working just swell. One requirement I have with my current project is in regards to seed file data. I’ve had to keep my seeds.rb file out of version control because of sensitive information. However, I can’t figure out […]

Failed to pull Docker image Beanstalk

Every ElasticBeanstalk deploy with eb_deployer fails with this error: [2015-02-11T15:02:31.551Z] INFO [6528] – [CMD- Startup/StartupStage0/AppDeployPreHook/] : Starting activity… [2015-02-11T15:02:33.280Z] INFO [6528] – [CMD- Startup/StartupStage0/AppDeployPreHook/] : Activity execution failed, because: command failed with error code 1: /opt/elasticbeanstalk/hooks/appdeploy/pre/ Pulling repository foo/bar 2015/02/11 15:02:33 Error: image foo/bar not found Failed to pull Docker image foo/bar:staging: Pulling repository foo/bar […]

Modifying and rebuilding a Docker image

I’d like to make a change to a third-party Docker image (the official Shipyard image), and recompose a new image. Will I have to export a TAR file, expand it into a directory, make the change, build a new TAR, and import that TAR, or is there a way to simply pour the contents of […]

Source code changes in kubernetes, SaltStack & Docker in production and locally

This is an abstract question and I hope that I am able to describe this clear. Basically; What is the workflow in distributing of source code to Kubernetes that is running in production. As you don’t run Docker with -v in production, how do you update running pods. In production: Do you use SaltStack to […]

mount a host volume to a container created through Dockerfile

New to docker, and as per the documentation about Dockerfile, due to portability, it is not allowed to specify a host volume mapping. That is fine, but is there a way to map a host volume (I am in MAC, so say, my home dir /Users/bsr to /data of ubuntu image) to a linux container. […]

Some questions about Docker version and module versions

I’m a developer and interested on understanding How Docker works. I would really appreciate if some of you can explain the following questions I have. How we connect certain version of Docker with its module versions? Eg: Docker 1.5.0 and Docker-Py 1.0.0 If I want to install Docker 1.5.0 then how do I know which […]

MESOS / MARATHON / DOCKER – Docker started is wrong & Port Forwarding

I’m a bit new to Mesos / Marathon and I try to integrate it with my Docker Images. So far : Mesos 0.21 for slave & master / Marathon 0.7.5 and of course, Zookeeper. I succeed on adding with curl my docker images but, unfortunately, I have 2 main issues: Even if I have build […]

Docker MongoDB error : Can't call something

I have Dockerized MongoDB and trying to access it from another container running on the same host. But i am getting the following error on the container: com.mongodb.MongoException$Network: can’t call something : / at at com.mongodb.DBApiLayer$MyCollection.__find( at com.mongodb.DB.command( at com.mongodb.DB.command( at com.mongodb.DB.command( at com.mongodb.DB.command( at com.mmi.epg.utils.MongoDB.getDbVersion( at com.mmi.epg.utils.MongoDB.<init>( at com.mmi.epg.utils.MongoDB.getInstance( Caused by: at […]

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